Washington Sectional

BYOJR At The Washington Sectionals

The Washington Sectionals have provided a video demonstration of the first two events.

The Washington Sectionals are one week out and they have provided a video demonstration of the first two events.

Athletes Note: Everyone must provide their own jump rope. You'll be allowed to borrow one from someone at the event, but you're best advised to bring one that fits your style and height.

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Washington Sectionals Wod 1 ...

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Washington Sectionals Wod 2 ...

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110 comments on this entry

1. Loren wrote...

So can we kip on the HSPUs?

2. Jesse Ward wrote...

Certainly you can kip. Just don't come off the wall.

3. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Can we have them unkipped? Pleeeeease.

4. Cameron wrote...

For WOD #2, it says you must move to front squats at the 5 min mark. Wouldn't failure to complete the HSPUs in 5 min just result in a DNF?

5. Jeff Vale wrote...

Seems like such a common theme to make all the weights heavier and all the gymnastics movements (especially HSPU) easier. The HSPU will be irrelevant in that second WOD. I don't get it. Just an opinion. It'll still be fun.

6. jer wrote...

Jesse- When you say don't come off the wall does that mean body must stay in contact at all times or don't fall down. Looks like fun thanks for all your work.

7. srod wrote...

I can't see what the WOD is for #2. Can someone catch me up to speed?

8. H.Bo wrote...

Nice job on the WODs, I think any kind of HSPU is gonna suck after that much S2OH. Should be a lot of fun.

9. Cameron wrote...

WOD #1:

Every minute, on the minute, for 8 minutes of:

run a short distance (not specified)
max reps shoulders to overhead 155#/105#

WOD #2

For time (12 min cutoff):

40 HSPU (must complete within 5 min)
40 FSQT @ 155#/105#

HSPU w/ hands on plates to 1 abmat for men, 2 abmats for women.

10. schactler wrote...

so they are still pretty much full rom hspus. the abmat only brings the floor up to even with the plates where your hands are. i wouldnt say its easier jeff, the fixed width will make it interesting since it is fairly wide. but yes the soft abmat allows for some bounce out of the bottom. remember you will be doing max over head with 155 before this so there will be some fatique going on as well

11. Jesse Ward wrote...

I like kipping pull-ups too :) Just another skill.

Thanks for putting the workouts up. For the guys it'll not be a problem, for the ladies the HSPU poses a serious problem. Qualifying 20 ladies is important, we have to have a way to judge the DNF's against each other. Hence the 5 minute cap.

The biggest deal with the abmat for the fellas is that the floor is CONCRETE. To ensure speedy yet non-concussed athletes we chose to use a little bit of soft to help everyone go fast. The plates and mat also ensure a fixed width, which I like and reduces the ROM like 3/4 inch. No big deal.

To have the HSPU count your heels must be in contact with the wall when you lock your arms out.

Thanks everyone!!

12. Jeff Vale wrote...

No prob Jesse. Thanks so much for the explanation. Can't wait to see the rest. I'm sure you'll come up with something crazy!

13. Jeff Vale wrote...

No prob Jesse. Thanks so much for the explanation. Can't wait to see the rest. I'm sure you'll come up with something crazy!

14. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

lol I like kipping pullups too, but I had to try.

15. Cody Looney wrote...

Looks like fun!
On the HSPU's, does one foot flat against the wall count as "heels in contact with the wall when you lock your arms out" or do both legs need to be straight?

I'm looking forwad to Sunday's wod as well, I hope it's HORRIBLE!

16. David wrote...

Haha weighing only 165# and not being able to do HSPU very well, I would say I have my work cut out for me! Great times!

17. Andrew Bueno wrote...

Looks good Jesse- you have triple unders in the 3rd workout, yes? (;

18. karla nauer wrote...

So did i read that right as a women if we don't finish all 40 HSPU in the 5 min that it doesn't automatically DQ u for regionals???

19. Doug wrote...

Looks awesome. How are the workouts going to be scored? In the first sectional, the max rep workouts were arbitrarily weighted which unbalanced the importance of each wod. Are these going to be scored by place points like the Games last year? It matters.

