Washington Sectional

Washington Sectional WOD 3 and Schedule

A quickl look at sectional WODs from WA.

The Washington Sectional is in 3 days. We've already told you about the need to BYOJR at the event. The details for the third WOD have been released and look mighty similar to an infamous HQ workout, something about a Fight? Along with the third event, they've released the master schedule for the weekend as well.

WOD 3:

In this workout you move from each of four stations after a minute. This is a four-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating.

1 Min Wall Ball 10ft target 20/12
1 Min Ground-to-Overhead 96/65
1 Min 20" Box Jump
1 Min Row for Calories
1 Min Rest

Total reps/points after 3 rounds equals score

Weekend Schedule

7:30am - Doors Open
8:30am - Workout 1 (ladies first)
11:00am - Workout 2 (ladies first)
1:00pm - Sunday workout 4 announced
1:30-2:30pm - Lunch Break
3:00pm - Workout 3 (ladies first)
6:00pm - Conclusion of Saturday activities and reveal workout 5

8:30am - Doors Open
10:00am - Workout 4 (ladies first)
1:30pm - Break for lunch
2:00pm - Workout 5 (ladies first)
5:30pm - Closing ceremonies

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25 comments on this entry

1. schactler wrote...

it does sound similar to hell.. i mean fgb :p

2. Mike wrote...

2 questions....

1. Does ground to overhead REQUIRE a snatch, or are we allowed any movement we choose?

2. Are damper settings on the rower fixed @ 3/4 or is the athlete allowed to choose their preferred damper setting?

Thanks for the timeline!

3. Srod wrote...

It's gonna be a great time sweating with my brothers and sisters! Looking forward to making new friends!

4. Jesse Ward wrote...

It's a ground to overhead. Not a ground to shoulder to overhead. Using one arm is cool. Having quite an ugly pressout is ok, but when that pressout becomes a push press or a "cleaning" type movement that doesn't count.

The resemblance to a Snatch needs to be clear.

This is an obvious movement in favor of judging. Rather than to push presses and sumo DL high pulls (we learned from last year) we chose to use Ground to Overheads to make it simpler to judge and therefore more fair.

I hope this justification helps.

5. Cody Looney wrote...

1800, nice work!

Great wod guys! Thanks for getting the schedule out as well. That is going to help us all out a lot with logistics! Can we do it relay style just like your lovely demo ladies? NO? ok, didn't think so....

6. Andrew Bueno wrote...


I mean, Yay!

So it's not 'ground to shoulder to overhead', but what about 'ground to hang to overhead'?

What'd I miss at that judges' meeting?

7. ron wrote...

ahh here we go, now the parties getting started!

8. bulldog wrote...

Great WODS Jesse! No let down

9. Cody Looney wrote...

Judges meeting?
Does this mean you aren't competing?

10. Jesse Ward wrote...

You can add a pause to your deadlift if you feel the need to Bueno - the bar must return to the floor for the start of each rep.

You missed lots of fun at the judges meeting, bobbing for apples was my favorite part!

11. FFFWHATTT wrote...

Time to do work!!! Thanks to all that put the event together!!

12. Tom wrote...

Andrew! There is STILL time to register. Since you slacked off from the judges meeting you clearly aren't any help to Jesse. ;)

13. Lisa Merritt wrote...

Nice WOD Jesse!:) So excited!! Thanks for organizing everything!!

14. Andrew Bueno wrote...

You guys make it sound like I workout or something...


anyone want to trade affiliate shirts?

15. Jennifer Kellams wrote...

Best of luck to the gang from CrossFit Fort Vancouver and my gal Ashleigh! :) Represent!

16. Jesse Ward wrote...

GREAT JOB ON DAY 1 EVERYONE!!! Unbelievable attitudes and competitiveness! Thanks for keeping everything running so well and we'll kick some more tail tomorrow!

17. Fiddle wrote...

Is there a link to see scores in real time?

18. Ron Yellin wrote...

Jesse, awesome job at running such a smooth and awesome operation. This weekend was a blast.

- Ron (guy with the tuxedo tshirt and "fuck yoga" tshirt )

19. Leon wrote...

Thanks Jesse and all the volunteers for a really fun weekend. The workouts were great and there were some impressive performances. It inspired me to get my act together for regionals (no more Ben and Jerry's).

There were some minor inconsistencies in the judging that I saw, but that is true of every sporting event and since everyone was volunteering their time, I won't complain about that. My one gripe in scoring is still with the HSPU wod. Only because it was scored in such a way that if you didn't finish the HSPU, there was no point in even doing the Front Squats. For example, one woman from my gym completed 37 HSPU and all front squats in 11:05. With the time penalty added her time was 19:05 (I believe). Another finished the HSPU but only got 35 Front Squats before the 12:00 min cap. There was not time penalty for the Front squats so she finished with 12:00 min. So, the woman who did more total reps in less time placed several places behind the other for that event. I don't think this affected the men as much because the HSPU were what people struggled with if they struggled at all. But, I only managed 31 HSPU and finished the Front Squats for a total time of 9:08. So, my question is, why did I bother to do those Front Squats, if they didn't have any bearing on my score? I could have saved my quads for that brutal sled push. There is a chance that I am just an idiot and I wasted my time just now by questioning this, but If that is the case, could someone please tell me and explain the scoring to me?
Again, great weekend. I had tons of fun.


Leon Aldrich

20. sammeijo wrote...

WOW great wods this weekend had a ton of fun thanks!!!

21. Leon wrote...

I realized that I am partly incorrect in what I said earlier. By finishing the Front Squats in 9:08, I did save myself a few minutes. But getting 35 wouldn't have been any better than only getting 1. Okay, I'm done beating that to death.
The real injustice was for the poor people that got stuck pushing the sleds in the "slow" lanes. That was brutal.

22. Lincoln Brigham wrote...

The competitors were a pleasure to work with.

23. Skylar wrote...


24. Mike wrote...

Thanks for an awesome weekend and for thoroughly kicking my ass! I've now spent the last 2 days researching sleds after experiencing how brutal a body weight sled push truly is. Waiting to see if I made any pictures of leaving blood tracks on that stupid floor as I made little to no progress.

#413 - the 135lb barefooted sled pusher who got tore all skin off his toes himself trying to finish WOD #5 'in one of the slow lanes'.

25. Seattle Chris wrote...

Where are the results posted?


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