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Preparation for the Games isn't just an American phenomenon, our Aussie friends are in full swing as well. The guys at CrossFit FX check in with a few words and a video that recently posted on the Mainsite:

"Last Saturday some local CrossFit Affiliates on the east coast of Australia got together to knock out the infamous Nasty Girl's WOD. This was conducted during the lunch break on the most recent Level 1 Cert. The admiration from the participants was priceless. The guys performing the workout are from a wide range of fitness and sporting backgrounds who now own their own affiliates. The intensity was through the roof, and it was a good insight to what we might expect at the Sectionals, Regionals and World games in Aromas 2010..."

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21 comments on this entry

1. Adam Stevenson wrote...

Those are some pretty big dudes!
Hate to be the one to point it out but there were definitely some half squat reps/bent arm muscle ups in there!
(I dont think I'd tell those guys to their faces though...)
Good show.

2. Matt Swift wrote...

I can't believe that guy in the front left. Those muscleups are so short at the bottom the rings are almost touching his head.

Just thought I would get in first:-)

3. Deanne wrote...

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover!

C'mon Aussie c'mon!!

4. Ben Wheeler wrote...

Yeah good call Matt ;)

In all seriousness, great job of the WOD! It would be great to see both you and Steve representing Australia at the Games!

5. Andrew Cattermole wrote...

Yeah Matt, No turn out, what's the deal?
No one calling you out,you need some Coaching ;-)
Drop in next time

Nice Vid Gents

6. Jase H wrote...

Yes Touche' ROM on the squats was pretty terrible looking back on film which we ALL agreed on. Nonetheless, just a get together WOD and clarifies what needs to be focused on come competition time. Bring on the Regionals!....

Now where's that foam roller!!!!

CFBM Jase.

7. Graeme wrote...

Who's that big dude on the rings - I think I've seen him somewhere before.

8. Richard Vanmeerbeek wrote...

The guy on the back left was the only 100% legit and seemed to have finished first. Beast!

9. Hayden wrote...

Sic vid guy's!

Can't wait check out the regional's & see you beast's smash it out!!

10. Sage wrote...

maybe instead of complaining about there squats and muscle ups you should find ways to critique your own ROM. if you can do it so much better then put a vid of yourself doing the wod and lets see if your ROM is perfect

11. Mike Donohue wrote...

I don't think anyone is complaining about their squats and muscle-ups. I think the comments are helpful and more critiques. If none of the people that made those comments are trainers, therefore could not be judges at a regional, and it is super obvious to them that full ROM is not being met, then that lets the Aussies know there are some things that need to be tightened up before the regional and that a judge at the competition would definitely call them out on those reps. (holy run-on sentence batman) And just like Jase H said, they realized it themselves once seeing it on video and will be adjusting accordingly.

12. Paul wrote...

I also don't see anyone complaining. These kinds are comments make no sense, if someone critiques anothers form someone will claim that they are just whining and should post a video of themselves and see if they are so great.

We are talking about them, not us, what could us posting a video possibly prove about us making comments about there form. Also this isn't a technical skill of a Clean and Press or Snatch Balance, it's simply pointing out there ROM, that's all.

13. ehayes wrote...

Was a Crossfit ladies' bachelorette party or a level 1 cert?

14. Katie wrote...

Nice video!! I want to work out with the Aussies!! You guys are HOT!

15. Slim wrote...

Squat form, interesting. Hardly any of them getting required depth. Shape up Ozzies!

Great vid though guys, looking down there!

16. Ani wrote...


17. Kam wrote...

Guys Thanks for all the positive comments and feedback!
As one of the people in the video its great to see the visual feedback (this is teh first time I've actually seen footage of me doing a metcon (oustide of the occasional bits and pieces) )..
We were all pushing pretty hard and two of the guys finished sub 6 minutes, the majority of rest between 6 and 7.. allbeit with some ROM that was marginal..

Not trying to defend the ROM or footage but it was a great wod to do with the guys..

18. Shaun wrote...

Great vid, I can't believe I haven't yet tried Nasty Girls. It's definitely a must do, but not on video.

19. Daz - CF Newcastle wrote...

intensity is the key to results, great work in that regard.

great to see you put yourselves out there aswell...very few do ;)

20. megan wrote...

Lack of ROM??? Damn, I must have missed it, will have to watch it again :)

21. Leigh wrote...

These guys are beasts!! Nice way to spend a lunch break!


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