Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

Utah/Nevada Day One Video

Video proof of what went down in UT.

CrossFit Games competitor Chris Spealler from CrossFit Park City joined event coordinator Damon Stewart from Wasatch CrossFit to introduce the 2010 Games to the region and briefly reflect on the road that was traveled to get here.

The onsite crew provided a recap of day one's events. Drew Canavero was the story on day one. Drew established his legitimacy with a 300lb Clean & Jerk on his first attempt and followed it with 16 strict muscle-ups. Drew placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd by the end of the day and was sitting in first place. Lindsay Hassell had the home crowd behind him and he came through big. His football experience allowed him to crush the Prowler event.

Robin Lyons and HQ trainer Miranda Oldyroyd are battling it out for first place in the female division. After 3 events they're within one point of each other. Sunday will be a test of skills and wills as rowing, burpees, and double-unders rule the day.

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Sectional Intro Video

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Day One Event Recap

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Workout 2 Female Recap

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33 comments on this entry

1. michael lyons wrote...

Go Robin!! you have your brother behind you!!!

2. Robina wrote...

Come on Robin...you're right where you want to be...you've done you're homework!! Give 'er!

3. Jay wrote...

I guess it's not just Robin and Miranda battling it out for first. Way to go Mary!

4. Christian wrote...

How'd they get the bar to the back of their neck for the jerk? just kinda push it up and back there from the front?

5. Jami P. wrote...

Great job to the CFCV girls, Tay & Wendi. No one saw you guys coming. Way to crush it.

6. Jacob wrote...

A jerk is done from the front rack position, not the back.

7. Clinton Canaday - 24/6'3"/215 wrote...

Jacob, a rack jerk is from the back, while from the front is a push jerk. Either way, a jerk is a jerk as the finish position is identical...Besides, the requirement was "any way overhead".

8. grambo wrote...

Wrong Clinton.

Jerk from the rack just means you took the bar out of squat stands/jerk boxes in any position (behind the neck or in front).

Push jerk can be done behind the neck or in front rack position, same with a split jerk.

My guess is these guys can clean weights heavier than they can jerk, so they kind of push press the weight to behind the neck and then jerk from there. Surprised the competition allows this as it is pretty dangerous especially with max weights. Personally with max C+J I think CF should use weightlifting rules, it's a lot easier (technically) than a snatch so why not judge it that way? Many of the IWF rules are for safety (no knees on platform, no elbows touching knees). CF could allow press-outs I guess.

Also why so many shirts off to do a max clean and jerk single? Is it necessary to be nearly naked before you have even started sweating? At least the dude who had the highest lift for the day kept his shirt on. The dudes lifting in the olympics seem to be doing just fine with a singlet on.

9. James wrote...

Where the hell did this Drew Canavero guy come from!? 300lbs clean and jerk and 2nd in the Fran wod? Impressive job man.

10. ken c wrote...

looks like it was a great event. hats off to the organizers.

11. Terry Rose wrote...

That was an amazing event. All of you out there made my two days of hell the most enjoyable two days I could have imagined. I am not affilited with any box nor have I worked out at one. My crew and I kick our ass at the High School and stupid ass Gold's.
I met a lot of amazing people who are truly an ispiration to what I believe Crossfit is all about. Thank you to all who put it together and for the amazing workouts that floored me. Great Job to all those going to regionals, and I cannot wait for next year.

12. Susan Lampas wrote...

Congratulations MARY woo hoo!!!

13. Clinton Canaday - 24/6'3"/215 wrote...


Well, I'm not an expert but according to the CFFB exercises page, I had it correct, at least considering that
it's possible to jerk from behind the neck without taking it out of the rack. It just requires you to transfer from front to back via overhead.


14. Kyle wrote...

Clinton is right grambo, it's called a rack jerk when you have the bar on your back and you jerk it.

15. Mr. Moody wrote...

Way to GO CF801!!!!! Sending 7 people to regionals...with 3 more on the bubble...ASTOUNDING!

Congrats to all moving forward! And to the animals that took top 3 in Men & Women.

16. Mr. Moody wrote...

Front V.S. Back:

I chose to go to my back for the "Max Weight Ground to Overhead HOWEVER CAPABLE WOD" because of two reasons. 1. I can put up more weight. 2. I can widen my grip to that of an OHS (comfortable for me personally) and I have less travel for extension to full lockout.

