Midwest Sectional

Results: Midwestern Sectional

The first competition of the 2010 CrossFit Games season is complete! After a long weekend at CrossFit TNT, the final numbers are in. On Friday, 135 men and 70 women entered the arena vying for the opportunity to represent at the North Central Regional in Castle Rock, CO on April 30 - May 2, 2010.

After the dust settled on what proved to be two brutal WODs on Saturday, plus the final on Sunday, the top 30 men and women now prepare for Denver.

Rochelle Simmer (Event Organizer) summed the event up:

"The 2010 Midwestern Sectionals are over and CF TNT's box is empty. The last two weeks with Rochelle Simmer working over 15 hours a day for two weeks straight, Rochelle's fiancé Jeff, Sarah and Diane dedicating every second of their free time to make everything perfect, TNT was able to open their box which is brand new, and put together the first ever Sectionals.

With over 600 people, (athletes, staff, volunteers, spectators, sponsors and vendors) our box was packed with the crowd cheering, the athletes grunting and the music blaring! It was a rock concert with athletes. Read More"

Photo from CrossFit Springfield.

1. Pete Rasmusen
2. Justin VanBeek
3. Alex Nettey
4. Dave Regula
5. Josh Nimmo
6. Josh Earleywine
7. Phillip Kniep
8. Garry Martin
9. Jake Howard
10. Brian Llewellyn
11. David Cornthwaite
12. Jason Stude
13. Jeremy Mhire
14. Cole Henn
15. Jacob Szafranski
16. Joe Carlson
17. Nate Aye
18. Greg Morales
19. Scott Schutte
20. Dan Drall
21. Jon Callahan
22. Josiah Lorentzen
23. Brad Forbes
24. Cole Namken
25. Thomas Lower
26. Jake Hinkle
27. Nicholas Leeper
28. Dustin Tovar
29. Luke Ahlfield
30. Paul Cegon

1. Katarzyna Slowinski
2. Jessica Hellyer
3. Megan John
4. Cody Varner
5. Kelly Allen
6. Lauren Regula
7. Tosha Jeffries
8. Christina Ison
9. Jennifer Ismar
10. Stacy Seversen
11. Adrienne Kahrs
12. Elyce Jahn
13. Erin Lindsey
14. Angella Starmer
15. Susan Ady
16. Erin Cunningham
17. Megan McNamara
18. Emily Sawyer
19. Jennifer Reed
20. Dawn Murphy
21. Paula Wedgbury
22. Michelle Larson
23. Megan Guthmiller
24. Shelley Buchholz
25. Jill Roberts
26. Kristen Reinhardt
27. Angela Lefler
28. Baily Murphy
29. Rebecca Wattier
30. Emily Oby

Congratulations to all! Note: If you finished just outside the top 30, there is still a chance you might have a chance to compete in the Regionals. If any of these athletes are unable to compete in Denver, the next highest athletes will be invited up in their finishing order. This holds true all the way up to the start of the event.

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Women's Sunday Workout - Video

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Midwest Preparation

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20 comments on this entry

1. dan thacker wrote...

Great job with the videos! That guy did an awesome job putting those together so quickly. Brian, that pic sums it up bro. Left it all on the floor. Congrats to you and Jeremy. See you in Denver!

2. rochelle Simmer wrote...

Love the pic Brian!! Sorry I chopped your last name when calling you out in the awards! You and Jeremy did awesome. What an amazing weekend we all had. MO in da house!

3. Jacob Szafranski wrote...

Great video! Excited to be moving on... Thanks Rochelle for all the hard work.

4. dawn wrote...

jerry - before ripping a debate on whether or not you think standards were met during any of our sectional WODs, try not to make an accusation before knowing what the ROM standards were that the athletes were briefed and held accountable to.

any athlete at the midwestern sectionals, to include the top athletes at the end of the weekend, will all tell you they had plenty of reps not counted on account of not meeting the required ROM.

also - don't make an assumption that "extension" isn't being met based off a few quick video clips. every athlete was judged fairly and kept to an honest standard.

with that said - another awesome video - can't wait to see the women's division!

5. Cegon wrote...

The box jump standards were enforced. I know that I personally missed at least 10-12 reps due to poor ROM. The judges were strict and fair across the board. A few short video clips are clearly not representative of the entire performance and each clip does not show the judges counting or correcting the athletes rep.

6. Jennifer Reed wrote...

Will there be women's WOD3 video?

7. Scott from KY wrote...


Nice hat!!!!! Go Cats

8. tyson cf801 wrote...

awesome work with the vids heber!!

9. rochelle Simmer wrote...

Womens Video will be up soon!

10. Jackyl wrote...

So, I see some cf'ers went to the Crash-B rowing meet and got smoked. What ever happened to Castro's bold statement that "The strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our domination of other athletes. This is a truth derived through competition, not debate."

Seems to me that has been proven bunk.

11. jake howard wrote...

this photo is staged! i saw brian oiling up after the wod so it looked like he did something. just kidding brother! this wod was great. it was really tough but really fun at the same time. great job programming this wod rochelle...except for the hspu's at the end, WOW those were hard. congrats to all that are moving on, see ya in denver.

12. Jennifer Reed wrote...

Sweet! Thx!

13. Matt wrote...

Congrats on the finish Luke!

Heber, the vids are great!

14. Jeremy wrote...

Some prefer chalk. Brian trains with baby oil.

Great weekend- many thanks to Rochelle and her crew of judges and volunteers who made the event run super smooth! Smooth like Brian's baby oil.

Congrats to ALL of the athletes who competed- participating in such an event is reason enough to be very proud.

15. Josh Nimmo wrote...

I don't remember feeling like I needed to stretch my lats during my box jumps?? I don't know though, maybe I was doing them wrong... Brian, will you bring some extra oil with you to Denver? I'll try any trick in the book to get to Aromas! Videos were amazingly done! Can't wait to see the Womens' heats!

16. Cegon wrote...

Congrats Luke! It appears there was a glitch and you should have been announced as # 29. Great Job. See you in Denver.

17. mike wrote...

how much time was between wod #1 and wod #2 on Day 1?

18. Paul C wrote...

Roughly 3-4 hours between wod 1 and 2

19. jonny wrote...

the wods were definitely the worst of any sectional so far

20. BK wrote...

Anyone know the name of the song in the Video?
Congrats to all who competed. Best of luck to those moving on to Regionals.


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