San Diego (inc. AZ) Sectional

SD AZ Sectional Workouts Announced

The SD AZ Sectionals will take place on March 27-28, but they giving you a big heads up. The WODs will carry some standards that you may not have seen in the past. Check them out.

Workout 1:
Three rounds for time of:
15 Deadlift at 225 / 155 lbs
21 Kettlebell swings 2 / 1.5 pood
Run 400 meters
(20 min time limit)

Workout 2:
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Power snatches 95 / 65 lbs
7 Box jumps 30" / 25.5"
(15 min time limit. You must jump with both feet at the same time. The ROM is ground to full extension either on or above the box. The difference in height for men and women is based on the average height difference in the US for men and women).

Workout 3:
3 Rounds flying pull-ups (see video below)
21 / 10 Handstand push-ups (see video below)
30 KB Front squats 2 / 1.5 pood
150 meter Sand bag carry 80 / 50 lbs
20 Squat clean thrusters 135 / 95 lbs
Run 250 meters
50 Burpees
20 DB Shoulders to overhead 45 / 35 lbs
40 / 20 Push-ups (chest to easy button from staples and full extension with hands leaving the ground at the top)
Run 250 meters
50 squats
50 pull-ups (chin over the bar)
(On the Flying pull-ups, both hands must touch the bottom, both hands must reach the top and both hands must reach the bottom before dropping to the ground for the trip to count. Going one hand at a time is allowed. HSPU is head touches ground to locked out. )

Scoring will be the sum of your times for the first two workouts plus half of your time for the third workout.

Modifications will be allowed, but will disqualify you for Regionals.

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91 comments on this entry

1. cam birtwell wrote...

Interesting wods but I really dislike this new practice of releasing the details early. This totally goes against the ideal of being ready to tackle anything. People whose programming has been sorely lacking can now focus solely on the events to be tested (and perform better because of it) getting a false sense of the quality of the program they follow.

Those of us who work hard to develop well-rounded programming will be rewarded with wods that are released in the last minute. Test the programming, don't test someone's ability to repeatedly practice the same wods.

2. Karin wrote...

chest to easy button - f'in AWESOME!! I <3 it!!

3. The Champ wrote...

Interesting. Better programming than the Midwestern, but not much of a strength component.

...these early releases really level the playing field.

I'd drop a few pounds (and still be able to keep my strength) in the next few weeks if I was competing in this one.

4. Jesse wrote...

I'm curious on how the last workout will be scored for the women considering the HSPU's with no kipping allowed, if you cannot finish them are you completely DQ'd? If so, you'll eliminate %80 or more of the field right there, maybe thats the goal. Not saying its unfair, just interesting. I would been surprised to see a workout with 10 HSPU's for women at world's.

5. Kyle wrote...

I don't understand why kipping HSPUs aren't allowed, they are a skill just like kipping pull ups, or double unders. Some people are better at them then others, some can't do them at all. Jesse is right on saying that you would be eliminating MOST of the field because they would not be able to complete 21 HSPUs

6. Stephen P. wrote...

Glad its not me! Just enjoy these Sectionals everybody and stop moaning. People have a lot more respect for a quiet guy who comes out of nowhere and tears up e.g. OPT, Khalipa, Mikko. However, I would be interested in the opinions of others in regards to who will win this year and here is my theory:

1.) We always follow Coach. Every year when Coach steps it up, boxes step it up. no doubt about it.
2.) There are more layers to go through to get to Games as well as more competitors.
3.) The top five from the most grueling Games yet have a free bypass to #'s 1 and 2 above.

Conclusion: I personally don't believe the 2010 Games winner will be outside of those top five. Many competitors said it took months to recover from '08 games in '09 interviews. Now anyone who was not top five has to deal with basically two rounds of 2009 Crossfit Games before hitting 2010 Games with maybe 4-8 weeks in between for recovery. The only way someone outside of those top five will win is if they are straight out of a comic book in level of fitness or if the top five's programming was Beer, Pizza, Ice Cream, Couch, Repeat.

The best you can hope for is to pull enough out of you to get in the top five so that you can have a full years rest for 2011. Thoughts? Let me know...

7. Kevin wrote...

Once again with the "everyman" programming. Why does CF mainsite spend so many WODS (ie. 10 min max snatch) focusing on 1RM lifts but these events repeatedly do not show up in these quals? If GPP is the goal then brute strength is definitely more applicable in a "real life" problem then say HSPU's. All of last years qualifiers and thus far this year....I think there has only been one or two max effort lifts. Why do we keep training this on mainsite to be totally ignored in the qualifying process?

8. grambo wrote...

Not having 1RM at a CF competition is inexcusable in my opinion. First off none of these WODs test limit strength, and none of them test max power either (no weightlifting, no sprinting -- 400M in a triplet is not a sprint).

9. DAVIS wrote...


I'm not knocking these guys at all, but can we get some standards on some of these movements from HQ?

HSPU on Pbars @ what width? What height? What depth?

HSPU on ground legs spread? no spread? kip? No kip? What width?

It's difficult to prepare at any level when there isn't set parameters. I realize it is the "unknowable" but in the sport of Crossfit these standards are not unknowable at the SO CAL gym.

Just define some of these movements.

I've always done HSPU with my fingers pointed out to accommodate a shoulder injury (this mirrors pbars) only now under these definitions it isn't legal? or is it?

