Midwest Sectional

MidWestern Sectional - Heats and Events Released

The 2010 CrossFit Games Season has begun. This coming weekend, CrossFit TNT will host the season opening Midwestern Sectional at their new box in St. Charles, Missouri. Contained in this post are Saturdays events, heat breakdowns by athlete name and schedule of events.

Heats were created by the order in which you registered. In other words, the first athlete to register will be in the last heat of the first event, and the last athletes registered will be competing in the first heat. Ten male and ten female athletes will go in each heat until all competitors have completed the event.


For time:
20 Thrusters
20 Sumo deadlift high pulls
20 Push jerks
20 Overhead squats
20 Front squats

Men will use a 95lb barbell. Women will use 65lbs. Each athlete must do four burpees at the beginning of every minute before moving on to the barbell work. The athlete is allowed to move to the next barbell skill once an he/she has completed all 20 reps. If the minute clock beeps during a repetition the athlete will complete their rep and then start their four burpees. There is a 20min cap.

The athlete is allowed to rest the entire minute once he/she has completed his/her burpees. If an athlete decides to scale down his/her WOD or does not finish in the allowed time the athlete will be given a DNF. Judges are looking for full range of motion (ROM) on all skills, which will be explained at the event.

WOD 2:
Complete as many repetitions in five minutes as you can of:
Clean and overhead

Men will use a 155lb barbell, women 105lbs. You must start from the ground and have the bar in rack position before jerking it. You can press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk to get it up.

WOD #3
This will be announced on Saturday after the completion of WOD #2.

Download heats and schedule of events here (3 sheets total) - [xls]

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89 comments on this entry

1. Rodney wrote...

STOKED!!! Amazing wods! Look forward to join everyone in some PAIN!!!

2. Jake wrote...


3. Jacob Szafranski wrote...

Going to be interesting and tough, but I'm excited none the less.

4. dan thacker wrote...

Oh "Kalsu"ish! The light weight will make it interesting. You guys are gonna rip it! Doing the C n J WOD tomorrow. Anyone want to know how it goes or maybe it's better not knowing? Good luck everyone. Missouri boys, let's get dirty!

5. DOZER wrote...

I like these....

We should see some great times coming out of these Sectionals. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

6. Brent wrote...

Will the 1st event start off with 4 burpees and then get into the 20 Thrusters or will they start the WOD and then do their 4 burpees at the top of the 1st minute?

7. Will Blaker wrote...

Stellarly wicked.

Good luck Mid-west! Looking forward to the beasts that'll come out of this section.

8. Josh R. wrote...

From what I understand, there's 4 burpees due every minute, so the WOD will actually start with 4 burpees, and then continue from there. There are no "free" minutes.

9. Dazeddude wrote...

The metcon seems a little too cute to me. I think there are going to be a lot of confused people during the WOD and complaining afterwards that it wasn't fairly laid out. Just my guess. Also what is the part about being able to rest if you finish your burpees? Ya, go ahead and rest if you want to lose. Doesn't that kind of go for any workout that is done for time?

10. dan thacker wrote...

Clearly you are dazed! haha. Ok, I don't think it's confusing. It will take sharp effort on the judges end to keep track of reps. Obviously resting to "burn" a minute will work against your time! The point is the burpees must be done at the top of each minute, no matter what. What you do to get those other reps done is up to you. I think stating this was just to clarify that there is no penatly, other than more time, for using the time. Ok, I'm confused now. I think the top athletes will rip through this one.

11. dan wrote...

Glad I did "Kalsu" last year, wait.... did I just say that? Great WOD's Good luck to everyone!

12. Paul C wrote...

They always look so easy on paper. Lol.

13. Rochelle Simmer wrote...

You will start with 4 burpees after I say 3,2,1....GO! GOOD LUCK

14. Rochelle Simmer wrote...

You will start with 4 burpees after I say 3,2,1....GO! GOOD LUCK

15. Doug wrote...

I'm very certain they will explain the hell out of the WOD's and ROM required so that even the most confused of the bunch will understand. If you don't understand well then you will either A. Lose fairly quickly or B. The judge will make sure you're right on track real quick ;) These wods will definately be torn through but ultimately that's awesome because every second makes a big difference specially with wod's like fran. 155 is a great weight because it seperates a lot of competition but it doesn't count anyone out entirely. Can't wait to see everyone there good luck to everyone!

16. Guy wrote...

Will there be a reimbursement policy for the rotator cuff surgeries afterward?