20. Jesse Ward wrote...

You rock! Heels need to be in contact with the wall when locked out, and your legs must be straight. Abi as per usual is the perfect demo girl.

Indeed. Scaling is an option :)

Correct, on the off chance that a few ladies don't get all 40 done, those who did it as Rx'd will still have a chance to qualify for regionals. Basically, get as many of those damn things as you can, when 5 minutes is up, GET THOSE SQUATS DONE. Cool?

21. Andrew wrote...

Ack, sucking at overhead pressing might hurt me a bit here. Really hope that "short distance" is 300m+ haha

22. Jesse Ward wrote...

Triples? It's time for quints. The distance of the run is quite short - under 100m. Plenty of time for S2OH's :)

23. Grant D wrote...

Just discovering CrossFit and would be in the Masters Grp. Though the HSPU is difficult in any context, the range here is so short that its hard to judge (?) and not real impressive; sorry. Contrasted completely with that though are the front squats. Very, very impressive demo of strength-endurance. Oh, one other thing, it it cool to drop the bar like the Olympic lifters do after a WR? Just wondered.

24. karla nauer wrote...

Cool! :-) feel good about the squats!!,
we we're in the box warming up when the WOD's were posted so i did the first one....gonna be very interesting how many HSPU i'll be able to knock out after that 1st WOD.... gonna be fun in a sick and demented way :)

25. Robin wrote...

I have seen several videos where people are doing HSPU with there stomach to the wall. Is that legal with your toes touching the wall vs heels?

26. Jesse Ward wrote...

Olympic lifters drop bars all the time, not just after WR's. CrossFitters do also, which is why we use bumper plates.

Way to save the stimulus ;)

27. Jesse Ward wrote...

In my experience toes to the wall instantly becomes a steep angle push-up, rather than a HSPU. If you could get vertical enough to consider it a HSPU, then just flip over, or crawl up and then do a 180 turn and go.

28. David wrote...

Haha no scaling here. I'll be fine ;) Hopefully drinking beer's for time is the third WOD. When are the other WOD's going to be released?

29. JSpray wrote...

I agree...thanks for sticking up for the little people.

30. Jesse Ward wrote...

The other 14 workouts are going to be announced next week ;) We'll release the last workout on day 1 by Wednesday. Day 2's workout(s) will be announced at the conclusion of day 1.


31. Robin wrote...

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. So with HSPU's at the sectional level if we are lucky enough to qualify for regionals does that mean we are going to see them again there? I don't mind them but it would seem like that would be a lot of one movement. I watched the video where they were talking about bringing in plywood sheets to do them against, seemed hokey. Why force it with so many other movements to choose from. Anyway, thanks again and looking forward to the event.

32. Jesse wrote...


When will get the info on when to show up and what the itenerary will be for the 2 days? Just so we all can plan.


33. ron wrote...

There will be 3 WODS on sat?

34. Jesse Ward wrote...

Why not?

Also - no one has commented on how huge my demo boy Justin's hugeness. Sad.

35. Jay Roughton wrote...


36. ron wrote...

Jesse, just curious. Was not sure if there was a certain standard to how it's set up.

37. Doug wrote...

Scoring? Anybody?? Why the secrecy? It's hard enough to hold my breath for the wods.

38. Jesse Ward wrote...

I emailed you.

39. Emilie wrote...

Looks RAD thus far.

Jesse. I'd like to bring my own person to give me the slightly inappropriate partner spot on my hspu's. Legal?

40. Jesse Ward wrote...

This is the kind of post I like!!! Totally legal ;)


41. Christian wrote...


Thanks for your hard work and planning. Can you post WOD #2 in Windows media viewer?

42. Jesse Ward wrote...

I'm just a barbell guy - I don't know how! I use iMovie to make the videos so I don't know if I can get it into wmv. Thoughts?


43. Julia A. wrote...

Nice to see WODs EVERYONE can compete in. Guess that is only preached in the boxes, not at the comps. Once again WA blows it!

