2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Masters Registration Opens Monday Feb 22

Registration for the Inaugural CrossFit Games Masters Competition will open at 1200 PST on Monday, February 22nd.

To register, Master's athletes must have birth dates on or before July 15, 1960.

Registration at the Regionals will be first come, first served (no qualifying required). Scaling options will be available, but they will disqualify you for the Games.

The Master's qualifiers are worldwide. Folks will compete at their closest Regional, but they are competing against all other Masters all over the world for the Aromas spots. There are no fixed spots allocated to each Regional, and it's possible that some Regionals won't send any Master's athletes to Aromas.

The workouts and scoring will be announced in April, and each Regional will have exactly the same workouts.

The top scoring 15 men and 15 women from all around the world will come to Aromas in July to compete for Master's Champion.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

18 comments on this entry

1. jodi b wrote...

Pack your bags Meme. I love this pic. It depicts the intensity you train with day in and day out.
Shout put to Crossfit Persevere, Connecticut. I love that place!

2. Mrs. C wrote...

Meme I love the pic. You look awesome. Congrats. Can I have your autograph? Get ready for the Master's Champion.

3. carla wrote...

Mems you are looking great. Get ready for the Master's Champion. Mrs. C

4. Lisa wrote...

MEME! Rock on sista!! Looking fantastic. Love working out with you. You are an inspiration to all of us. Love Crossfit Persevere

5. Kim Malz~FitMom/CrossFit Persevere wrote...

MOM Making the Games Site!!!

Love you Mom~ hope I am as driven and strong as you 19 years from now when I'm 59!!!

6. Fit Mom's Mom wrote...

Well isn't this one for the record books?!? Leave it to Kimmie (FitMom) to send in a picture for the inaugural CF Games Masters kick off! If I were closer to 50 rather than 60 I might just give this a try ~

Thanks CrossFit Persevere WOD buddies for the great comments ~ being around all of you make me forget I'm 59!

7. FitMom's Mom wrote...

Love you too Kimmie! I couldn't do what I do without you.. So many thanks for all your patience, coaching and encouragement. xox

8. Melinda wrote...

Hey Rockstar, lookin' good! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all over at CrossFit Persevere, you are the BEST!!!

9. Kathy C wrote...

Saaaa-weeeeet depiction of the drive you gots, Mems!!! Love it and love the fact that now all can see it!! Rock on, Meme! Miss you!!

10. Joyce wrote...

Meme, you are solid gold...

11. Erin wrote...

Woohoo, you go Cuz! And how many people are you Meme to? I thought it was only 3!!!!!!!

12. Donna wrote...

Meme - you rock sista! You look fantastic. Your drive and determination are an inspiration to us all. I am proud to WOD next to you anyday! Keep up the great work and just maybe a CF games in your future?! :)

13. Ian Montalvo wrote...

MEME you are amazing. Your gonna do great. I cant believe that two of my Wod buddies have been posted on main site. Mom and Daughter that is like genetic fitness. LOVE IT!!!!

14. Tim Anderson wrote...

So will there be another webpage for sign-ups? I'm not sure about the format. I just don't want to blow it!

15. Rick Rodriguez wrote...

I'm hoping something will pop up on the main registration page at noon. Haven't seen anything yet. Anybody know for sure?

16. Rick Rodriguez wrote...

I think I found the registration page for the Masters. Go to the "Registration and info site" (see top of this page), work your way down to the "Regional" registration page for your area. At the bottom of the regional page it shows the Masters registration info and says "Coming Soon!". Hopefully this will open up at noon today.

17. Cindy wrote...

Are there any other female masters having difficulty with the South Central Regional registration? The men' side seems to be working fine! It keeps telling me I have to be invited to the event and asking for an email login. Frustrating!

18. Cindy wrote...

Sorry I meant the Central East regional.


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