On their own both are great tests. But that's a TON of overhead/shoulder stressing volume for a single day when you combine those. Around total rep #80 fatigue is going to screw up someone's form and kill a shoulder or two.

17. jake howard wrote...

i'm ready to get this show on the road. i love both wods (i say this now). great job rochelle!

18. Rob wrote...

Suck it up or don't compete. WODs look good, can't wait to see everyone kill it.

19. Glenn wrote...

My shoulders are ready. Are yours?

20. jacob E. wrote...

I am excited for the pain! Unfortunately I will probably be that poor sucker that gets the rotator cuff injury. Bring it!

21. Rob wrote...

Scooby do work?

22. James wrote...

where's the bodyweight component?? other than the burpees. hopefully wod 3 would have that.

23. The Champ wrote...

What happened to constantly varied movements? All barbells?

Noticed a trend of wod's getting "cutesy" as one comment stated. Don't think this is a wise move.

Keep it simple or your going to run into big problems at these Sectionals. Especially since the judging is going to be watered down.

24. Ralph Hicks wrote...

In the end, I'm sure the fittest will represent. The whole point is to find that person who doesn't have a weakness. Whether you get your weakness first or last you still have one.

I'm sure the on the minute wont mess anyone up, hasn't everyone done one of those wod's before?

Shoulder injury... We are searching for the fittest person in the world.....

I'm excited to see how it turns out and do the WOD's to see how I stack up.

Crazy that we're already here!

Good luck to everyone and I hope to see all the winners at Regionals.

25. Kelly wrote...

Don't know about the other girls, but I am so excited about Sat. these wods so far are perfect! Just means I have more dread for Sunday's wod!

26. Paul Cegon wrote...

The wods are fine, they were developed by the affiliate and approved by HQ. They will, no doubt, be challenging and let's not forget about wod 3.
Regarding judging being "watered down" that is not the case at all. Rochelle chose an outstanding judging director! Dawn is a level 2 coach and very competent and thorough.
They have had several judging clinics, meetings and training sessions. The standards will be clear and eforced fairly.

27. Dan Goldberg wrote...

The shoulder comment is a legitimate concern, however, this workout is not an unhealthy stress for every shoulder. It is only an unhealthy stress for those shoulders that have not been conditioned to the point where they can safely get through these workouts.

Your legs would probably not be ready to run a marathon if they had not already been able to run for 15 miles and this is no different. If you are concerned about ruining your shoulder then maybe you are not ready for a crossfit qualifier. A responsible athlete knows their limits and remember. We are all 100% responsible for ourselves.

28. Jeff wrote...

For those that are complaining about the shoulder movements. Please take your foot and insert it into your mouth. This is a contest to find out who is the fittest person on earth, if your can't handle 95 pounds and 155 pounds go back to the bodybuilding world and smile in a speedo in front of other men. CrossFit is not for you.

Next, I am sure the athletes in Aromas last year hated the fact they had to sprint up a severe incline hours after running several miles. Also, I am sure their shoulders were tired after doing Max rep Snatch, then turning around and doing handstand pushups in the next WOD. I am sure in their mind they thought "This sucks," but they did it anyway.

Finally, Just remember complainers, you better bring it, because I wouldn't want you to look all cute when puckie comes up and gets you.

29. Nick wrote...

I think that these wods are pretty representative of what an "all around athlete" should be able to handle. That is a TON of shoulder work, but an experienced CrossFitter should be able to handle this kind of stress. I would guess that there will be some CTB pull-ups, double unders, rowing, etc on Sunday. They wouldn't add more weight and shoulder work the next morning....at least I don't think!

30. Jake wrote...

Nice wods, but once again they favor the specialists and the exceedingly strong. Where's the other domains?

Short, fast, heavy, gymnastics are almost missing... monostructural is missing. Once again this propagates the theory that crossfitters are only good at short, fast and heavy.

I do applaud the shoulder movements, at last years rocky mountain regional those were almost totally MIA.

You got people coming from as far away as northern Wisconsin to come and only work for 10 minutes on saturday... What a bummer for those people.

31. Work Doer wrote...

Sounds to Scooby like a lot of people are afraid to do work!

32. smart wrote...

do you think bolt is disappointed that every time he comepetes he has to travel long distances and only work for less than 10 seconds?

33. dan thacker wrote...

