Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

Utah/Nevada Sectional Workouts

Tommy Hackenbruck will act as the head judge for the sectional.

Games competition returns to the United States this weekend. The athletes from Utah and Nevada have their work cut out for them - the events have been announced.

Tommy Hackenbruck took home the 2nd place trophy at the 2009 CrossFit Games. In the run up to the 2010 Games, he will act as the head judge for the Utah/Nevada sectional. The following videos outline the range of motion standards and formats for the Sectional events next weekend.

Day 1

WOD #1
Clean & Jerk (Any way overhead) for 1RM
3 attempts at max consecutive muscle-ups
Each muscle-up of each attempt adds 7lbs for men and 10lbs for women to C & J total.

WOD #2
For time:
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
263/173 Deadlift
115/73 Overhead squat
Push a loaded prowler sled from barbell to barbell. Distance is sideline to sideline on a standard basketball court.

WOD #3
For time (to be completed wearing 20#/10# weight vest):
12, 9, 6, 9, 12
95/63 lb thrusters
Run 200m after every couplet

Day 2

Event #4
4 Rounds for time:
Row 750m
30 Double-unders
15 Burpees

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57 comments on this entry

1. guy wrote...

is the butterfly muscle-up permitted?

2. Richard Vanmeerbeek wrote...

Awesome events!

3. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

As long as there is full turn out at the bottom and a pause at the top then yes. Inverted muscle ups won't be permitted.

4. dan colson wrote...

Nice WOD's!

5. Braden wrote...

am i reading this right?
so if the bar touches your thigh or shin on the way up in the clean it does not count?

6. Leo S wrote...

Excellent WoDs with great overall balance!

7. Brett wrote...

These look like fun!!

8. Peter Egyed wrote...

Best workouts yet!

9. Miranda 801 wrote...

Oh my gosh I LOVE rowing!!!!!

10. gaucoin wrote...

Wow, killer WODs...

11. jake howard wrote...

awesome wods! my box has a prowler that rarely if ever gets used. this will give me a reason to break it out. does anyone know the weight that will be loaded on the prowler?

12. karla wrote...

BRUTAL! good luck! glad i'm up here in washington :)

13. travis wrote...

damon, awesome wods. i think they are a great test of some different pathways and balancing peoples overall strengths and weaknesses, they look awful and fun. however i think that your display for a below parallel squat was a little dicey. i think that for a competition of this caliber an obviously below parallel squat should have been the example.

14. Will wrote...

Braden, what on Earth are you talking about?

15. Nolan wrote...

I might have to break Damon's knee caps for the rowing... 750m x 4, seriously? Miranda, you're sick.
Just kiddin, you guys know I love ya... see you this weekend!!!

16. Dave Borders wrote...

Looks like it's going to be a great sectional!

Just curious - are the copyright tags at the end an inside joke?

17. Miranda 801 wrote...

Nolan...I thought you knew me better than that! Excited to see you and your crew!

18. YNC wrote...

Washington has abmat handstands and here you'll be penalized for touching anything with the bar below the chest on cleans. Since when is it a penalty for touching your shins/thighs on the way up? Every demo rep by Tommy touched his thighs. And good luck with the hand turn out on each rep of muscle ups. Brutal standards at this sectional for sure.

19. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

There's no penalty for a thigh brush or even a deadlift to hang clean. Because we're permitting belts we wanted to avoid the "continental" clean. If you don't rest the bar on any part of your body you're fine. Regarding the MU standards we feel they'll produce rep counts which do a good job of rewarding the generalist that Crossfit strives to produce.

20. Adam Stevenson wrote...

There's been a whiner on every Sectionals post, and some more than others.

Quit, or quit whining.

21. Justin wrote...

I wish there were the workouts for the NJ/NY qualifier. They are so well designed!

22. Michael M wrote...

Well done Damon! You guys pretty much covered it all. WOD #3 looks brutal!

23. Nolan wrote...

Damon & Tommy, thank you guys for all the hard work that you have put into this; it has a little bit of everything.

24. The Champ wrote...

Wow. The Champ says that is the fairest programming he has ever seen. Good work.

25. Trose wrote...

Might be a dumbass question, but who gives a shit. Is it possible in WOD #1 to flip onto back and do a Rack Jerk? Says anyway overhead so I was just curious.

Badass WODS. I cannot wait for Saturday.

26. Aaron wrote...

Good mix of work. I like it. I will be interested to see how the clean and muscle up WOD goes. Those things always seem to have unexpected results.

27. Damon-Wasatch wrote...

It's anyway overhead without using equipment (a belt) to assist.

28. Trose wrote...

Right on Damon. Thanks. Again badass WODS

29. ken c wrote...

i like the workouts but wod 1 sure gives the advantage to the small guys with 3 attempts at consecutive muscle ups. how much does the sled weigh?

30. Kade wrote...

I agree with the comments on the amazing programming. I wonder if HQ has thought of having Damon help with the programming for the actual games? Can't wait for this weekend as this willbe our first ever CF competition, it should be a gas!

31. 2POOD.com wrote...

Love the use of the prowler! Hope that it or a rough equivalent finds its way into mainsite WODs. Great way to move the sport forward. Load that thing up!

32. Ralph Hicks wrote...

I don't think the 3 attempts add together, I think of the 3 attempts whichever yields the most reps is what will be counted.

I think it balances out big and small and rewards greatly the CrossFit balanced athlete, he who can clean and jerk 225+ and do 10+ unbroken muscle ups.