10. Michael M wrote...

Where's the test of strength? These wod's seem extremely biased towards those who exceed at cardio based wods. 225lb deadlifts and 95lb snatches for men? I'm a little dissappointed but it is what it is...time to drop a few pounds and work on my endurance. Does anyone know if the three wods will be on day one with one unnanounced or is wod three the final wod?

11. Jesse Gray wrote...

First off, it's 10 HSPU for the women, not 21. Now, as to kipping or non kipping HSPUs, if you can't do them without kipping then you're not strong enough. End of story. Kipping on HSPUs can also be a safety concern, when you're kicking all around it makes neck injury a bit more likely. Furthermore, if you're a man or woman who is serious about competeing in the games and can't do 10/21 strict HSPUs do you really think you're even close to being fit enough?

As for the people whining about no 1RM lifts and how that is the most applicable to real life problems. I would say it's only true of real life problems that involve lifting a heavy object once that happens to be shaped like a barbell. Ask the people buried under 5 feet of snow back east which is a better "real world" function to have, the ability to pick up 1 500lb shovel of snow or to keep shoveling hard for 20 minutes. How about push starting a car? Are you gonna give it one big max effort push?
Beyond that, there are all kinds of real world, functional fitness domains that Crossfit never touches, like the ability to run 20 meters really fast, that could prevent you from getting hit by a car or maybe run a marathon, that's good for being lost deep in the woods. Throwing objects, why don't we do that? Cavemen did! If you want to complain about one end of the scale (1RM lifts) you should be just as vocal asking why we don't have any events at the other end of the scale, ultra distance endurance events.

You can point to all sorts of domains that don't get tested but in general, these events do a pretty good job of testing a few of the main fitness domains we work on.

12. Michael M wrote...

What's the easy bottom from staples?

13. Robin - Boy Wonder wrote...

Holy Metcon Batman!! Good thing I am a small weakling who just has lots of aerobic capacity.

14. kevin wrote...

Your justification for a 1rm max in real world is moot. Say a car or log rolls on your friend. Are you going to apply 225lbs of force 20 times and hope that it moves? Shaped like a barbell? C'mon? Are you saying a 500lb deadlift of a barbell does not transfer over into the real world for say lifting a rock or log? Your rationale in the explanation makes no sense. My point is this. Why does mainsite emphasize 1rm events but they are so incredibly under represented in these events?

Mainsite does not emphasize ultra endurance anything. Therefor people are not screaming for them in the "sport" of crossfit. These sectionals are preparation for crossfit the sport as per the suggested mainsite training. Right?

15. Lisa wrote...

WTF WHY ARE THESE SECTIONAL WORKOUTS BEING RELEASED SO EARLY. What happened to the unknown and unknowable. Please tell me why the early release and 6 weeks it pretty much negates being able to determine what training methods may be most effective in developing the fittest person alive.

16. Jesse wrote...

"Furthermore, if you're a man or woman who is serious about competeing in the games and can't do 10/21 strict HSPUs do you really think you're even close to being fit enough?"

%50+ of the top women on the last day at world's last year couldn't do 3 HSPU's. So were they're not even close to being fit enough to compete in crossfit?

Of course there are plenty of "real world" domains that crossfit doesn't touch, but the point of the games is to test the broadest area of fitness within reason of a competition like this, so an ultra endurance event is not reasonable due to time restraints, but a 1RM is reasonable and broadens the area of fitness covered, so if thats the premis, fitness across broad domains, it makes absolutely no sense that a 1RM is not included.

17. LT wrote...

One of the 3 women who advanced from the Great Basin Regional last year couldn't do HSPU at all. She finished 12th in Aromas. Kipping HSPUs are too much of a safety concern but "flying pull ups" aren't?

18. dan thacker wrote...

I too am really surprised at this early release. The Midwestern Sectional was released about 4 days in advance. This is quite a difference from 6 weeks. The risks of kipping HSPU's vs. flying pull-ups is interesting. Good thing you're getting those out of the way at the start of the WOD. Even then, you don't think you're going to have people missing the bar and falling? I sure the point of "real world application" will be brought so I'll quit on that. The 3rd WOD just seems to get a little too cute. Interesting though. Good luck everyone!

19. reba wrote...

Wish I had 6 weeks to prep for my WODS. HQ needs to start regulating the standards on the movements so coaches know how to train their athletes if they want their athletes to compete at that level. HQ also needs to regulate when these WODS get released prior to Regionals or Sectionals. The playing field is already jacked with HQ letting each Sectional have such different WODS (which I personally never understood). Fine...fine...if they want to have a mix of WODS, but there should be some set guidelines of how to score, and what movements, lifts, ect should be included throughout the weekend. Plus, shouldn't all Sectionals be completed over the same weekend, Regionals over the same weekend??? Makes sense if you have fierce competitors who want the same recovery time as the next guy.....

I just wonder who is looking at the big picture.....I get it we can't regulate weight classes, and age, ect....but for goodness sakes, we can regulate some standards.

oh yea...I prefer to enjoy and lean more on the metobolic quick WODS myself, but they definitely could have made those DL heavier to test some strength......

20. Chris wrote...

Jesse? What are you talking about? Really 1RM in the real world? I hope if you have to save my mom you can lift something heavy 1 time! The Flying pullups are lame!!!! The people programming the sectionals are trying to be too fancy!!! All Sectionals, Qualifiers should take place on the same weekend and should be programmed by Coach!! Having different WOD's won't make for an even playing field!!! Flying Pull Ups, really guys??? When does that happen in the real world?????