Smart, That is classic! Jake, I think you are going to find those other elements on Sunday. With all this talk about "rotator cuff" injury. Someone tell me. Is it the weight? Volume? Overhead position? Mechanics? Technique? Not to mention individual differences? Come on. Do you really know the most likely mechanisms of rotator cuff stress? Each one of you who complain about the WOD's, go ahead and show us your genius and create your own. Post them and I assure you someone will find faults with yours.

34. confused wrote...

Have anyone else ever noticed how no matter what someone will complain about something? HmMm..are you going to compete or complain its not fair, its too much shoulders, its too much heavy weights. Come on, grow a set and get after it no matter what the wod is. Remeber wOD #3 may be the equalizer. People crack me up.

35. Nick wrote...

That's hilarious and competely true. Every year and every competition is exactly the same. Not everybody is going to get the wod of there dreams. The same person who would hate if there were 400's, may love a heavy lift and the same goes for somebody who thinks there are too many shoulder movements as opposed to little to no shoulder movements. This is CrossFit! You have to be ready for anything!

36. JHo wrote...

I just took a crack at the first WOD. I think it was well written. Obviously there will be an added stimulus at the competition so I expect my time to be crushed.

Rx 7:21

37. Rich Hill wrote...

What .. no calf raises, no bicep curls? Wow, way to cut some of us out. I wish I would of knew what was in these WODs before hand so I could of prepared. I guess next time I won't use Wii Fit to prepare for the games.

38. Jami wrote...

Tried a slightly heavier version (45kg) of the first WOD this morning after an olympic lifting session. It might not look that bad on a paper but I'd love to see the expressions on competitors faces when they move on to OHS after push jerks.

Really liked this WOD,

good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

39. Josh Nimmo wrote...

Wow, I didn't really expect this much buzz about the wods when I got on here to check things out! Sounds to me like some people are a little nervous... :-/ Haha. Rochelle, wods look fun, your IL boys will be ready and waiting come Saturday. 3-2-1...GO! By the way, I'm going to go do a little lateral delt raises and maybe some RTC band strengthening right now before I hit some calf raises... See you all Saturday!

40. jake howard wrote...


i'm with ya man. i should have stayed off the aductor and abductor machines and done more clean and jerk. damn you globo gym!!!

41. dan wrote...

Great I already have a messed up shoulder!

42. dan wrote...

WOD's are great, too much shoulders? NO, mid line stabilization and technique? YES. shoulders will fry if technique is not sound which means more training. Firebreathers will crush these WOD's, I'm guessing the best will do around 5 +/- min for #1 and 40+ on #2

43. Bill wrote...

What I want to know is how much did Ricky Frausto and Kyle Kasperbauer pay you to program these wods?

It's right up their alley.

44. Ricky wrote...

Skip didn't program these and luckily Kyle and myself don't have to compete this weekend, which means that we get to be out of shape a few more weeks. Ha-ha.

In any case, when I saw these, I was salivating. I would love to do these in competition. Not only that, I can only imagine what Sunday's WOD will be. Being that there isn't a gymnastic component on Saturday can only mean that there will be one on Sunday.

I should have signed up to compete for the hell of it.

We both are looking forward to working out with those 30 that make it to Denver. Good luck men.

45. Skip wrote...


Like Ricky said, I did not program these workouts. Rochelle did, and she did a great job programming all three of her workouts.

In addition, all of the athletes that qualified for, or competed in last year's Games in Aromas will not be competing at any of the Sectional Games. They are all automatically qualified for the Regional Games.

But yes, any of the athletes that qualified for the Games last year would do well with these workouts. That has nothing to do with the workouts, and everything to do with how strong those athletes are.

Finally, why don't we see what the third workout is before we pass judgement on the balance of the event.

Front Range CrossFit

46. Ron wrote...

Live workout results will be available at http://scores2010.crossfit.com

47. Guy wrote...

Obviously the best of the best won't have any problem with this stuff. It's not them I worry about.

It's just that this seems to me to be another instance of somewhat poor planning. Crossfit isn't just for the absolute best. It's for everyone. I've seen far too many workouts designed without a beginner in mind (and far too many gyms opened without anyone qualified to assess members) so I'm pretty sensitive to this stuff.

While this isn't a competition for beginners, that's still an awful lot of reps with a barbell over your head. Thankfully it's all quite light. If you count 40 presses and 20 OH squats plus whatever insane number the best guys will put up in 5 minutes in #2, you're looking at well over 120 reps overhead. Anyone who is conditioned for that deserves congratulations for sure. But there are ways to determine who's best, fittest, strongest, etc without also putting the recreational level people at risk.

