New Zealand (inc. TAS, VIC) Sectional

Day 1 Wrap-Up: New Zealand

Firefighting moves make a surprise appearance in Auckland.

After a brutal first day, the competitors in New Zealand are ready to attack day two. Everything came together without a hitch at CrossFit New Zealand. Amy Dracup, Lauren Roberts, and Ruth Horrell hold first, second and third, respectively. Aaron James, Darren Ellis and Ben Angliss are holding it down for the men.

The second day of competition has just one workout, posted below.

WOD 1:

For Time:
25KB Swing (24/16kg)
1x Keiser
2x 30m Fire Hose Drag and Pull
1x 50m Dummy Drag (80/70kg)

Unsure of what a Keiser is? The following video is unrelated to the CrossFit Games but explains the movement: Firefighter Combat Challenge - Keiser Force Machine

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24 comments on this entry

1. Brett_CrossFitTownsville wrote...

Super Amy, Daz and Ben way to go hard :)

Can't wait to hear what happened in Newy.

2. Eric D. wrote...

Is this a Firefighter challenge or a crossfit challenge? Come on HQ, get involved in this programming!!

3. Adam wrote...


This is about as functional as it gets. Im assuming you're new to crossfit. If not, then you're missing the point.

4. P wrote...

Why is there always someone complaining about the WOD selection/programming?

I've never seen a WOD with a keiser hit, nor a fire hose pull. Perfect display of constantly varied. Keep it up programmers!

5. Cameron wrote...

Would it even be a proper CrossFit Games event without someone complaining about the programming? If nobody complains, then the people doing the programming aren't trying hard enough.

6. alex_mcrobie wrote...

kick ass weekend, congrats to all the qualifiers and competitors you guys were awesome!!

todays 'firefighter WOD' was pretty mean especially as we were wearing air regulator masks!!

7. alex_mcrobie wrote...

and to the person complaining about programming...

that was about as functional and constantly varied you can get! that was and is crossfit!

besides it was not all firefighter based, day 1s workouts were nothing like that!

8. Adam Stanecki wrote...

Great selection of WODs. Best I've seen at any qualifier so far. Well done to those who put it together. And well done to those who competed.

9. Dave Carran wrote...

Fantastic Sectional Qualifier in NZ, loads of fun! All the competitors went hard on every WOD. The volunteers were fantastic making the event run super smooth. Well done to all qualifiers!

10. Matt D wrote...

Great sectional! Thanks Taz for a well organized, very enjoyable event. @Eric if you weren't there then you are not in a position to criticize. STFU!

11. Adam wrote...

Eric E,

Spot on bro.

How on earth did that firefighter challenge help to determine who the top 20 crossfit athletes were?? It's a nice gimmick and great for those preaching the "functional" speech again, but the aim of this weekend was to find the top 20 crossfitters from nz/vic and tas and these WODS certainly did NOT do that. I know several guys who qualified who can't do a muscle up or 5 handstand push ups for example. Should a person really we be excluded from Sydney because he can't complete a firefighters training drill as well as another person?? It's very strange indeed. I'm not entirely sure that kaiser machine is a funtional movement for anyone other than a firefighter in any case?

I'm sorry, but if you compare this to the NSW sectional events, they pale in comparison. Crossfit NSW's programming was excellent, it tested every capacity over four gruelling WODS and was fair everyone, big or small. I look at their WODS with envy and wish I had the chance to have a go at them!

Through out the entire weekend in NZ we didn't have to put weight overhead ONCE! One of crossfits major areas of function is how to get weight off the ground and above head safely and efficiently. Someone could be heading to Sydney without being able to press50kg. We just weren't tested at all in any overhead movement or any skilled movment all weekend.

No mucle ups, no overhead squats, no thrusters, no handstand push ups, no ring dips, no wall ball, no running, no double unders, no deadlifts, no sumo deadlift high pulls, no chest to bar chin ups, no full squat cleans, no snatches, no ghd sitiups, no push press, no push jerk. Can we really say the programming from this weekend found the top 20 athletes? Absolutely not. Don't just say it was great programming for the hell out of it when it wasn't. It is never going to please everyone and that's fine, but you simply cannot say this weekend was well planned.

Please note I qualified, this is not sour grapes in anyway.

Congrats to all who all who competed. There was certainly a great bunch of people in attendance and everyone did themselves proud.


12. Jj wrote...

Bugger off Reg!

Do you want to name every single exercise on this planet that the NZ/Taz/Vic sectional organisers didn't prescribe! Course you can't - theres too many and there are exercises that haven't even been invented yet that will feature in future.

They mixed it up -thats what it's all about

CFNZ did an awesome job

C'on Reg don't be hater -its not what Crossfit is about


13. P wrote...

"Should a person really we be excluded from Sydney because he can't complete a firefighters training drill as well as another person??"

The answer to that is YES, they don't deserve to go to Sydney. If you can't be in the top 20 people to complete a 4 min workout and place well in the other varied events then you definitely don't deserve to go to Sydney.

With regards to not having HSPU's or Muscleups and being able to make it. For sectionals, it's totally legit. Sectionals were not about making it to the games and being declared the fittest. True competitors for the title of fittest will have the ability to get through sectionals no matter what the workouts are.

The Regionals are where the cream of the crop are determined to represent your location. The sectionals are more about building this sport, they are more about having community involved and letting people who want to go compete for the weekend go compete, and be a part of something bigger then their local gym.