21. Dave wrote...

Even though this wasn't the case at the sectionals today, I get the impression that certain announced events may be changed at the last minute. Or at least they should.

22. Andre wrote...

Ok, with the flying pull ups. There are all these different variations to do them per the video. So if I am doing the standard flying pull ups and the next guys is doing monkey bar hand over hand substitute...could you really call the (Monkey bar style) Hand over hand a flying pull up? I don't think so! Also, there is no kipping on the HSPU, but there is a substitute for the flying pull ups. So if a person can't generate enough power to shoot both hands to the other bar its ok? I see a double standard here don't you? Lets be fair on both exercises. I am just saying... Set one standard on both and be done with it.

Oh and BTW, You could of avoided all this moaning or bitching or what ever you want to call it from everyone, if you didn't release this so damn early. I agree with one post that if all the sectionals and regional's WOD's should come from HQ and be the same test across the spectrum to even out the playing field on the same day. To truly test oneself and their programing.

That's my 2 cents.

23. dj wrote...

Wake up people, this is going to get out of control. Bottom line is HQ has to step in a govern...PERIOD!!! Like it or not you are going to have set guidelines. In a perfect world a sect host would put together a wod that would test the all-around CF'er in hopes of the best CF'er winning. This is looking like a WWF wrestling match, whatever you wan't goes. That is BS!! I am not just talking about this sect specific but think about it, every over zelious host is going to want to "out do" the previous to prove a point, aka meat stick mentality....BS!!! You can't preach dedication to specific strengths, skills, & movements, change it and get the best ""CF"" athlete. Just out of curiosity, what are the HQ standards for flying pull ups?

24. Adam wrote...

Grambo said:
"Not having 1RM at a CF competition is inexcusable in my opinion. First off none of these WODs test limit strength, and none of them test max power either (no weightlifting, no sprinting -- 400M in a triplet is not a sprint)."

So are you suggesting that Sectional organizers implement a 1rm max at every CrossFit event? If CrossFitters are expected to train for the "unknowing and unknowable", wouldn't having a 1rm max at every event be a standard that people would focus on and train for?

I understand the upset over releasing the WODs early; but remember how much controversy surrounded the organizing affiliates at last years Regional competition? People were accused of cheating, because they had advanced notice of the WODs, or they were accused of programming WODs that they knew they could win. This was probably not the case, but the appearance of impropriety existed. This has been eliminated by releasing them early; everyone knows the WODs well in advance.

This brings up the theory that people may train strictly for these events. What if the events change the day of? What if there is a surprise 1rm lift? What if they say "F#*k it all, let's go run a marathon?" Even if the WODs don't change, with Regionals right around the corner, athletes specializing in these WODs (training only for these WODs) will be setting themselves up for failure.
The smart athletes will continue their training as they have always done, and the best athletes will still come out on top.

This is the first of three events. If the workouts at the Sectionals and the Regionals were as hard as the 07, 08, or 09 Games, the recovery time would not be sufficient for the athletes to recover and begin training for the next event.

Chris said:
"Flying Pull Ups, really guys??? When does that happen in the real world?????"

There are plenty of ways to justify when or how this could happen in the real world, but lets just say this: Flying pull ups are a variation of pull ups, as much as butterfly, or weighted pull ups are also variations.

25. Jeff wrote...


You still complaining about the Midwestern sectional. Let me tell you I attended the Sectional Today, and very impressive. The athletes kicked ass all day, and that Air Force WOD was brutal.

You must be the Champ from that one gym I see on my way to work. I think it is called "Curves for Women!!??!!

26. Ben Smith wrote...

Wow, I hope my region is less technical than this. I also hope the events aren't announced until the night before. As far as I believed, crossfit was about being physically prepared for anything at any given moment. I think this gives people a chance to specifically practice everything? Am I wrong? And what's with all the specifics? HSPU-You kick up into a handstand any way you want and you touch your head to the ground and come up. How complicated is that? Good luck measuring every competitor's arm and finger length. Stop over-complicating simple things. I love Crossfit and it is a huge part of my life, and that is why I care so much.

Ben Smith

27. CJ Martin wrote...

Bummer. I kind of liked that whole concept of preparing athletes to perform well in unknown tasks. It seemed to me to place a premium on truly developing capacity in all aspects of fitness.

28. Ahmik Jones wrote...

The reason we chose not to include a 1 rep max lift is very simple. In a competition with only 3 events, it would be difficult to judge how much a heavy lift would count against the times posted in the other workouts.

We did our best to try to make the workouts as balanced as possible. Even if there are no one rep max lifts, being strong always helps.

The reason that we did not allow kipping on the handstand push-ups is that it was not allowed at the games last year.

Every year the athletes get better, I think that we may be surprised by how many women can get through 10 handstand push-ups, especially when given time to prepare. If I am proved wrong, we will modify the competition so that the ability to do handstand push-ups does not become the sole factor determining who goes on to the regionals.

We will be releasing more videos over the coming weeks with standards for every movement so that all the participants will have no question about what will be required of them.

Yes, people know what the workouts are 6 weeks early and will be able to work on any chinks in their armor. However, they will still have several unknown challenges to face on their way to Aromas, and if someone is really deficient in one area, 6 weeks is not long enough to allow them to beat someone who has been preparing for years.

HQ has allowed us to create our own workouts for one reason. Each venue is different, and until the infrastructure is in place to provide nearly indentical venues all over the world we will not be able to have set workouts for all the sectionals.