33. YNC wrote...

Thanks for the clarification, Damon. No "touching the body below the chest on the way up" seemed unusual.

34. Kade wrote...

I don't see why there would be 3 attempts at mu's if they are not added for a total? Surely you would get more on your first attempt than the second or third. Especially being that it is such a short amount of time and the max ground to overhead is included. Damon can you help us out please?

35. Jesse Gray wrote...

Actually, if you read the description I think it's pretty clear that all the attempts do count towards a total.

"Clean & Jerk (Any way overhead) for 1RM
3 attempts at max consecutive muscle-ups
Each muscle-up of each attempt adds 7lbs for men and 10lbs for women to C & J total."

Pay particular attention to the last sentence, "Each muscle-up of each attempt adds ..."

I'm a big fan of this WOD actually, both elements really balance out advantages for big and little people.

36. Jake B wrote...

Wow... I'm amazed....

Those wods are amazing. My mouth is watering. This gets the mojo going for sure.

Major props to the programmers of this one. By far, hands down the best wods yet. I also like the idea of 3 wods on saturday, that gives much more chance for separation. VERY WELL DONE!!!

This is the way it should be done, all weaknesses will be exposed with this one.

37. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Every muscle-up you do across all 3 attempts will count.

38. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

I was really excited to see what Damon came up with. He did an awesome job. I think one thing that people can take away is that in WOD 1, being able to do Muscle-ups is a reward, but for everyone who cannot do a muscle-up they will still finish the wod rx'd. This eliminates the need to have a bunch of competitors DQ. Also you can see how some wods may favor bigger or smaller competitors without having to use excessively heavy weight.

Well done!

p.s. anyone wanna help me with that ugly snatch technique?

39. Scott from KY wrote...

Just finished WOD # 4. 18:49, and that is fresh. I cant imagine what it would feel like after 3 WODS. The rower is the Devil!!! Great workout though.

40. Jonathan R wrote...

Awesome WOD's! This sectional is going to be kick ass. These guys got it right! Can't wait!

41. Robin - CrossFit Regina wrote...

I am in love with WOD #1!! What a great way to even out the playing field.

42. Travis from Reno wrote...

Giggity, giggity... Can't wait.

43. Andrew wrote...

Great job on the workouts, have to say this is my favorite one yet, wish I was in your territory! Great variety for hitting the different pathways - WOD 1 is awesome, way to balance between brute strength and actually rewarding people good at gymnastics movements. Other 3 WODs look like a nice mix of different movements and intensity levels.

High Five

44. ShaneP wrote...

Great WODS! How about a little shout out to Lindsay and CrossFit The Club in the Ogden Athletic Club. Good luck Lindsay and Trose!!!

45. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

The crew at the OAC has worked their butts off to make this thing amazing. The athletes are going to be very impressed. Thanks to Lindsay, Sherie, & Travis for your hard work & generosity as well as the use of an amazing facility.

Regarding the programming thanks for the kind words. I'm fortunate here in Utah that I had Tommy & Speal to bounce ideas off of plus some great input from Tony B at HQ. We're excited for this weekend.

46. J Hoggan wrote...

oooOOOoooOOOooo... those events look AWESOME! Wish I were competing. Good luck to all the athletes.

47. Vitaly Sender wrote...

Fantastic programming! WOD #1 is exactly what's needed to bring the smaller guys into the equation on a "heavy lift" event. Brilliant idea, and I hope this kinda thing gets taken up more and more.

48. Tom wrote...

Outstanding WOD's and the programming is the best I have seen in this or last year's events. Well done.

49. Mindy wrote...

Love the WODs. Disappointed that the pool isn't going to be utilized... :-)

50. Michael wrote...

How much weight will be loaded on the sled for WOD #2? We're going to "play along at home" this weekend and want to make sure we simulate the WODs with the same weights the athletes will be using. Thanks!

51. Speal wrote...

Ken, I hear where you are coming from but I think Damon and the rest of the crew thought this one out well. The reality is that any little guy that has an attempt at max consecutive muscle ups will only give it one shot. If I did this workout I would hit up my clean and jerk, rest a bit, and give it one big hoorah for the muscle ups. After that first effort the following 2 wouldn't be near the amount I could get on the first one. Just a thought, but I think the 3 attempts actually helps those who are bigger or need work on technique to dial things in and get another couple reps on the following two efforts.

52. Klowe wrote...

I did WOD #4 this morning. Yeah....that sucked..... a lot.

....and being the last WOD of 4. That is going to suck even more. (great WOD by the way)

yeah, Have fun with that.

53. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

We'll be announcing the sled weight on Saturday. Tentatively it's set for 90/50 but we're taking delivery of stall mats and setting up the area Friday and want to make sure that the weight fits the purpose of the workout. Our goal is for the athletes to be able to move the sleds quickly and powerfully vs. grinding away with multiple rests. The only reason to stop is to throw up. Do not throw up on the sleds under any circumstances, it's grounds for immediate ritual beating aka Gangland "jumping in" style.

54. Michael wrote...

Awesome - thanks. I'm glad I'll be pushing the sled away from a large crowd just in case I puke. I like to avoid ritual Gangland beatings whenever possible.

55. Miranda 801 wrote...

Damn it! Gangland beatings??!! You know I can't promise not to puke!

56. Trose wrote...

Hahaha... It just says we cannot puke on the sleds, right? So puking anywhere else is ok?

57. Chad wrote...

Good luck everyone. It should be a fun weekend. I look forward to meeting our ever growing CrossFit family in Utah and our close siblings from Nevada.


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