Is the clean for event 2 required to be a full squat? Cause if it is, that adds to the lower body pain (err, I mean FUN) but partially alleviates my concerns.

48. dan thacker wrote...

Guy, CrossFit isn't for the absolute best. It IS for everyone. But......this is not intro. training at an affiliate. It's THE CF Games! Your comment "But there are ways to determine who's best, fittest, strongest, etc. without also putting the recreational level people at risk", doesn't quite fit. "Recreational athletes" would really have no business attempting. If they don't recognize what's needed to compete at this level, or if their coach doesn't advise them with common sense, so be it. I can and do appreciate your sensitivity to safety.

49. Ken Gall wrote...

I am not in this sectional, but I just wanted to mention to the organizers that I thought the WODs are really cool, and very well programmed. Sure no bodyweight component yet, but that may be in the last wod. Good luck to the athletes!

50. randy wrote...

as a trainer and below average games competitor (who is just happy to be allowed to compete!) i think this wod is a good test, its very deceptive. i did it this morning with my training partner (potential top 30 here in colorado) and he finished in 13+ and i just missed 20 min cutoff in 20:49. i cant wait to see the times for this to see were we fit.

51. randy wrote...

JHo, hope you are competing somewhere! i think 7:21 would definitely be top 10-15

52. Joey wrote...

Ron - your score sheet is off. According to the registration website, the Northeast Sectionals for New York and New Jersey is March 27th - 28th, NOT March 20th - 21st. The New England sectionals is March 20th - 21st.

53. Guy wrote...

Dan, appreciate the response and I definitely get where you're coming from.

Still, part of what makes Crossfit great is that it can be so many things to so many different kinds of people. I'm not saying to go and make the Games events all 45lb bars or anything, but when there are alternatives out there that everyone can do, why exclude anyone? Someone with 6 months experience might get his ass kicked, but I bet you he'd still enjoy doing it, meet new great people, be inspired, and learn a lot.

In this case, I don't see it excluding anyone. Even those who might be at risk will have the ambition and pride to still go out and compete. And maybe I'm just all old and too experienced with my own injuries, but that's exactly how I got hurt every single time. I'm just worried that someone who is in excellent shape overall, strong as a bull, but maybe not quite mobile enough to be going overhead in volume when fatigued, is going to end up with a messed up shoulder.

Quite honestly I'm impressed by the fact that I don't see that many shoulder injuries from Crossfitters now, given how easy it is to fall into that kyphosis/computer user/tight pec minor trap of losing a small amount of scapular mobility. So maybe I'm just being paranoid.

54. jake wrote...

Hey Randy.
I think the top guys are going to be in the 3 minute range without a doubt. 95# for the 'specialist' is lightweight baby.

You watch... there may even be somebody who cracks the 3 minute mark. It's only 100 reps and only 95#, throw in 12 burpees, that's nothing for the 'specialist'.

55. bill wrote...

Well if you didn't program them, they certainly have your flavor.

All I'm asking for is for some fairness. Instead of a flat 5 minute clean and press, make the wod start with 100 double unders. Slow the strong man down a little and see if he has some accuracy, agility and quickness. Mix it up a bit! Be a little devious with it! Make every body stretch!

Or with the first wod make it 8 burpees. Do something to even the playing field and test more than 2-3 areas of fitness.

There's no way they can throw enough bodyweight or monostructural into Sunday's wod to make up for the lack of it on Saturday. These first 2 wods are programmed just like the 08 games, which HQ vehemently stayed away from in the 09 games for these very reasons.

56. Jacob Egbert wrote...

Does anyone remember the first two WODs at the 2009 Northwest qualifier?

WOD 1- Press 1 Rep

WOD 2- Deadlift 1 Rep

Unfair? This qualifier landed Moe Kelsey and Charity Vale spots in Aromas, both with podium finishes in the end.

The fittest will prevail regardless of the WODs.

57. Ralph Hicks wrote...

One of my guys did both WOD's this morning.

He got 6:25 on the 1st and 40 reps on the second.

He's pretty good so I'm not sure about 3 minutes, that seems insane, but you never know with some adrenaline going.

58. The Champ wrote...

Just because something reads "CrossFit" doesn't mean it's without fail. I have found that the people who call out poor programming are the opposite of complainers, they're the people who know what they're doing. While the people who scream "suck it up" will usually lead you down the wrong path...the path of injury.