Should they have chosen to follow more strict rules? I dunno, but I am sure that was considered in the decision making process.

Can you get hurt taking a heavy load to the back rack...Hell ya you can! Is there an amount of "personal awareness", "coordination", "stability", and "obvious protection for one's self" required to do so without causing injury? Absolutely.

Yet people still drive cars, with the same above required necessities, knowing they could get in an accident.

Just putting thoughts out there.

17. Erik wrote...

Awesome video! Does anyone know what song is being played in the video?

18. Pat Sherwood wrote...


19. Travis Coombs wrote...

Congratulations Drew! Your performance this weekend was exceptional. Congratulations also to Mary for winning the women's event. Thank you Damon, Travis & Sheri for your efforts this weekend, and thanks to all of the volunteers for their hard work. I had a great time this weekend.

20. grambo wrote...

I've seen many in weightlifting refer to a jerk from squat stands/boxes as a rack jerk and also a jerk from the rack. I've only ever heard of a jerk from behind the neck referred to as a "behind the neck jerk" but I guess the terms can be interchanged.

Also, the energy used to muscle a bar from front to back should vastly outweigh the additional weight you can jerk from BTN compared to front.

21. Sherrie Fazzio wrote...

Thanks Travis!! It was a lot of work, but well worth it! I'm glad everyone did well and things went so smoothly! I was constantly amazed how when I put out the call for more volunteers, CrossFitters from ALL over answered it or when I needed anythng done, CrossFitters automatically stepped it up and volunteered! Thanks to the athletes, volunteers, and my box where I train and coach CrossFit the Club! Througout the event I was constantly reminded why I love the CrossFit community! A bunch fo GREAT people doing what WE love! Hopefully we can host Regionals next year!!!

22. Jay Lampas wrote...

Huge thank you to all Sherrie and all the organizers, volunteers, and judges who put this animal together. What an amazing group of competitors from this community of "badassery"! Drew, if you're reading this, man you put on a helluva performance. Congrats to all the regional qualifiers, I know you're going to rep Utah/Nevada like champs!

23. Jackyl wrote...

Boo Hoo Lindsay couldn't hack it

24. Lynn wrote...

Congrats to organizers of this awesome event. I had a great time volunteering and the space was great.
Congrats to all the athletes who competed and especially to Mary!!
I can't wait to go to Regionals!!

25. James Sjostrom wrote...

This was the most fun I have had in a long time. Mad props to the organizers for putting it all together. Damon, amazing Programming, I truly believe the events selected the fittest athletes to move on.
Thank you all for such an awesome weekend! I will keep this short as I only have 362 more days til next year!! Happy training to all!

26. Jill Spencer wrote...

Congrats to all who are moving on to regionals. Awesome job to ALL the athletes! Everyone of you were inspiring to me. Thank you for everyone who helped! It was a great venue and put together very well!

27. Brett wrote...

What a great event. The facilities were excellent and the event well run. Hope to compete there again in the future with Sectionals or Regionals.

28. Brandee B wrote...

Loved volunteering for this event! It was such a blast!

29. Anonymous Coward wrote...

Congrats on a great performance Drew! Go UNR!

30. Travis Dugger wrote...

I think I am finally recovered from hosting the Sectionals. I wanted to thank everyone that came and supported the athletes. They put on quite the show for all the spectators. Congratulations to all the athletes that made it to the regionals and the athletes that came and put out such awesome effort. I hope to see all of you again next year.

Thanks to all that helped and participated.

Travis Dugger
General Manager
Ogden Athletic Club

31. Bitty D wrote...

What an amazing experience.....a true test of the human spirit! It's hard to imagine the countless hours it takes to pull off an event that went so seamlessly for all involved. THANK YOU! Also, all the hours each athlete must have trained to perform so well under such dire Crossfit circumstances. I hope one and all will extend our efforts and come again next year to experience Crossfit in this way! I'll never forget it! See ya at Regionals. :)

32. Jesus wrote...

Does anyone know what's the name of the song being played?

33. Gabriel G. wrote...

Drew is my hero. He is the guy I owe it all to for showing me CrossFit and what it's all about. A humble guy with fighting spirit and incredible strength and tenacity. You're the man Drew. I'm stoked about getting my level 1 cert. Long live University of Nevada, Reno CrossFit!


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