Pennslyvania (inc. MD, DE) Sectional

Athlete Profile: John Warnek

Name: John Warnek
Affiliate: CrossFit King of Prussia
Height: 5'10
Weight: 215lb
Age 23

John had been hitting WODs since 2006 in a globo gym until he discovered CrossFit KoP in 2008; The rest is history. Once he discovered what life was like in an affiliate, he found himself pushing to limits he couldn't get to on his own. He will be competing in the Pennsylvania/Maryland/Delaware Sectional.

Deadlift: 505lb
Back Squat: 355lb
Overhead Squats: 225lb
Clean: 255lb
Jerk: 255lb
Thruster: 255lb
Press: 185lb
Snatch 185lb
Consecutive Pull-ups: 50
Fran: 3:09
1-Armed grace: 8:40
Cindy: 22 rds
5k row: 19:07
Eva: 45:50
Angie: 17:55
Filthy Fifty: 26:35

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14 comments on this entry

1. Kit wrote...

Atta boy John! Keep up the hard work.

2. Chris P. - Crossfit King of Prussia wrote...

This guy is no joke folks. His warmup is my PR.

3. Amy C. wrote...

Dear Johnny,

You Are an inspiration to all! You are a wonderful individual and I am so appreciative and glad to have you in my life. I am so proud of you and hope to watch you achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations! I support you in your life's journey and will be there for you...always.



4. Tim P wrote...

This athlete is not only extremely focused, but provides motivation to all around him. Definately one to watch come July.

5. Jon Z wrote...

Impressive numbers John! Keep up the good work and kick some ass at sectionals!

6. Aimee and Jason Lyons CrossFit King of Prussia wrote...

There are a lot of things that can be said about John but the first thing that comes to mind is how humble he is. John has been doing .com in his garage for a few years and one of our close friends brought him in for our Grand Opening. From that moment on, John has been destroying everything we put in his path. Previous to one-arm Isabel, John had performed one snatch with one-arm. It was with 95 pounds. We said it would be cool if he could do one-armed Isabel and less than a week later, you saw the video. His determination is unquestionable and his smile never leaves. It is a pleasure to train him and train with him as we are constantly seeing how far the envelope can be pushed. A lot of the numbers that you see were obtained in a completely non-competitive nature. It will be interesting to see how far he can progress when others are in the mix. Good luck John, you make all of us proud.

7. donkey wrote...

John is an animal. He is also one of the nicest, humblest, kindest people in the box. He is ALWAYS smiling. I can't wait to see him tear it up at sectionals.

8. Sam B wrote...

Awesome... good luck John!

9. Sheldon wrote...

I'll make sure I don't set up next to him for any event. I don't want to get embarassed! I've only had the pleasure of being around John a few times but I can echo what everyone else has already stated, super nice guy and super strong.

10. Melanie wrote...

Looking forward to watching you kick some major ass at Sectionals John! You are so fun to watch.

11. Erik Miller wrote...

Good stuff John! It's been a pleasure training with you on Monday's. Keep up the hard work!

12. johnk-xfit cfg wrote... i went to workout with the KOP crew last week and had the pleasure to meet John..i've been xfitting for almost 2 years and competed in the 2009 regionals..not once did i see someone throw weight around like this dude..seriously he is a beast and at the end of the workout he was all smiles and as humble as can be. I hate to say this, but there are only 19 spots open for regionals coming out of our sectional (he takes a spot, for those not picking up what im putting down)..this guy is amazing to watch..see you at sectionals John..

13. Gage Wagner wrote...

john, its gage i was one of the freshman you coached at lewistown, you were by far the greatest coach i've ever had and one of the greatest people on this earth. i hope to see you again sometime at track practice

14. Gage Wagner wrote...

john, its gage i was one of the freshman you coached at lewistown, you were by far the greatest coach i've ever had and one of the greatest people on this earth. i hope to see you again sometime at track practice


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