S. California Sectional

Team South County

Affiliate teams in SoCal will be crossing their fingers that the coaches of CrossFit South County qualify for individual competition or they might form a potentially deadly Affiliate team!

Paul Gregrow
Paul started CrossFitting in early 2009 and was a born natural. Coming in as a student while training his clients elswhere, he was already a beast. He fell in love with the program and brings an unparalleled passion to South County. He brought some fire to the OC Throw-Down taking 10th overall.

Vital Stats
Helen - 8:00 430M Course
FGB - 392
Fran- 3:13
Mile Sub 6
5 K - 21:00
Dead-Lift- 440
Snatch - 195
Squat Clean - 270

Caleb Medley
Caleb has been involved with CrossFit since 2005. As a Marine he used CrossFit to stay in top form and one by one he spread the word. His programming sometimes lacked focus until he moved from Colorado to help out with South County in June. His PR's have gone through the roof ever since. He represented in the OC Throwdown as well, taking 11th.

Vital Stats
Helen-Sub 8 - 430 M. Run
Fran-Sub 5
Mile run -- 5:13Seconds
5K 18:30
Dead Lift - 420
Max Clean - 235
500 M. Row - 131.00
Max Pull-up 40

Max Fernandez
Last year Max secured seventh place overall in the SoCal Regional Qualifier, missing qualification for the Games by one heartbreaking spot. undeterred, Max lead his affiliate team to an impressive showing in Aromas. This year Max is focused and ready to compete.

Vital Stats
Fran- 2:09 Best- Current - 2:25
Grace- 2:00
Helen- 7:48 (430M Course)
Fight Gone Bad- 430
Cindy - 26rds
Max Pull-ups - 50
Mile Run- 6:00
Max Clean- 305
Max Snatch - 205
OverHead Squat - 300
Back Squat - 395
DeadLift - 425
Eva- 38:44 ( Most dreadful WOD)

Max Fernandez Does Fran in 2:19 YouTube video.

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4 comments on this entry

1. Paul Gregrow wrote...

Go CFSC!!!!!

2. ZachM_PantherCF wrote...

Great Fran... completely legit from what I could see. The rest of your lifts are all legit as well. I would have had trouble believing these numbers if he didn't provide the videos to prove them.

3. Robert W wrote...

He's definitely for real, and now he can add a sub 4 hour marathon to that list!

4. Mike wrote...

Impressive yet there's a gym in la that has four males and one female all placed top 30 at sectionals no joke.


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