29. Ahmik Jones wrote...


I understand the sentiment. However, until we are at the point where HQ can provide standardized workouts at standardized venues, this is the only way I can prove that your athletes are provided the same opportunity to prepare as mine.

Last year even though I am sure the winners around the country were not provided the workouts early, there were questions: Did they know early? Even if they were not informed of the workouts, did the fact that their trainer knew the workouts affect their programming prior to the event?

I hope that this early release will avoid some of that controversy.

Like I said above, 6 weeks may allow someone to fix a chink in their armor, but I doubt that it will significantly change the standings as everyone will have the same amount of time to prepare.

30. Jesse wrote...

Ahmik -
First off I like the wods that you have designed (minus 10 HSPU's for women). I have to say however that your explanation for not having a 1RM seems inadequate at best. There are a hundred different ways to score a 1rm to be fair in this type of competition. If you feel you need 3 metcons, just add a 1rm, I know some of the secionals have 4 workouts and you also stated that HQ gave you the authority to design the workouts.

I'm not sure how you plan to adjust the HSPU's once the event has already happend and eliminated 90% of the field, many of which may be much fitter across the rest of the domains (not a fact just a good possibility). If people say "if you can't do them tough, train better for it next year", you can make argument for that, sure, but I think a stronger argument is on the side of not making a single movement the deciding factor of who advances in a competition designed to test broad fitness.

As to releasing the wods early, the problem is easily fixable and not your fault, HQ should just simply not have trainers of boxes designing the wods for these comps, it puts you in a tough situation trying to be fair to everyone, thus releasing the wods early. If someone from HQ came to your venue, saw what was available and then designed the wod, problem fixed.

Much respect to you for the time and effort you've put in, I know nomatter what you do you can't please everyone.

Good luck all!

31. Jesse Gray wrote...

I think you misinterpreted what I said. I wasn't saying that heavy lifting doesn't occur in the real world, just that lots of other things happen as well. Yes, if a tree falls on my mom in the forest having a huge DL might help but it has been my experience that those situations are pretty few and far between compared to the times when I need to put out some power over an extended time. Besides, what if I have to carry mom a mile to the ranger station!

In any case, Ahmik and Adam stated in a pretty clear and reasonable way the reasons this particular event is not having a 1RM lift.

Also, to the people who pointed out that at the games some of the girls couldn't do the strict HSPU; I believe those were on 30" parallettes and to below the hands depth, harder then what SoCal is proposing.

32. Richard Vanmeerbeek wrote...

Workout 3 is a KILLER, holy shit!

33. Baker Leavitt wrote...

why are you releasing the WODs so far out in advance???? i understand the reasoning behind No 1 rep max. its logistical and a time concern. also, i dont really think 1 rep max should be a part of any CF competition and im a strong guy not a cardio guy. I do think that the weight loads should be heavier on power snatches.

I think posting these WODs so far in advance is silly and totally goes against what CF is and stands if you guys had some balls you change the WODs the day before the comp. and then you would be legends in my book. Have a laugh on everyone else.

You should seriously consider that.

either way, props for stepping up and taking on the responsibilty of running Sectionals. those are some good WODs and remember. You cant make everyone happy

keep up the good work


34. Ahmik Jones wrote...


We had a hard enough time figuring how to weigh the workouts against eachother in an attempt to keep the competition from rewarding one aspect of fitness over another. If we were to add a lift, we would have to change the whole scoring scheme to some sort of point system. If there were 10 events we might be able to just use placing in each event to determine rankings. However, that does not give any extra weight to a dominate performance in one of the events. We could attempt to assign point values to the lifts and times, but how do we determine how much having a deadlift that is 50 lbs heavier than your opponent counts against being 30 seconds faster on a metcon. It could be done, but I do not want to risk skewing the scoring and ending up favoring strength too much or too little. Again, even if there is not a one rep max event, being strong is always an advantage. The thrusters may be easy for someone with a 400 lb back squat and really miserable for someone with a 200 lb back squat. An example is the difference in speed between me and Josh Everett in the deadlift and burpees workout in the 2008 games. My one rep max was 392 at the time and his was around 560. He completed the 275 lb deadlifts faster and was also less tired going into the burpees. We do not necessarily need a one rep max event to take strength into account.

The plan for dealing with the handstand pushups is that we will set a time limit for the attempts. It will be long enough that there will be an advantage to doing the handstand push-ups, but not so long that this advantage can not be overcome over the remainder of the competition. I realize that this means that there will be some women that will just stand there until the time is up and then go on to the rest of the workout, but it will make it so there is not one movement that is the deciding factor that determines who goes on to the next level.

My wife and I thought long and hard about whether to include handstand push-ups for women, as well as the standards. (kipping versus no kipping, various standards for hand width) We almost did not include them. However, there are many women who can do handstand push-ups, and I think it is only fair to let them use that ability to get a slight advantage prior to the 95 lb clean and thrusters that may favor women who can not do handstand push-ups. We chose the width utilizing each person's forearms and hands as the measuring tools in an attempt to be fair to different body sizes.

35. Chris wrote...

If the penalty for HSPU's is 5 min, then women might try to do them, if its 2 or 3 min penalty, then the majority of the women will just sit it out, and now you are punishing the women who CAN do them!!! Really think about the penalty before you through out a number!!! Thanks for your time!