44. Julia wrote...

this is not just a competition. it is a search for the fittest man and woman on the planet. not everyone will be a winner and not everyone can compete at that level. im pretty sure these things will be scalable, you just wont be in the running. cheer up. and by the way. im pretty sure our sectional last year selected some of the best athletes at the games. have a good night

45. Julia A. wrote...

You make great points and are right, Julia. Thank you. Just let frustrations get the best of me. I would think probably 80% of sectional competitors are there merely there to do it with no chance of making it to the games. I know i am in that category. They just want a tough, fun and fair competition. I will do my best egardless. Thanks again.

46. 'Mo wrote...

At some point, CrossFit should determine qualifying standards for the exercises in competitions. A double AbMat HSPU doesn't really look like a HSPU at all with the limited depth for women ('arm bobs'). If a double AbMat is a uniform standard for women, then that's cool, but it does seem like a compromise when previous CrossFit competitions have already included head to ground. Then going heavy on the front squats is interesting--how about going body weight? Anyway, I know this isn't easy to put together, and no matter, it should make for an interesting qualifier.

47. Kim wrote...

Is kipping considered scaling?

48. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Refer to above comment #2

49. David wrote...

Thanks for the info jesse. My quads and shoulders (not to mention my pride and dignity) are looking forward to it!

50. BG wrote...

Is the distance of plates to wall fixed (plates must be against the wall)? Or, is it just the hand width that is fixed? Also, is there any restriction on foot width (within hands, above shoulders, etc)?


51. Jef wrote...

I'd say all in all, these Wod's are tough as hell. For me, the BW presses and front squats are going to kill me, but at least some running and HSPU's are going to even things out a bit. I just want to acknowledge Jesse and his team for all of the hours and hard work put in for this event. I say, thank you! And to everyone else, good luck! It's why we do this thing called CrossFit. And thanks Jesse for no K2E so far.

52. John wrote...

Relatively minor difference but was curious...in the video demonstration for the second WOD, the plates used for the HSPU's looks to be a 45 lbs iron plate. In the January video showing variations of the HSPU, it appeared to be a 45 lbs bumper plate - are we going with the iron plates in the comp?

And thanks for all the hard work putting this together...can't imagine the time/effort required to coordinate this sort of thing.

53. Steve wrote...

anyone know, on wod#2 if a guy cant get all 40 hspu in 5:00 is he dq? or get a dnf and cannot continue comp and move on to wod#3?

54. Jesse Ward wrote...

I don't think CrossFit should do that. Constantly varied is kind of a big deal. The more regulations you put on exercises or specific standards you begin to ruin that concept.

No one can take your pride Brother. But, your quads are mine.

You think the HSPU's will be against a wall? Interesting. There will be a scaffolding erection (kids.) lashed to that structure there will be a 2x4 piece of plywood. Your feet must be on the wood. Problem solved. Plate distance from the scaffolding base. We're using the Pythagorean theorem to help us determine the hypotenuse so we know EXACTLY how far away the hands will be. Bottom line: this isn't the same handstand you do at the gym, if you're super duper worried about it, vary your training more in the future, routine is the enemy. Metal 45's have slightly larger than 7" radius, that's probably close to where the hands will be.

We also had Abi do HSPU's off two atlas stones (which was sweet), the videos were about getting people to embrace a more constantly varied approach and mindset. Get used to the metal 45's :)

Think about it this way: say you get 30 HSPU's in 5 minutes, you finish the front squats in a total time of 10:26. If another competitor finished 30 HSPU's and the FSQ's in 11:08, you win. If a competitor got 31 HSPU's and finished his FSQ's in 10:40, he wins. Get it? This is especially important for the ladies, whom have a markedly harder time with the HSPU. Unless you're Charity Vale.

Julia A,
Thank you for the gracious change of heart.

55. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Hey Jesse, quick question. On the HSPU's the plate hole just has to be covered with the hands right, it doesn't matter whether it's the fingers or palm right? I just tried this and 8 inches is pretty close to the wall, so it might matter if trying to decide whether to kip or not.