There is great programming in the community, there is average programming and there is crappy programming. Programming is not easy, by any means, but the highest standard needs to be held for the competition.

If you're going to do Heavy Grace, why do all barbell movements in wod #1???

59. ZachM_PantherCF wrote...

"...but when there are alternatives out there that everyone can do, why exclude anyone?"

There are alternatives. It's called scaling, and its also called a DNF. Tony Budding says in Every Second Counts that the workouts must be brutal and grueling, because if they aren't, then the Games are not a legitimate test for the fittest on Earth. The same applies to the Sectionals.

60. JP Mummey wrote...

I remember a 1RM snatch following a couplet with 90 light snatches in the games last year. I remember Tony Budding describing in detail how the movements are the same but the different weights clearly place different demands on the athlete.

I did WOD 1 yesterday, 11:44 and it felt nothing like heavy grace. Do the workouts before you compare 95lb anything to 155lb anything else.

forging informed fitness


61. The Champ wrote...


one source does not make you informed.

62. JP Mummey wrote...

and one barbell movement doesn't doesn't test capacity in all others.

63. Cole wrote...

Is the clean and overhead wod, just get it to the rack (power/muscle cln) and then overhead, or is it a standard clean (below 90)? Not that it matters, it is what is and we all have to do - just curious.

64. Rob Orlando wrote...

Just did the Air Force WOD. Great freakin' workout.

65. Brandon Ecker wrote...

I gave this workout a shot as well.
6:57...sub 3 sounds hard but nothing surprises me!
There are plenty of unreal athletes out there and I really look forward to see how they handled this workout.

66. justin enders wrote...

I too did Air Force WOD...gonna be a good one. Enjoy!

67. Ricky wrote...

Hey guys,

If you have been reading and of the blog posts from CrossFit TNT, you will have noticed that there will definitely be some standards for the first workout that some will be new too.

This doesn't mean that for sure there will be new standards but on some of their posts, they required all burpees to be done without the knees touching and that the area above the sternum had to touch the ground as well. They also stated that during burpees that on the kick back, the kick unto your feet, and the jump, had to be with feet leaving ground and returning to the ground at the same time.

There might even be some standards for SDLHP's, etc. That I know a lot of people don't normally conform to when doing them in the comfort of their own gym.

There will be some fast times but the standards will keep the times as modest as they can.

Will see if there are any new standards and how everyone adjusts to them. Gotta love competition.

68. Paul Cegon wrote...

I have no idea what to expect, I chose not to do the WODs in advance. I'm just treating it like any other TNT Rehab Saturday or CFSTC Competition Sunday WOD. :-). It appears that some firebreathers got WOD 1 in sub 6 min. That seems reasonable, but the suggestion above of a sub 3 is just unreal (IMHO). But, I never say never and we shall see soon enough.

69. dan wrote...

I agree with Ricky, wait to see exactly what standards, although the greater the standards the more pressure on the judges. Whatever they are looks to be a fun weekend, would love to know what Rob Orlando got on WOD#1

70. Paul c wrote...

I am guessing Rob O got it in 5:30 something

71. Jason Lyons from CF King of Prussia wrote...

WOD 1 in 8:34...the OHS killed me when I got to them. Didn't do WOD 2...had to count for others doing WOD 1.

72. Troy Hupp wrote...

I think these WODs will be a great Crossfit test. As many people stated already, people would complain no matter what WOD was posted. The true Crossfit mentality is take on whatever WOD is thrown your way. The fittest atheletes will rise to the top after 3 WODs and the complainers will continue to complain about the WOD, the judging, the box, the music and whatever else they can think of.

There may be some glitches through out the weekend, but everyone involved has put in a hell of a lot of work to make this event possible. A big thank you to all the voluteers, judges and competitors! I can't wait to experience the 2010 Midwest Crossfit Sectionals!!!

73. Chris wrote...

Wod #1 in 6:35, 4 reps from doing it sub 6 minutes.

I think the winning times will be somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00. But I would love to see the beast that can make it sub 4 min!

74. Doug wrote...

Buddy oversee's did it in 5:00 minutes even and he is VERY beastly said he did everything mostly unbroken minus a 10-15 second rest. With his data I'm guessing the best of the best can crack around 4:30 with full ROM. Anything below that I would question extention and ROM.

Good luck see you there!