If every sectionals had Muscleups, HSPU's, 200kg deadlifts and 100 unbroken doubleunders, Sub 3min frans, 100Kg Snatches ect.. you know all the things it takes to have a real shot at the games... then no one would compete. It would be an elitist event that only the most hardcore CrossFitters could compete in.

During sectionals the cream will rise to the top no matter what the workouts are. The weekend in NZ was balanced for both small and larger people. It had a wide variety of functional movements executed at high intensity, what more could a true CrossFitter ask for. Sure there was no overhead movements but there is only so much you can do in a weekend and it did very well at covering a lot.

Honestly man look into whats really happening and how much fun a lot of people around you had because they were just happy to be there at the event. Be happy that you barely made it. You'll get your HSPUs and other high skilled movements at Regionals, where you will lose.

Happy CrossFitting,

14. Darren wrote...


The thing that first attracted me to CrossFit was the community. The chance to test myself as an athlete was an awesome bonus. The CrossFit Games and Regionals are now at an extremely competitive level and while the Sectionals are still important, they are also a chance for people of all abiliy to jump in the arena and give it a shot. I'm so proud of all the people who entered, knowing they would have to scale, when so many competent athletes stayed away fearing an 'embarassing' middle placing.

Taz designed workouts that were doable by many and easily scaled for those who needed. You will get all the muscle ups, HSPUs etc you need at the Regionals, where you are welcome to show us how your specialist skill at these entitles you to a place on the podium.

Perhaps at the Regionals we will be able to have a chat about why you would bother to shake my hand and compliment the weekend if you were going to jump straight on the Internet afterwards. And I'm pretty sure trolls aren't that strong overhead, particularly forum trolls.

15. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Just want everyone to know that the first Adam to comment on this sectional was me, and not the Adam complaining about functional fitness.

To sour grapes Adam,
You need to realize that switching it up and including the firefighter challenge in these games still separates the strongest individuals from the weak. There are a million exercises they could have chosen. Why do you think firefighters have to complete this test? Because it is a great test of fitness!
BTW, Im not a firefighter.

16. Kirsten wrote...

Personally I'd just like to give a big "aussie" thumbs up to CFNZ on the way they organised and ran the weekend.
Saturday was a big day for everyone involved including volunteers/judges/competitors & supporters and I think the whole weekend ran as smooth as ice, so to take the heat off CFNZ well done for that.
Enough about the programming, whether you liked it or not, you can't change it now!

17. Rob Holah wrote...

Adam, P (hiding??)


18. Mick Shaw wrote...

Great Work CFNZ,

All I have heard is great reports about the weekend. I wish I could have been there.

We look forward to seeing you in May.

Mick S

19. Vincent Yu wrote...

Hey all - I had an awesome time at the sectionals; and I was just watching!

Massive effort from the competitors, and an awesome effort by Taz for keeping everything running smoothly. Big ups to CrossFit NZ!

For those that haven't seen pics yet, I've got photos up here:

20. Hayden wrote...

Totally agree with Adam's comments, he shouldn't be shot down for offering an opinion.

Not enough areas were tested if you compare it to every other sectional. It is not supposed to be a fun get together weekend, there are plenty of other weekends for that.

It does nobody any good to send athletes to sydney who can't complete many of the core crossfit movements.


21. Craig Massey wrote...

You're going to leave something out no matter what you include.

Anytime you take the top 20 at an "all-comers" meet with a small enough field you're going get some people in there who mainly made it in on a "breath fogs the mirror" basis.

I know a few of the top finishers on those lists and I'm confident that the tests used correctly selected the people with the best GPP.
The simple fact is that the best athletes will always beat the worst even at a poorly devised contest, which this was not.
The only valid reason to complain is if anyone can prove that someone who should have qualified didn't because of a bias in the events. Anything else is whining for the sake of it, which while typical is pointless.

22. Adam Stevenson wrote...

How many areas should be tested? Should we have 10 different WODs to test all domains of fitness?
What is a "core" CrossFit movement? Aren't all movements (functional obviously) part of CrossFit? If we say that one group of exercises is the "core", isn't that specialization?!!

In the words of the governor, "STOP WHINING!!"

23. Gateway S&C wrote...

So often we see too much emphisis placed apon skills and technique long before the individual is ready for the progression. Consequencely the very core of crossfit tends to get neglected. A crossfitter is fit. A crossfitter is strong. A crossfitter keeps pushing and leaves it all out there. Instead of taking issue with the programming, take a look at your own intensity.

In a well rounded and tough comp like the NZ sectionals, if you couldn't find it in yourself to claw and fight your way into the top 20, then I'm afraid to say, you have fundamental flaws in your strength and conditioning and even the most technically sound snatch or muscle up won't help you!

24. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hi Hayden,

Adam and yourself need to realize the idea of the Sectionals is maximum inclusion. It is allowing as many people as possible the chance to compete at a CrossFit event.

The best will always rise to the top regardless of what the workouts are. CrossFit NZ put on a great competition, with workouts that would be completely unexpected. Train for the unexpected.

We can't please everybody all the time and someone always finds the negative in something regardless of how good it is.

I hope you make it through the qualifying process to compete at Sydney. If you missed out maybe you could arrange an Affiliate team so you have a chance at competing at Sydney.

At the very least I need a stack of volunteers.

All the best guys and try and look at the positives.

Mick Shaw


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