56. ron wrote...


With an attempt to understand the standard on the HSPU, i'm a bit confused as to what difference the scaffold with plywood attached will offer versus a wall, if the plates will be measured from the base of each?

Will the scaffolding base be a bit deeper than where the plywood is setup? If i understand correctly this will force the athlete to be closer to the plywood, thus allowing for less of a leaning handstand pushup (thus making it more core/shoulders).

If so, then the HSPU's just went from bad to worse, quick!

57. Adam wrote...

There's a lot of whining on these message boards.
Our (San Diego Arizona Sectionals) HSPU form requirements are even more strict.

Suck it up.

58. Paytonious wrote...

It would be nice if both squats and press were scaled
to a % of body weight vise 155lbs. Why not 80% for squats and 60%
for press. Why 155? It plays favor to a larger frame people.

59. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Hey guys, just wanted to throw this out there. I'm 165#, 5'7", and I just did WOD 1 and WOD 2, 3.5 hours apart. Now I did Diane as Rx'd in 5:29 on Wednesday, so I'm not all that weak in HSPU's. But I will tell you guys that WOD 2 does NOT favor larger athletes. I set up the HSPU's to the exact standards discussed on here, and the short distance from the wall doesn't really allow for kipping, and WOD 1 takes quite a bit from your shoulders. I got 31 HSPU's before having to move on to the Front Squats at 5:00. I finished the whole thing in 9:54.

On the first WOD I did a 200ft run, and got 55 reps, just for comparison.

60. Adam wrote...


Did you design the WODs? Did HQ contact you to organize this sectional? NO!!!

Everyone stop complaining and train! Damn.

61. Cody Looney wrote...

Life isn't/has never been fair, same with wod's. Let's go have some fun! Besides, the other workouts that we don't know about yet could be a 15k run and AMRAP box jumps, who knows! Should be fun.

62. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Don't give Jesse any crazy ideas! lol

63. Whit wrote...

I saw the charge to be a spectator is 50$. Is that for both days? Is there a way to just go for the 1st day? I was hoping to take my daughter on Saturday, but I had no idea it would be so expensive.

64. Jay Roughton wrote...

Hey Jesse ~ ive got people who are going to show up to the sectional even though they didnt get registered as a spectator before it closed. Whats the capacity look like on the venue? Will they be turned away, hands down? What if they wear really tall multi colored sox & claim to be with the band? Will that get 'em a gold card? Word!

Nice job on the WODS as well ~

65. carrie wrote...

On the HSPU with hands-in-holes, is the intent that this is a wide-armed handstand?

66. Jesse Ward wrote...

CF Junkie,
Nice work! With the set up there is no way to enforce a standard on distance from the "wall". Adjust as you see fit.

It'll be ok.

Amen Brother.

It would be really nice wouldn't it? :) Heavy things on the ground in real life still weigh the same for me (m/6'2"/225) as for you. I hate muscle-ups.

Or should I say "Crostrodamus" the third WOD on day 1 is a 5k run, and box jump amrap 2 hours. Amazing.
I'm joking, although that would suck.

The ticket price at the door is $25 each day, kinds under 12 are free.

This venue can hold Texas, where everything is bigger. Bring all your peeps!!

We're going for a fixed width, if you are 4'10" it'll be kinda wide, if you're 6'6" it'll be awfully close. Yay Bell Shaped Curves!

Thanks everyone!!!

67. karla nauer wrote...

ok, so i think you've cleared up most things Jesse except what we're suppose to wear????? If i don't wear booty shorts with knee high socks can i still qualify for regionals??? And also will you have a singles booth set up because it's really hard for me to find a guy that's stronger than me in the real world.... (f/5'7/155) thanks :-)

68. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Hey Jesse, will there be Washington Sectionals shirts to buy by any chance???

69. cassidy lance wrote...

Do we have times yet?

70. Abi wrote...

Crossfit junkie, yes buy shirts, and buy many=)

71. Jesse Ward wrote...

Duuuuuude! How's the Oly Cert?!?!?

