Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

Utah/Nevada Sectional Results Day One

The men and women at the UT/NV Sectional endured a long day. 3 Workouts are in the books and there is a monster awaiting the competitors tomorrow. The current leaders are as follows:

Top 5 Men (Thruster/Pull-up, Sled, Overhead/Muscle-up)
1. Canavero, Drew (03:15) (08:44) 300/16
2. Hassell, Lindsay (02:55) (09:16) 275/15
3. Glover, Jared (03:42) (08:55) 235/24
4. Hollingsworth, Gil (03:59) (08:26) 225/24
5. Dickson, Justin (03:39) (09:29) 225/18

Top 5 Women (Thruster/Pull-up, Sled, Overhead/Muscle-up)
1. Lyons, Robin (02:59) (10:09) 178/4
2. Oldroyd, Miranda (03:40) (10:41) 168/11
3. Lampas, Mary (03:41) (09:57) 153/5
4. Lindsay, Taylor (04:21) (09:41) 148/11
5. Johnson, Sandy (04:05) (11:22) 148/3

Sunday Schedule:

WOD 4:
4 Rounds for time:
Row 750m
30 Double-unders
15 Burpees
(25 Min Time Limit for Men/ 30 Min Time Limit for Women)

The First Heat will begin promptly at 9:00 AM

Download Final Heats:
Male Final Heats [XLS]
Female Final Heats [XLS]

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

14 comments on this entry

1. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Go Miranda!! Nice work on the muscle ups!

2. Ty Jones wrote...

Nice job Drew! You're a beast. I think we all knew when we saw the first three WOD's that you were going to do exceptionally well. It's a good thing it wasn't 30 rope climbs for time or something ;-) Keep it up man. Or else I'll make you run on our Reno-Tahoe Odyssey team!! Muwahwahwah!!

3. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

Hell Yeah, Miranda! Keep it up!

4. ken c wrote...

am i reading this right? are guys knocking out 3 min superfrans with all that sprinting?? thinking the shorter time is for the sled wod and the 8-9 min is for the hellish weight vest torture thing.

5. ken c wrote...

looks like a great event. how much rest did they get between their 3 muscle up attempts?

6. Moody CF801 wrote...

Ken- The fastest Super Fran time was 8 minutes and some odd seconds. So you have the times mixed up. :-)

Between the muscle up attempts you could rest as often as you needed, considering the time limit of I think 8 minutes. I personally was taking 1 minute plus breaks between each set.

7. NRG wrote...

Inspiring to see a casual crossfitter like Mary right in the mix with trainers and gym owners!

8. Stephen Pelcher wrote...

Same comment... im going "sweet Buddha these guys somehow did a little more than Fran, with a 20# weight vest, with 1000m of running..." talk about being worried about your performance at your upcoming sectional. 8 minutes makes more sense.

9. Rich Vos wrote...

Sweet work, Drew!! Kill those burpees!

10. Captain Obvious wrote...

Inspiring to see Mikko Salo who wasn't a trainer/or owner compete against trainers/owners, and the rest of the fittest men and women in the world and win. And he was a casual crossfitter....


or what about all the OTHER competitors who are CASUAL crossfitters. Man its a casual game! Thanks Captain Obvious.

11. Rebecca Ballstaedt wrote...

Jamie, you rock dpushing that prowler. Way to go babe. Super fun weekend.

Mary way to go and to all the other athletes super impressive performances.

12. Daine 801 wrote...


Kind of a bad idea to put your gym as your name because saying something like that puts a bad name on James and Dave who are both awesome guys. Also i'm going to echo what Captain Obvious said, Mico was a casual crossfitter too...guess you missed the games last year, and while we're talking about casual crossfitters what makes a trainer/gym owner not a casual crossfitter? i think the term crossfitter makes you a little more then a casual anything! It's crazy to me to see all the people that win these events and talk to them and hear how humble they are, then to have people say comments like that while repping their gym? stupid idea...

Great job to Mary but with all due respect i don't think your a casual crossfitter. :)

13. Jay Lampas wrote...

I saw a bunch of badasses from all walks of life out there. I know I personally got my butt handed to me by some folks who spend a lot less time in the gym than I do. I think I see what the poster meant, and you won't find anyone more proud of Mary, but crossfitters shouldn't be "grouped". Great event, competitors, and the programming was off the charts. Biggest question... how can they top it next year??

14. Jay Lampas wrote...

oh, and to "NRG", don't presume to speak for our gym, let alone Mary. sorry folks.


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