36. LT wrote...

So just to be clear:

"The plan for dealing with the handstand pushups is that we will set a time limit for the attempts. It will be long enough that there will be an advantage to doing the handstand push-ups, but not so long that this advantage can not be overcome over the remainder of the competition."

someone can still complete this workout as Rx'd for qualifying purposes by not completing all (or any) HSPUs?

37. Chris wrote...

Doesn't sound right to do!!

38. CJ Martin wrote...


First of all, I have nothing but respect and gratitude for all the hard work that you, Krista and your crew have and will put into organizing this event. I recognize that you will never make everyone happy, nor should you try. My only disappointment is that some of the anticipation of what game day might look like has been lost.

I understand your concern about the appearance of favoring athletes. I had the same concern last year when we were selecting the members of our affiliate team. I knew my athletes and knew that I would be favoring some over others if I designed the workouts. I had Dutch Lowy come out to San Diego and assess the equipment and terrain available to me. He sent me the workouts a day before we held our affiliate team tryouts and I posted them. It was a huge relief to be absolved of any potential favoritism. I am not sure why HQ couldn't have provided you the same relief.

Alternatively, if HQ isn't interested in playing a role in developing the workouts for Sectionals, I wonder if organizers from other regions would be willing to do so. For example, Skip Miller, who is hosting in his region, knows how to assess equipment and space demands for these competitions and could design workouts for you. You could use your skill set to provide the same for him. Both competitions would be well organized and neither of you would have to deal with accusations that you were leaking information or favoring your own athletes.

That said, none of this will taint a great event. I am very appreciative of your hard work and supportive of your efforts to provide our community with a well-organized event. I hope that is not lost in my questioning why the workouts were released early.

Thank you again for your hard work.

39. cam birtwell wrote...

SD AZ Sectional:

"known and knowable"

.... couldn't resist ;)

But seriously, even though I don't agree with your releasing the wods early or your rationale behind it, if it makes sense to you guys go right ahead. Six weeks with a skilled coach is more than enough time to make significant gains in a skill or technique aspect. Since many placings will be separated by seconds, even a small skill improvement (that wasn't emphasized in regular programming) can make all the difference in the world.

Agreed with the above posters that you can't make everyone happy and I'm sure regardless you will have an awesome event. Good luck to all the competitors and respect to the organizers and volunteers for putting in all the energy and time to make it great.

40. The Champ wrote...

"Interesting. Better programming than the Midwestern, but not much of a strength component."

hell of a lot more complaining on this board than my comment above.

Since my statements don't carry much weight with you, maybe you'd like to respond to Ben Smith's 'complaints'. If you recall, Ben finished first in the Mid-Atlantic Regional last year.

ps..."lighten' up Francis"

41. Paul E wrote...

As someone that is registered for the sectionals, I totally agree with Ahmik. With only 6 weeks to train for the event left, Any one can work on specific goats, but it won't make a dramatic difference in the outcome. Look forward to seeing everyone at the event!

42. Paul E wrote...

I can't help but laugh a little when I see people saying the programming is "wrong or off" As long as we aren't doing bicep curls and doing push jerks on bosu trainers it is all good!

43. Tony Budding wrote...

Love the debate here. I see lots of good information from several different approaches.

Let's put things in perspective here. This is the first year of the Sectionals. The purpose of the Sectionals is two-fold: to bring the best 70 or so athletes to each of the Regionals and to give as many folks as possible the chance to compete in a formal environment.

No two-day test of fitness can be perfect. This is a good test. I wouldn't want to enter into it with any major chinks in my armor. Does it accomplish the two goals? I think so.

Several are complaining about no 1RM test. Ok. Many Sectionals do have 1RM tests. Let's see how it all shakes out. How do the top athletes from this event do at the Regionals and then Games if they qualify, and compare that to other Sectionals' athletes? Anyone who thinks they can predict accurately is most likely ignorant. There are so many factors involved. Look at past years' Games results. For every positive correlation you can find between pre-event performance and finishing order, you can find several negative ones.

So far, two of the thirty Sectionals have released their workouts early. Some of you don't like that. How much difference does it make? I don't know. And really, neither do you. And, all of you who are going to modify your training for the Sectional are probably creating chinks that you don't want for Regionals and the Games. Doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

Bottom line for me is that the top performers tend to win in almost any competition. Varying the rules doesn't dramatically vary the outcome.

44. Jeff wrote...


Ben backs his statements with his own experiences and training, and that fact that he finished as a top athlete makes him credible.

I have a feeling that you are one of those guys who complains about programing and WODs during CF Games, however, has never competed. You just like to think you are a fire breather. Why not try these WODs and post your times here, and we will see if you have something to complain about (and maybe a link to a video as well).

Good Luck

45. dan wrote...

The 1 rm is trained because they allow you to gain better technique when focused on as well as make the WOD's easier, the more you can thruster the lighter 95# becomes. But I do agree a CF competition should should have at least a heavier portion

46. The Champ wrote...

well, Jeff, if that is your real name. Shouldn't YOU be posting videos of YOUR achievements since YOU have a problem with me?

From your post above, you state you 'attended' the Midwestern Sectionals. Why didn't you compete? Are you competing in another region? Are you exempt? Just wondering, since you're challenging me.

If I thought I was a 'firebreather', my moniker would be 'firebreather', not 'The Champ'. Yet, The Champ lives and The Champ will smoke you in any wod you choose. might want to learn the difference between a 'complaint' and a 'statement'

47. nick williams wrote...

a bit too much testosterone in some of the comments above. let's all try to love each other.

that third WOD sends shivers down my spine. anybody thinking that it isn't a test of strength may want to revise those comments half way through the 20 135lb squat clean thrusters.