I was just commenting about the faux-necessity of knee high socks and booty shorts... I will make you a fisher of men ;)

Heck yes we've got shirts.

Registration opens at 7:30am, we kick off the contest at 8:30am - be there or be square!!!

72. CrossFit Junkie wrote...


73. JHo wrote...

I have to be in Bellevue at 11 on Saturday. Is there any way that I can do all three workouts in a row? Also, can I wear a squat suit AND a bench suit on the second workout? The challenge of getting into a handstand is totally worth the assistance in locking out the handstand push up. Last thing, I sprained my wrist arm wrestling about a week ago and if it isn't better I won't be able to use both hands for the hspu's. Are single arm hspu's allowed?

74. schactler wrote...

thats the spirit JHo ;) I think Crossfit only endorses single ply suits so if thats what you have itll be fine ;). multi ply suits arent functional :p

75. Jesse Ward wrote...

In a word. No. Good luck with the wrist bro! Single is fine.

Multiply suits totally aren't functional, however they look fabulous!

76. Heath'a wrote...

Sweet! Looking forward to watching this! :)

77. dh wrote...

Regarding the 2nd sectionals workout, so is it correct that you can complete 39 HSPU's in the 5 mins allowed and finish front squats in 2 mins for a 7 min total and lose to someone who did all 40 in 5 mins and then took 5 mins on front squat for a total of 10 mins?

how about a 10 second penalty on each HSPU not completed, which would encourage HSPU completion but still give credit to fast front squats.

thanks for putting this together!

78. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

I like dh's idea, makes it a lot more even. Maybe 15 sec for HSPU, whatever would make it even. Then again, each WOD can cater to different people, and I know you guys already have this planned out and we don't have any idea for what the last few WOD's are going to be, so they could totally change the type of challenges that we face and all of our comments would look kinda dumb lol.

79. Jesse Ward wrote...

Junkie - you are wise my friend.

80. Loren wrote...


Sorry for beating a dead horse, but there is some confusion in my box about the 2nd WOD of the Sectional. What would happen if someone completes all HSPUs in 1:45, but then does not complete the front squats in the allowed time?

Thanks for putting this all together, I look forward to getting after it this weekend.


81. Ron o wrote...

Do you have a scoring breakdown for the wod of 40 hspu and 40 front squats. It seems like there is plenty of concern for those that may not make the 40 hspu in the alloted time. Do you have a breakdown of how that will be scored or can we somewhat guess that if you're a guy and don't make the 40 in the cut off you won't have a legit chance to qualify on.

82. Jesse Ward wrote...

Loren, Ron, Brie et al.,

Scoring on the 40/40 workout. Here's the problem we ran into. What if there are 20 people who don't complete this workout as prescribed? What if?! You saw Abi kill it in 5:50, so I think we'll have 20 who can do it. For the rest of us, here goes:

IF (big if) there is a tie for one of the qualifying positions based solely on this workout, then to break this tie we will go back through the results and titrate it out like this:

Best workout time -then-
40 HSPU's and highest # of FSQ's -then-
39 HSPU's then highest # of FSQ's -then-
38 HSPU's then highest # of FSQ's etc.

The only reason for the 5 minute cap is to allow the scorers a chance, in the event of a ton of DNF's, to go back through the data and figure out who did "the best".

Otherwise, we'd have people out there for 12 minutes falling on their heads trying to get more HSPU's and have a harder time scoring the workout in case of many DNF's and ties on number of HSPU's. Which isn't good.

Bottom line: this is how it is, so suck it up :) It's gonna be awesome. This event pales in comparison to Day 2 Event #1 ::) Sleep on that!

83. Andrea wrote...

For the first WOD will we have to pick it up off the ground or will there be racks?
Thanks for all the hard work! You've got me worried Sunday is going to hurt more then Saturday, any hints.

84. Andrew Bueno wrote...


For logistics purposes (and to see more people squeal) I think the 40/40 workout requires the lifter to lift the bar off the ground. Why use racks when you could make the athletes suffer more?

Right Jesse?!

