New Zealand (inc. TAS, VIC) Sectional

New Zealand Sectional - WODs Released

Games competition is heading Down Under this weekend. Both the New Zealand/Tasmania/Victoria and New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory Sectionals will light up the southern hemisphere. The Aussies are keeping the WODs a secret until competition day, but read on for the New Zealand events.

Workout 1:
For time:
2km Row
50 Burpee
100 Lateral jump (over 2 x 20kg plate for men/1 x 20kg plate for women)
Complete these tasks in any order, including breaking up the row and the reps as you like. The time cap for this workout is 18min.

Workout 2:
1 Rep-Max Front Squat
You have 7 attempts. Each attempt will be performed every second minute (only one attempt allowed per 2 minute period).

Workout 3:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Power Clean (70/50kg)
10 Pullups

Sunday's event will be released Saturday at the close of the competition day.

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18 comments on this entry

1. Leo S wrote...

that's some awesome workouts. Simple, clear & to the point.
I like the front squat concept!

2. Katarzyna (kathy) Slowinski wrote...

What's the scoring?

Love the WODS!

3. Dominic wrote...

+1 on those WOD's being awesome

4. Linker wrote...

Are you allowed to do a burpee and then do your lateral jump as the finish to your burpee? Might not be the easiest way, but does seem to be the fastest.

5. Josh R. wrote...

I'm loving the first WOD. Giving the competitor the option to strategize and complete the tasks in any order is pretty sweet. Plus, lateral jumps throw a nice wrinkle in there!

6. Aaron wrote...

I like the WODs. Broad time and modal domains. Strategy as a component. Very curious which way is fastest or if it is one of those situations where the fittest person will finish first no matter what in WOD #1.

In my experience, a very tired 2k row will take about 45 seconds more than a really fresh one, but 50 tired burpees will take me a LOT longer than 50 fresh ones. Also, I would minimize wasted time getting in and out of a rower.

I like the max front squat format. Would ANYONE think they have the best chance by doing all 7 attempts every two minutes? I would skip attempts and put 5 minutes between my three tries making it more like a CF Total. And what is the definition of a front squat? If the idea was to make the person express some flexibility with a slightly more difficult move than a back squat (thus preventing the 300lb power lifter who can't touch his own ear from running away with the back squat) that is a great goal. But if you don't define things like hand placement, you end up with the arms cross, hands on shoulders nonsense. So I guess I am curious why a front squat rather than a back squat or a clean (since the best cleans will likely include a VERY heavy front squat).

7. Leo S wrote...

Aaron - I'd venture to guess that the choice of a Front Squat as a strength event is due to:

1. Safety of a strength event - that's always an issue considering the amped up competitors & roaring crowd. Rounded back/shaky hamstrings deadlifts, missed jerks during clean & jerks, hurt wrists from squat cleans, many spotters or difficulty of missing a back squat - that's why I'd also pick a Front Squat for such a big event.

2. Carryover - front squat is one of the most foundational movements of CF since it's practiced so often in various movements (cleans, thrusters) and the rack position is used all the time. So anyone who's good at CF should have a well developed FS.

3. Simplicity - front squat is fairly simple to judge (easier to achieve depth than Back squat due to loading), simpler to spot (aka you don't need a spotter & in case of a miss it's easily dumped). Also it's safe with the walk in & out of the racks. Plus it saves weights in bumpers & also allows for better loading (more people would be over 405 back squat than FS which would require to have a ton of extra 45 metal plates on hand - bumpers are actually easier to get hands onto for a CF affiliate).

That's my guess of course but that's how I'd explain their decision.

8. Aaron wrote...

Good stuff Leo. For must of what you said I would say that a clean fits your purpose other than safety issues (and their desire to use a clean in the third WOD). Of course, away from the top finishers you would likely have people power cleaning more than squat cleaning and thus miss the opportunity to test whether someone can squat at all! Unless you mandated a squat clean, but I never liked that. Very reasonable decision on their part.

It's my curiosity more than anything else. I do a good deal of the programming for our gym and know how much time I think about just the Workout of the Day. Planning WODs for an event like this would likely lock me away for days while I thought about it.

9. nick williams wrote...

the great thing about those WODs is that they are challenging but inclusive.

most half decent crossfitters will be able to do these WODs as r/x but the challenges will separate the good from the great

if this was my sectional, I would be realy excited about competing.

good luck everybody

10. Natalie wrote...

Cudos to the WOD decision makers on this one! I would like to have seen this concept in the programming, thought process used for the Midwest Sectionals just held last weekend. Too heavy on Strength & Ollie Lifting....but that is just my opinion :-) 40+ DNF's is not a good thing, right?

11. Anna Smee wrote...

I agree, especially with Natalie. I don't think it should be the aim of the sectionals to have DNFs. It should be the aim to test ROM, skill level and intensity. Each sectional in my beleif should want a great competitive atmosphere where it ends in who best can "deal with the grind" (Dave Castro '09). Even though I may have to scale the cleans on WOD 3 slightly, I am really looking forward to competeing and it will be what it will be. Good Luck all for a fantastic weekend of everyone doing what they love! Also congrats to CrossFitNZ for the thought that has gone into the WODs.

12. Michael M wrote...

I have to say that in my opinion that this is the best programming as far as testing the most domains. Congrats to the programmers, no doubt you will be sending the best of your section.

13. grambo wrote...

Front squat = limit strength

Clean = power

I haven't seen many people in CF who can clean the same as their front squat, because of technique limitations (e.g. anyone I've seen with a front squat in mid 300's is also not cleaning 315+ like a weightlifter would).

Front squat is safer, don't need spotters as it's very easy to bail on.

14. Rich Vos wrote...

Love the WODs! Brilliantly programmed! My fingers are crossed that they don't have a chipper on Sunday. Let's see some heavy sh*t go overhead and some runnin'!

15. nick williams wrote...

I've been thinking about WOD 1. Burpees into plate jump with row 3rd is the way I'm gonna do it (at my gym tomorrow)

16. Doug wrote...

I agree that these look like a great test of broad time and modal domains, as well as three fun wods. The only question that isn't addressed is how they will be scored. You can program wonderfully as the Midwest Sectional did but screw it up with uneven or arbitrarily weighted scoring as it looked like happened there. Will it be points for place like the Games last year? Why isn't anyone announcing the scoring along with their wods?

17. Nick wrote...

like to see some weight overhead at some stage....also one or more of muscle ups, handstand pushups, overhead squats, slightly more skilled movements than what have been included so far.

good luck all

18. carolee wrote...

hello everyone, I WAS WONDERING IF AYONE CAN HELP ME OUT? was looking for some times in the 2k row 50 burpee and 100 jump WOD. wanted to see how i did, in relation to all you animals ... thank you!!!


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