Georgia Sectional

Georgia Sectional WODs

The Georgia sectional is right around the corner, taking place at the Stone Mountain National Park, Feb 27-28. The WODs have just been released and look to challenge even the most well rounded competitors.

Saturday's WODs:

Event 1:
For Time:
1000m row followed by 1.2 mile mountain run

Event 2:
For Time:
60 KB Swings (1.5/1 pood)
50 Box Jumps (24")
40 Wall Balls (20/12lb)
30 Pull-ups
20 GHD Sit-ups (2009 Games ROM, details available in video format below)
10 Snatches (115/65lb squat or power, no press out)
100ft Overhead Lunge (45/25lb)

Sunday's WODs:

Event 1:
10 minutes - Ground to overhead 1 rep max (clean and jerk, power clean and jerk, or snatch... we don't care, just get it over your head and lock it out)

Event 2:
For Time:
Thrusters (95/65lb)

Then 30 Deadlifts at 225lb/155lb

2009 CrossFit Games GHD Sit-up ROM Explanation [wmv] [mov]

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36 comments on this entry

1. Jacob wrote...

Those are some wicked WODs! Get ready to hurt. These are probably the most balanced workouts I have seen yet in a qualifier.
Sunday's event 2 is brilliant, I thought wow that is rough, then I saw the 30 deads at the end. Awesome!
Wish I was going to be there.

2. Link wrote...

Lovin the 1RM C&J!

3. Angela wrote...

Damn! I wish this was my sectional!

4. Carlos wrote...


5. McGoldrick wrote...

Jealous! Those all look like a blast.

Hey Link- How's the knee doing? Good Luck!


6. Aaron wrote...

Those look like fun. I have been waiting for people to combine two different monostructural movements for whatever test of endurance they were doing. Too many running specialists or rowing specialists that do great at one but terrible at another. Punish the specialist but reward the people who have a superior oxidative pathway in the WOD designed to test that pathway.

Obviously we will all choose to emphasize different things in CF. I would guess that the people who do well in this will be people who are a little smaller and "strong enough." Speal would crush this because he could stay close on the row and pass on the run. He would fly through the chipper, fly through the burpees and thrusters and is strong enough to do the 225 deadlifts (remember his performance at the deadlift burpee WOD in '09). Obviously clean and jerk becomes an issue for small guys, but it is one of 4 events and a smaller guy would be strong enough to get a 225 and finish middle of the pack.

7. Link wrote...

Knee's good Mike, ready to get after these WODs!

Good luck to you too! Hope to see you in Jacksonville!

8. Ken Gall wrote...

Terrible workout design.

Some concerns:

(1) Now I have a week to get good at all kinds of different movements. Why such short notice that we have to be good at various movements?
(2) What's a thruster?
(3) Do we have to bring our own boat, or will they be supplied?
(4) Does the 1 rep have to last 10 minutes? 5 minutes up and 5 down. i have been practicing negatives a whole bunch so I'm gonna kill that one.
(5) Event 2 day 1 looks too long, and may be a completely different time domain than event 2 of day 2. How are we supposed to train for this with such different event time frames.
(6) I noticed you forgot to list the rest between each set of "thruster" and burpee. i have been using 60 s rest between sets. But I am thinking of going to 30 s this week.
(7) You forgot to include tricep kickbacks. But no worries, I am gonna kill those wall ball things given how strong my triceps are now.

9. Rob M wrote...

Hahhaha. Thanks Ken. I laughed quite hard.

10. Brent M wrote...

That's freakin' hysterical Ken!

11. Rebecca wrote...

LOL, Ken. Excellent questions!

12. DR wrote...

How will it be scored? Place points?

13. McGoldrick wrote...

Haha Nice Ken!

When they say rope climb in WOD's, I think they really mean rope extensions...right?

Good luck guys your gonna kill it!

14. Ben B. wrote...

Fantastic Programming. Congrats to the organizers for nailing it.