85. ron wrote...

Andrea - I believe for the OH squat it's off the deck - no racks. You can get the weight to an OH position any way though - snatch, clean and jerk - etc....

The front squat WOD - it's off the deck. No racks.

86. dh wrote...

So HSPU still not really addressed -

what if you do 5 HSPU and knock out FSQ's in 1 min flat? The described method gives those weak in FSQ's a chance in the overall competition total but not those weak at HSPU's.

So the underlying message is that it is ok to be weak in Quads but not shoulders ?

Again... a 10 second penalty for each HSPU / FSQ rep not completed would address this issue and be easily tabulated by scorers and consistent with other sectionals methods.

still thanks for putting this on! - just adding my 2 cents

87. Blake wrote...


I like your thinking that would even the playing field.

88. ron wrote...

Why is everyone complaining about the HSPU? I'm strong in HSPU and weak in front squats - but i'm not bitching about the front squats....it's 40/40 for a reason. Some people are strong in both, some weak in both, and some have their pick.

There are 2 more workouts coming. I'd be more concerned with what those are.

89. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Guys, I'm sure that Jesse has planned this competition to challenge people in a very complete way. Remember, these first 2 WODs are not even half of the competition, there's still 3 more! The rest may be to your advantage, maybe not, but Jesse's not going to change the WOD's because a couple competitors( or even a lot of competitors) don't like them. Just focus on how you're going to do the best you can with what is in front of you. This thing should be fun, so it shouldn't make that big of a difference. For those that ARE in it strictly for trying to get to the Games, if you really have to worry about the front squats or HSPU's, maybe you're not ready to make it at the Games just yet.

90. H.Bo wrote...

So are we doing 5 WODS? Is the third event for day one being released today? Would be nice to have a idea on time frame as far as how long the first day will last. Thanks

91. Andrea wrote...

I understand the the second wod is from the ground, I was asking about the first one.

92. ron wrote...

From my previous post

"Andrea - I believe for the OH squat it's off the deck - no racks. You can get the weight to an OH position any way though - snatch, clean and jerk - etc...."

93. ron wrote...

"Andrea - I believe for the OH squat it's off the deck - no racks. You can get the weight to an OH position any way though - snatch, clean and jerk - etc...."

94. Cameron wrote...


Neither workout #1 or #2 includes an overhead squat. There is no overhead squatting in either video. Workout #1, which Andrea is asking about, involves "shoulders to overhead" reps.


The text in the video specifically says "pick it up" and not "take it off a rack", which suggests that you'll have to get the bar from the floor to your shoulders without the aid of a rack. Additionally, the video shows the "demogirl" pulling the weight off the floor despite the fact that there is a rack visible less than 5 feet from where the bar sits on the ground.

95. ron wrote...

wow I completely misread the first workout. I thought it was max reps of OH squat @ 155.

96. David wrote...

Reading these comments I think it's safe to say that the majority of people's strengths are not HSPU. I suck at them AND heavy front squats, so im screwed, but you know, so what! Thats just one WOD. Just make sure your prepping for all the other movements im sure we will be seeing on the next three workouts. Lets not forget what a great supportive atmosphere we will be involved in on sat. Jesse, if someone signs up and sat morn can they still bring a guest for free?

97. CrossFit Competitor wrote...

Regarding the 40/40...I have a solution

Why not just make it an AMRAP in 12 minutes
Where the first 5 minutes are max reps HSPU and the second 7 minutes are max reps front squats...take the total combined score.

This way, the athlete that ends up with 36 HSPUs and knocks out the front squats is still in the game and the person who knocks out the HSPUs and ends up with 36 front squats is still in the game too.

If people need to be cut then cut them based off their combined score instead of cutting them based off minimum requirement on one modal domain.

The 40 or your out is like cutting all the athletes that dont have a 21 minute 5k run...they might be the fittest person in building but only be able to run a 5k in 22 minutes...

Just my thoughts, Either way, the weekend is going to be awesome and I am really excited to compete, no matter what the WODS are...even if it was 5 events of PUKIE BREWSTER...I am still going to have a blast. Thanks for your hard work.

