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Athlete Profile: Kevin Montoya

Name: Kevin Montoya
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170-175#
Affiliate: The Flex Gym

Kevin started CrossFit in July of 2008. He is currently a trainer at The Flex Gym in Lakewood, CO., and will be competing in the upcoming Mountain Sectionals. In 2009 he took home 39th at Regionals. Beyond his crazy gymnastics skills (see video below) his biggest claim to fame is his father's blistering 4:16 mile in college.

Fran: 2:37
Heavy Fran: 6:41
Diane: 4:09
J.T.: 8:25
Filthy 50: 18:29
Helen: 7:21
FGB: 368
Cindy: 26 Rounds
Angie: 14:41
Nate: 17 Rounds
Lynne: 244 Reps
Nasty girls: 6:10
Max Muscle-ups: 17
500m Row 1:32
Elizabeth: 3:21
Grace: 2:12

Deadlift: 465lbs
Bench press: 245lbs
Shoulder press: 175lbs
Back squat: 345lbs
Snatch: 185lbs
Overhead squat: 2 @ 190lbs
Total: 985lbs
Max Pull-ups: 80

Least favorite lift: Wall Ball
Favorite lift: Muscle-ups (if it's considered a lift, otherwise squat snatch is pretty cool)
Least favorite WOD: Kelly
Favorite WOD: Nate

Athlete Profile Video: Kevin Montoya [wmv] [mov]

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21 comments on this entry

1. Will wrote...

My new favorite video!

Living in California, I'm bummed I can't be there to watch you compete. I'm confident you can make it out here to Aromas though. Great work, and good luck.


2. Christian wrote...

That was the most impressive video I have ever seen through Crossfit! Good Luck

3. Jeremy wrote...

One Heck of an ATHLETE and then some this Defines a CROSSFIT MONSTER, NICE WORK SON

4. Adam K wrote...

Great video; I'm on the wrong side of the country to see you at the Sectionals, but I look forward to seeing you in Aromas.

I busted a gut at 4:18 - I'd love to see those at the Games!

5. bryan miller wrote...

Elizabeth 3:21!!!!!!!!!! jeez is that a record??

6. The Champ wrote...

Elizabeth 2:18...by Serge the Manimal

7. jake wrote...

those elizabeth times have to be power clean and not squat clean. if it is squat cleans, i want to see video of it.

good luck to you kevin!

8. Julie wrote...

OK, I'm backing out of my sectional after watching that. I'm just kidding: your video is inspirational, Kevin! I want to go do ring dips now! Best of luck at the Games; I'm sure you'll make it without difficulty. :)

9. Aaron Wilson wrote...

That guys an animal!

10. nick williams wrote...

that's a sick video - good luck at your sectionals

11. ZINK wrote...

Kevin is a great guy and incredible athlete. Im happy to see him getting some face time on here. I look forward to competing against you at sectionals Kev.

12. Cherie wrote...

Kevin - we're rootin for ya, good luck!

13. Gio wrote...

Bro, you've got some skills. Great sense of humor also. Live it, love it. Enjoy and have fun at the sectionals.

14. Christy Scott wrote...

Wow... You are absolutely incredible! I'll be watching you for sure- good luck and kick ass!

15. Todd wrote...

awesome video kevin! glad to have you as my trainer!

16. Shawn wrote...

I had the opportunity to meet Kevin at our CrossFit gym last weekend for a small social competition as a tune up prior to sectionals. The events were CrossFit Total and BARBARA Kevin won it... surprise, NO.

What was surprising is that Kevin is a low key and genuinely nice guy. I'll be rooting him on at Sectionals. I'm a big fan of the body weight skils, keep it coming sir.

17. freddy c._one world wrote...


18. Craig wrote...

Dude, you just blew my mind. Nice!!! I think I'll have to go to the Mountain Sectionals to see what you can do. I live in Littleton after all!

19. Mark wrote...

My partner is one of the most amazing athletes I have seen in my life. Kid has incredible drive, passion, strength, and is one of the nicest young men you could hope to meet. Not only will he kick booty at the CrossFit games, he has turned our 31 year old gym into one of the hottest Crossfit facilities in Colorado!

Best of luck Kevin. You got a whole gym behind ya!

20. Greg G Crossfit Southbay wrote...

Absolutely amazing. Best of luck, and hope to see video of you at the Regionals.

21. Mitch wrote...

NICE! Love the video! You're gonna do awesome in the games! What is the song called on the video??


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