75. Rookie wrote...

WOD 1 in 6:55 last night-OHS was a killer, by the time you get to it your sucking wind and just getting the bar up and comfortable was a challenge. I'm thinking the top times will be in that 4:30 to 5 min range. To me, this felt like a fair WOD-remember that the winner will have no weakness, so if it gets found in WOD 1 at a quailifer or in Aromas, it will get found.

For WOD 2, 40-45 seems to be a good score. Hopeing to try it myself this weekend.

76. jake wrote...

Those guys had 8 wods to prove who was the best. This sectional only has 3 wods.

With only 3 wods you'd think the goal would be to test all the domains of fitness, not only 2 or 3.

77. Jake wrote...

What do you mean the winner of wod 1 will have no weaknesses?

Can he do double unders, muscle ups, hspu? Can he run more than 400 meters efficiently? Can he carry a large load long distances and then perform a heavy metcon in a great time?

Unless the standards are mass strict wod 1 is an easy wod for the strong ones.

It just shows strong programming biases for bigs and no amount of bodyweight or gymnastic movements can make up for it with one more wod on sunday.

78. Cegon wrote...

Lots of interesting comments on here. Look guys, Everyone has a weakness, that one thing that they hope won't come out of the hopper. For some of us it's heavy weight for reps, for others it's pistols, hspu, muscle ups, 7k runs etc. I (for one) would welcome a double under contest in the wod. I kill those. Burpees? Not so much. Lol

Has anyone paid attention to the heavy wods on mainsite lately? I suspect it's gettin ya ready for the big game.

The thing is, you have to be prepared to execute ALL of these reasonably well in order to make the cut. I think we will all be surprised by the performances of the 160-170 pound athletes during these wods. Not just the BIG guys as suggested.

In my opinion, no matter what the wods consist of, the top 10-20% will be well balanced in their abilities and will have addressed their weaknesses to the point that they are well prepared.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow. (well to at least 29 of you).

79. Joe W - CrossFit Omaha wrote...

To add to Skip's comment....and to Bill and all of those who think these workouts favor certain athletes....ei such as Kyle and Ricky. I agree with you that this would appear to favor guys like that. However, just like Skip says, it has nothing to do with the workouts and everything to do will the athlete. These workouts favor athletes who can execute highly varied functional movement at high intensities across broad time and modal domains....ie, Speil, Josh E, Ricky, Kyle, Jason K, Jeremy T and the Scandinavian Manchild.
Guy, crossfit is indeed for everyone, but the games are to determine the fittest man/woman on the blue planet. BTW Skip, how much did Ricky and Kyle pay you for Not programming these workouts that they will Not be competing in? Ha, Bill all in good fun my friend. Skip is my pal. Who knows Bill the strong dude who does well with the 155 c and j might just have a little trouble on Sunday. We'll just have to see what sunday brings???? You may be surprised.
FYI, Ricky did wod#1 in sub 7 and Kyle K did 56 reps on wod #2 last night.
Much love to all who post here, and good luck to all competitors!
Joe W

80. Rookie wrote...

@77 Jake,
What I meant was that the winner in Aromas will have minimal, if any weakness. If there is a workout or movement(s) that someone really struggles with, then they are not the fittest on the planet. I really struggle with more than a few muscle ups and HSPUs, so if (when) those come at me in my quailifier, im toast. I know I'm not the fittest in my gym, let alone the region, and I'm ok with that. What my comment meant was too look at the big picture. There are a lot of competitors, but only 1 champion. All the rest will get weeded out somewhere between now and the final day of competition in Aromas.

81. ZachM_PantherCF wrote...

Every Second Counts was about the '08 Games. There were 4 WODs, not 8.

82. Guy wrote...

Heh, I consider it a point of pride that I can't do double unders, not a weakness.

83. darrenshaw wrote...

good wod. had a crack this morning 6:56 - it hurt

84. washington wrote...

results from 4 top people here...
low 4's.
5:30 something and a low 6.
The top 3 on this are amazing shape and the 4:31 was on 5 days straight.
So I estimate a sub 4 with competition, mind set, fresh body and adrenaline...prob a 3:50ish

85. sramsden wrote...

anyone know the song being played in the "Air Force WOD" video?

86. shea wrote...

do u know the song playing in the air force WOD video?

87. Cegon wrote...

The song is either called secret or it's a secret

88. Alan wrote...

I just did the air force WOD in my box tonight and it was a killer. 14:40 as rx'd. The guys doing this under 5 are beasts!

89. Mike k wrote...

4:56 great workout


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