98. Andrew wrote...

Will there be food available at the event - and if so what kinds? Any restrictions on what we can bring in - like coolers, or booze (my favorite post workout drink)?

99. FFFWHATTT wrote...


Is the third WOD still coming out today?

100. Srod wrote...

I bet it comes out at 9pm!

101. Jesse Ward wrote...

We have no liquor license - no booze. Sorry!

102. karla wrote...

I'm asuming the food situation is probably going to be the same as at regionals, being that it's the fairgrounds they can only use their vendors for food (typical fair food) I know i'm planning on bringing a cooler full of food :)

103. CrossFit Junkie wrote...

Jesse, you're killing us with the suspense! What's WOD 3???

104. Jesse Ward wrote...

WOD #3 will be released in video tomorrow - sorry for mix-ups!!


105. Tom wrote...

Jesse - Can you provide the basic logistics for Sat. and Sun.? Check in times for competitors, first heat start, etc. and expected wrap time. Also the same for Sunday. We have several who are competing as well as spectating and we are all kinda guessing right now on coordinating transpo, kid care for both days, etc.

Also for those who get a free spectator are there any "special" instructions they should know when they arrive if they are not there at the same time as their competitor? Not sure if we were getting an email with that type of info.

106. Cameron wrote...

From the Washington Sectionals registration page, via which I suspect most of us signed up for the competition:

"Athlete and Spectator Check-In begins 7:30 both days, contest begins at 8:30AM both days. Conclusion will be the evening of both days."

107. Ron O. wrote...


Thanks for answering the questions regarding the HSPU scoring. I understand it’s not a perfect system but I think what you have is very fair and reasonable. One of the good yet challenging things with crossfit and the games is you want the games WOD’s to be diverse and as challenging as possible so the most well rounded athlete will come out on top but what happens in any competitive environment some athletes see the WOD’s then realize one or more of the exercises aren’t a strong area for them. We need to remember this is a reason so many people are passionate about crossfit, is that diversity and challenge.

I think people are more worried about the HSPU than they need to be. I bet you get a large amount of people completing the 40 HSPU in the time limit. Plus if they really want to compete at the next level they need to find a way to knock it out the HSPU and move on to the other areas they are stronger at to make up for their weaker spots. Again, this is part of why we crossfit.

I’m very excited about the games this weekend.

I’d love it if you can at least drop a hint about the Sundays WOD’s

108. Cody Looney wrote...

1800, nice work!

Great wod guys! Thanks for getting the schedule out as well. That is going to help us all out a lot with logistics! Can we do it relay style just like your lovely demo ladies? NO? ok, didn't think so....

109. Jesse wrote...

Classic Andrew, I recommend you shotgun some beers in the parking lot before your first heat!

Actually, I do have an awesome drinking WOD idea, drunk Fran:

21 Thrusters @ 95# - 21 Pull-ups - Shotgun 3 beers

15 Thrusters @ 95# - 15 Pull-ups - Shotgun 2 beers

9 Thrusters @ 95# - 9 Pull-ups - Shotgun 1 beer

Puke up lots of beer.

110. Slendertonesrhd wrote...

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The 2010 CrossFit Games Official Sponsors

For more information on how to sponsor the CrossFit Games, see the sponsorship page.

  • Under Armour
  • Rogue Fitness
  • Again Faster Equipment
  • MiR Pro Weighted Vest
  • Concept 2
  • WeightVest.com
  • Vibram Five Fingers
  • OMG*Omega3
  • Stud Bar
  • Regupol America
  • Mindbody Online
  • Forged Clothing
  • GarageGym
  • Gymboss Interval Timer
  • Inov-8
  • At Large Nutrition
  • LifeAsRx
  • LifeAsRx
  • Undefeated Sports Nutrition
  • Rage Fitness Supply: Leader in Functional Fitness Equipment
  • Stronger Faster Healthier
  • Watermans Applied Science
  • Rocktape
  • DeFeet
  • AquaHydrate