Tony B, in terms of learning and improving for future years, it may be interesting, once all the sectionals are finished to analyse and then break down all of the WODs from around the world into strength, gymnastics and met con and all combinations of the three, to see if from an overall POV, the sectionals have overly favoured any of the 10 physical skills to the expense of others.

that may allow HQ to create more of a template for the future 'settle up' at the regional qualifiers by focusing more on the skills that may have been ignored

either way, my sectional is next weekend. fingers crossed HSPU aren't there

48. Cash Reynolds wrote...

I really appreciate the intelligence, precision and thoughtfulness that has gone into these qualifications preparations. Excellent work, CrossFit SoCal! Looking forward to the whole experience.

49. Cash Reynolds wrote...

My comment above was meaningless because I pussed out and didn't say what I really thought.

What I really think is the complaints above are lightweight, which is a nice way of saying stupid. Tony B has summarized it powerfully:

"Bottom line for me is that the top performers tend to win in almost any competition. Varying the rules doesn't dramatically vary the outcome."


I have my own criticism: I think Ahmik, Max et al have been too kind, too open, too generous to these critiques. The critiques did not carry any of the weight of thought or responsibility that your work has. Of course, if these whiners put themselves in your situation, they'd probably perform very well and come up with many of the same solutions you have --- and themselves be bearing the cheap shots of armchair quarterbacks.

I'm sorry so many people take ugly advantage of the opportunity to gripe and quibble. For those people: the market of CrossFit gyms, leadership, networking and publishing is wide open, even encouraging to new leaders to step forward and demonstrate their ideas, tactics and abilities. Take advantage of it. If you can earn the righteousness you seem to feel entitled to, then you can make the Secs or Regionals or Games or alternative competitions according to your ideals or your interpretation of the CrossFit vision.

This is a very general and judgmental-nasty message on my part, but I've paid attention to every detail in all of the above criticisms, and not a single one has surfaced that, taking all aspects of Sectionals preparation into consideration, is ultimately sound. In this respect, the SD/AZ sectionals preparation has far exceeded my expectations. I could not say this of preparations for the 2009 CF Games, where the noise vs. signal in tactics and preparation on an event like the run, or timed deadlifts, or 1RM snatch, far exceeded the deviation of these SD/AZ events from the CrossFit expected range. Eg., the rubber kettlebells, ignorantly harmful width of the HSPU parallettes, slanted floor, or half-round logs to chock the barbells in the 2009 Games - If you tolerate these risky, inconsiderate details, where is the unequal judgmentalism on the Sectionals competition coming from?

Thankfully these comments are inconsequential, and capricious griping does not amount to anything.

We could retroactively put you in your places -- or vindicate you -- by subjecting the winners of the sectionals to your better workouts. Which is what Tony B suggested. It turns out, those winners WILL be subjected to other workouts. But Hey, if you really want to press it the way you're dumping your ill will on CrossFit SoCal here -- why not walk the talk and back it up? Show us afterwards how right you were and how justified your vindictiveness was.

I do enjoy the trash-talking of The Champ, that stuff is fun.

50. Jesse wrote...

Ahmik -
Thats a very valid point in the carry over from max strength to moving lighter weight, I also like the using people's arms to determine width for HSPU's, better than forcing everyone at the same distance no matter the body size. I still think it would not have been that hard to put in a 1RM to make it a broader test of fitness, and I think 10 HSPU's for women is excessive, but I understand your reasoning and I like the solution of having a time penalty instead of DQ on the HSPU's.

Cash - "If you can earn the righteousness you seem to feel entitled to"

Are you drunk?

51. The Champ wrote...

Thanks Cash...and I always forget to put my stats:

25f/5'/390#, wait, that's not right, it's 19m/6'3"/120#

52. Cash Reynolds wrote...


Not drunk. I'm precise. The criticisms here, by my judgment, hadn't considered the dozens of variables that the designers of an event must consider. They spoke self-righteously, but without having the experience or justification to do so. And the criticisms were unjust. They had not earned their contemptuous or authoritative tones.

CrossFit is wide open to people creating and hosting alternative events; witness the recent Garage Games. Hell, we're begging for it. We love these events and need more of them. Let all these armchair event directors step up and earn the right to criticize CrossFit SoCal. CrossFit SoCal is doing the work, and so far they look to be doing an excellent job of it.

I believe leveling all this righteous indignation at the hosts reveals a level of entitlement these critics haven't earned.

It's sad I had to deconstruct and elaborate that sentence for you, but I can only guess you didn't understand it -- not that you want to contest the argument I just made. I'm partly basing this on your own language ('valid' cannot take a modifier of degree like 'very', it's a binary -- it's either valid or not. Moreover, if you observe performance numbers, it's not clear that a 10% difference in max effort lifts translates to a 10% difference in time, doing 45 or more reps of that lift in a mid-length metcon. There's justification to the criticism that 1RM capacity is different.)

If you wanted to contest my argument, address the substance rather than suggesting I'm drunk. I'm just as petty as the next internet tyrant, but I hit harder because I can justify the positions I take. If it's just my language you want to make fun of... oh, that's different. Have at it.

I speak from some experience. I've managed large scale adventure races. I think those events are FAR easier to design than a CrossFit event.

