Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

Change of Venue: Utah & Nevada Sectional

Wasatch CrossFit is proud to announce a change of venue for the Utah & Nevada sectionals to accommodate the demand for more athletes and spectators. The Ogden Athletic Club is over 120,000 sq ft in total. 24,000 sq ft of that space will be dedicated to the Sectional. With amenities like an indoor track and a swimming pool - the implications are vast.

Athletes will compete in three events on Saturday and one event on Sunday. Tommy Hackenbruck - 2nd place finisher at the 2009 Crossfit Games - designed Sunday's WOD and promises it won't dissapoint. He will also be on-site to act as head judge. We will release more details, including event heats and WOD details as February 27th draws closer.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

11 comments on this entry

1. Rich Vos wrote...


2. Xia wrote...


Pool...oh man, I know some firebreathers who never learned to swim! awesome

On a side note, there has been discussion of whether or not sectional organizers should be competing due to conflict of interest. When I read the last paragraph of the following comment from Tony Budding, I am under the impression that a 3rd party (HQ?) that is in no way connected to the potential athletes at a Regional will be doing the programming? What are your reads on this? Sorry if this has been clarified elsewhere already.


3. Kris Kepler wrote...

Tommy has PRE QUALIFIED for the 2010 Games since he finished in the top 3 last year. He does NOT have to go through Sectionals/ or Regional.

4. deejay wrote...


Oh man, I know some firebreathers who lever learned how to play Tennis! Awesome...

5. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

As mentioned above Tommy is doing Sunday's programming and is pre-qualified. I programmed Saturday's 3 events but will not be competing nor will my wife. In addition, I have my competing athletes doing OPT's programming which I've posted daily on my blog as our "GamesLab" to eliminate any possibility of a CoI.

6. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

I also have a couple of athletes competing. I programmed out their last month of training before I knew any of the wods. Damon has taken every measure to make sure this competition is fair to all, and I don't think it will disappoint. Very broad test of fitness incorporating a variety of movements that we do as crossfitters.

7. Adam wrote...

God, I would love to see a swim event!
I think that will be an element of the 2010 Games.

You heard it first here!!!

8. Ben C wrote...

I'm backing Tommy and Damon on this!! I have not heard one single word to competitors at both gyms of any WODS or movements that will be performed. They have taken every precaution to avoid this. There always will be critics especially people who have not even been to either of the two gyms!! So lets do everyone a favor and shut up about it unless you have an true statement, not a speculation!!

9. Devin wrote...

Tommy programming = burpees.. just sayin'

10. Adam wrote...

Maybe Im jumping the gun and being overly aggressive here, but before this gets out of hand (as it has on some other posts):

There's always someone that thinks they know better, or could do it better than the next guy.

You know who you are.


If CrossFit thought you could do it better they would have chosen you. Tommy and Damon have obviously put in the time and effort. They have earned the trust and respect of CrossFit HQ and their clients. Who are you to question their integrity?

If you truly believed in and understood what CrossFit is, then you would never have put the organizers honesty in question. You have accused them of cheating, and in doing so, proved to everyone else, what kind of a person you are.

When questioning someone's integrity in an open forum, you better have some serious fact to back up your accusations. Im assuming you have no facts; this is based on the embarrassing image you have portrayed of yourself on this website. This is a real chicken-sh!t move and gives you no credibility.

Bottom line: Quit arm-chair quarterbacking. HQ knows whats going on. If they have a problem with it, they will fix it. So unless you're on their pay-roll, fix your panties, and blog somewhere else.

11. Freeman wrote...

Adam you're making a fool of yourself.


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