15. toomuch wrote...

the best sectional yet period!!!! gr8 wods i want to do these just for fun

16. Baker Leavitt wrote...

hands down the most balanced Sectionals yet. Perfectly balanced. I got $500 on Travis Harrison cleaning house on the 1RPM C&J. this kid is a beast.

big shout out to Mike G and Co. for doing such a good job on the GA Sectionals


17. Jesse Gray wrote...

What's the deal? How come almost every sectional has a 1RM lift of some kind! Seems pretty knowable to me. I demand a 10k run to properly weed out big strong guys who complain about there not being enough 1RM lifts in every single sectional!

*Attention way too serious people, for the record, this post is satirical! Nice programming, I like the run/row event.

18. H.Bo wrote...

I'm totally putting my money on Travis H. I've seen his numbers on CFFB, I think this is right up his alley.

19. John wrote...

Are split snatches allowed?

20. Nick C wrote...

I think these workouts were designed just for me!!!!
Good Luck to all the competitors...

All I do is
box Jumps
Ktb Swings
and Burpees and 115 power snatch is like what I warm up with!

Watch out Ken for the Italian Stallion!!!!!

21. gaucoin wrote...

Ken Gall is a funny guy! Nice looking sectionals, good luck to all the competitors.

22. Tinkerbell wrote...

CRUCIAL. Ooh, those WODs are Crrrrucial! Makes me miss the "A"

23. Leo S wrote...

Excellent WoD's!

Ken - good luck to you brother. I see you changed your training program a bit since I last saw you in Nov. Kickbacks 4 life!

See you in May!

Leo S

24. ken c wrote...

hoooooly shiiiyet trav.

25. al nettey wrote...

I've actually done that thruster burpee wod before and the shocker is when you pick the bar up after the 21 set of burpees for the 2nd set of thrusters. Legs will be like jello. I think the best conditioned athletes will get sub 5 or faster on that one. Sweet wods

26. al nettey wrote...

I've actually done that thruster burpee wod before and the real shocker is when you get done with your 21 set of burpees and go for the 15 thrusters. Legs will be like jello. The better conditioned athletes should be sub 5 or faster on that one. Soul crushing wods - I like it

27. Justin McCallon wrote...

So we've gotta wake up at like 7am for this?
On a Saturday?

28. Kristie wrote...

John, I agree with you on Travis Harrison!! He is a monster!!
Go "Trav" !!

29. MikeG_CFATL wrote...


You don't have to wake up early if you don't want to.

30. wrote...

Great programming! Balanced and will test competitors of all styles. Garage Gamers should be ready as you could hope to be and hopefully get better weather. Good luck!

31. Alex Bureau wrote...

I did the thruster/burpee and deadlifts workout to prepare myself for the qualifier in east canada and I thought it would be easier then fran ... wrong guess ... I said to myself, 2 sets of 15 on the deads ... nope ... the plan changed during the workout ... sets of 5 !!! I did 6min52 ... I'm sure people are goig to smoke that time ... good luck to all and keep up the good work

32. Brian wrote...

Will there be a warm up area with equipment available? Especially wondering about the max C&J. How long will we be able to warm up prior to our 10 min time limit starts?

When unloading the snatch weight, will we do this prior to doing lunges?


33. Jeff Wilson wrote...

I'm uncertain about when the events start on Sat and Sun. I've got an hour + drive. It's probably me, but I haven't seen times. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

34. Mike_Faction wrote...

Faction Strength & Conditioning will be selling the equipment used at the GA sectional competition.
Go here to save and pre-buy your equipment:

Current prices are only good until the 24th. Prices will go up 15% after that. Equipment will be available for pickup after the competition only.

35. Shep wrote...

50 $ to be a spectator ? In these tough times..Count me out

36. Justin Key wrote...

Ken you are a funny mother Fu#@*r... Mike G and company, great programing... This is gonna kick my ass... my only question is I wonder who the other 14 guys will be :-)
I think I will bring my lead pipe and Nancy Karigan some of them to assure I get a spot... HA!!!! Good luck to all of the competitors this is gonna be a kick in the ass.


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