53. sk wrote...

flying pullups really? at sectionals? come on... glad its not me.

54. Jesse wrote...

I saw a number of opinions above, some healthy debate, some good questions, I didn't see self righteousness until your posts. You seem pretty high on yourself, I hope that works out for you.

"...entitlement these critics haven't earned." You don't know all the above posters, just because people don't toot their own horn like you do doesn't mean that they don't have any cred.

55. Michael M wrote...

Push-ups (chest to easy button from staples and full extension with hands leaving the ground at the top)

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the easy button from staples means?


Michael M

56. Adam wrote...

The "Easy Button" is a little red button, about 2" tall. When you press down on it, it says "That was easy!"

When we were going over push up standards, there was a lot of dispute over how to judge chest to ground. For instance, some contestants may be wearing shirts. Other problems included a few man-beasts with too much chest hair that obscured a good view of the "chest to ground standard."
With the Easy Button, regardless of the shirt or man-beast hair issues, the judge will hear an audible click followed by, "THAT WAS EASY!" making it much easier for them to judge the rep.

57. Michael M wrote...

Oh the irony of a little button that's gonna say, "that was easy" during each rep, cause at that point it won't be easy! Hahaha love it. Maybe we could find a button that says, "that effin sucked."

Thanks Adam for the prompt reply.

Michael M

58. Ron wrote...

I'd love to see the sound chip in the easy buttons replaced with one of those insult generators. A cacophony of "Kiss off", "You smell", and "Go to hell". That'd be hilarious.

59. Jacob wrote...

I personally would love to compete in these games, having just competed at Midwestern Sectional. That last WOD sounds like a blast. I'm thinking the Easy button is gonna hurt like a mother when you gas out at 38 and fall on it and now I want to build a flying chin bar off my deck. Good work on the design of these workouts. Here's to unknown and unknowable. (Who knew they'd have 6 weeks to prepare for these WODs?) Not all of life's demands are a surprise.

60. Travis wrote...

Are these the only WODS for the sectionals? Or is there going to be a final Sunday WOD?

61. Chris wrote...

Are the 3 WODS that are posted the only WODS of sectionals? Or are they going to have 4th WOD the next next day?

62. Michael M wrote...

From what I've gathered these three wods are it.

63. Ahmik Jones wrote...

First 2 workouts Saturday. The 3rd workout on Sunday.

64. Jonathan R wrote...

They had to release the WOD's 6 weeks early to give everyone in that sectional enough time to put in multi-level pullup bars to practice the flying pullups! Lol. The flying pullups look like a lot of fun and tough but realistically how many Affiliates have that set up?? So in a way those in the Az Sd sectional should be thankful that they announced the WOD this early. And whats with the over strict HSPU standards?? All of that measuring and taping with over 200 athletes? I love CF and the games but this is sectionals! Its not the main event! Good luck everyone.

65. Adam wrote...

Jonathon R,

The HSPU standards are actually easier than the 09 games, depending on the heigth of the competitor.
At the Games, the parellette bars were a fixed distance, so if you were 5'2" you had to do the same width as a competitor that measures 6'2". The shorter cometitor would be using a much wider grip, which is a distinct advantage. The taller athlete would be doing a narrow HSPU, which is more difficult.
The HSPU width at the SDAZ Sect. is based off of the individual's dimensions, not a fixed width.
The other HSPU standards are identical to the 09 Games.

And guess what?! The 2010 Games will be harder than the 09 Games. So if you cant do 10 or 21 strict HSPUs, KEEP TRAINING!!!

66. Bode wrote...

We should have Shaun White create a WOD, at least then the events would have cool names:

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
- 5 x switch back-side 7
- 5 x Double McTwist 1260

or a chipper:

5 x aerial to fakie
4 x back-side Rodeo 540
3 x poptart
2 x Japan air
1 x barrel roll

67. nerd wrote...

I'm surprised that a lot of people are saying the WODs are not heavy strength, and that they need a 1RM......

WOD #1 - 2pood kettle swings(63reps!!!)...72lbs, I think that is kinda a strength WOD??? So they included a 400m run, 1200m total may not be a far enough run to make up time on the heavy athletes...besides, everyone does body weight on runs, pull ups, push ups, ect...
WOD #2 - does anyone think that the 95lb power snatch may just turn into a "muscle snatch" for the heavy athletes and they will smoke through it....
WOD #3 - the 20 reps of 135lb sq clean thruster

So, maybe I'm way off, but this Comp. seems to have included a lot of "strength" and could favor the heavier competitor.

I am not really into the Crossfit "blog", so I may be asking a dumb question, but will they every have 3 WEIGHT CLASSES, light, middle, and heavy???????? Just wondering...

Should be a great time!!

68. Chris wrote...

I have to say while I agree competitors that want to compete at the 2010 Games neeed to be strong enough to do strict HSPU's, the Games are not until July. By cutting out people at the sectionals beacuse they can't do a strict HSPU may in fact be cutting out athletes that would be stronger competitors that are just not at their peak....
I think the Regionals should be the testing ground - if athletes are not prepared by then they will not be ready for the Games..

Just my thoughts.

69. Dave Borders wrote...

Hey - I love the idea behind the push-up standards. The non-lockout of the push-ups even on the demo vids is one of my pet peeves and there's really no excuse for not going chest to deck. Your solutions seemed ideal. In fact, I bought an Easy button just to try it. The one I bought wasn't fast enough to record all the reps even when I purposefully went to full lock-out. Did you guys have the same problem when you tested it?

70. Adam wrote...


The Sectionals were created this year as a filter for the Regionals, weeding out the fittest athletes. The Sectionals and the Regionals are the testing ground.
Also, if you are a crossfitter aspiring to compete with the caliber of athlete like Mikko, Moe, Tommy etc, then you have been training since the 09 Games! I guarantee that those guys (and gals) have been training consistently since 09 with little to no time off.


We found that even if the competitor is going too fast, the judge should still be able to hear the click of the button. The "THAT WAS EASY!" quote is just an added bonus!

71. Jeff wrote...


Sorry, I missed your most recent post. The reason I didn't compete at the midwestern sectionals is because I suck at these CrossFit WOD's they destroy me, (there are even somethings I can't do yet, ie muscle ups and Handstand pushups) but I try ever single one of them without Monday morning quarterbacking. Plus, I never said I could bet you, I was just tired of your complaints, I mean "statements." second guessing the sectional WOD's.

Having said that, I never back down from a challenge though. You come up with the workouts I will do them.

Let me know.

72. Aush wrote...

For the HSPU is stomach to wall acceptable?

73. Ian McQ wrote...

ROM for the power snatch? Just ground to OH, or do we need to receive the bar in an OHS?
Tried to track down these answers with no luck. My apologies if this question has been answered already.

74. Aush wrote...

Anyone know the answers to Ian and/or my questions?

75. Brian G wrote...

I'd really like to know the answer to Aush's question as well...HSPU stomach to wall, is it acceptable??

76. Bekka wrote...

Ian - ROM for the power snatch is ground to overhead. Not sure about stomach to the wall for HSPU, I'll try to find out.

77. LisaAnne wrote...

I have never seen a kettlebell front squat before, but when I googled it, the pictures all use two kettlebells, one in each hand. Is that what is intended here, or is it one kettlebell held in both hands? I assume it is held at the chest, like a regular front squat?

78. Jeremy "Wags" wrote...

I'll take a stab at it.

Stomach to wall is a progression of HSPU. I'm thinking it will DQ you from placing, but you can use it if you have to.

In response to LisaAnne,
I thought the same thing, all FS with KB I've used have been with two. Soooo.. expect two, train with two.. and if you get to use one, you will be that much faster..:)

Doc Jones!!!

I'm coming this year!! and I'm getting more than 2 hours of sleep on a 22hour flight. LOL.. we'll see how I do.


79. Sean wrote...

Well said, why would any athelete knowing the wod's only prepare for those knowing the Regionals are right around the corner. He/She would only be cheating themselves.

80. Sean wrote...

I have to agree, while having no 1RM type movements... the 20 135# Squat Clean Thrusters will definately test the athelete who dropped some pounds and only focused on Metabolic Conditioning.

81. Eric wrote...

If you look in the background on the movement standards video, you can see goblet squats posted on the board. So my guess is that you hold a single 2/1.5 pood kettlebell goblet-style for those 30 squats.

82. Jeremy "Wags" wrote...

I just talked to Ahmik. From the email correspondence... I gathered ONE -- 2 POOD KB. Which is great, cuz I just did this wod yesterday with 2--2POOD KB's. It was seriously rediculously hard... seriously...

Rest wasn't too bad.

83. Christian Bull wrote...

Thank you Ahmik for all you and your team of professionals do! I am looking forward to the competition. I am nervous, the kind you get right before doing a WOD you know is going to suck but oh well. I just wanted to say thanks, I didnt see a lot of comments thanking you. I dont concern myself with when the WODs are released, what they are or any of that. Its pointless, it wont change them. Its me against me. You will see my max effort, as for where that will put me, who knows.

84. michael kodman wrote...

id love for them to add Air Force WOD to the second day.

85. u dont know me but, call me rickey. wrote...

I'm so excited. My first games. Started on July. Should be good.

86. Andrea wrote...

In response to Aush:

My understanding is that for HSPUs the front of your body must face away from the wall, so no stomach to wall.

87. Adam Towle wrote...

Good luck CrossFit Invictus!

88. Jeremy "Wags" wrote...

After doing all of these WODS, a couple of times, I will definantly say this: It is high metcon centric for sure. 225 DL really isn't bad and either is the 2-POOD swing when you have a 1/4 mile to make up for a couple seconds diff.

Second WOD is definantly METCON.

Third WOD, this wod I was teetering on. I wasn't sure if it was based on total METCON until doing it twice. Yes, there are some hard portions, but the fact remains that having one HEAVY portion per 10 of METCONish types of excercises definantly favors one type of individual.

I enjoyed it no matter how you look at it. I just know that none of these are my strengths..... (muscle-ups, cleans, jerks...sigh...).

either way, already have the competition butterflies!! See you this weekend!!

89. Frank the Tank wrote...

What were your times? If you don't mind!! Im not doing it but plan on going to watch since I live in SD and do the WODs out of my gym!

90. Jeremy "Wags" wrote...

I've never done them fresh yet, but so far my best times are:

#1 11:47 (I think....ish)

#2 7:14

#3 29:45

Definantly not going to take top 3, but I'm hoping for somewhere in the top 20.. LOL. We'll see.

I'm also hoping to be well rested and see some better times. I'm mostly going for fun and to represent Crossfit Throwdown.

91. Sean wrote...

Handstand PUSHUPS. Are handstand pushups required to be back to the wall, or is chest able to be to the wall?


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