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Athlete Profile - Todd Widman

A leader can shape those around him by showing them the way forward. Todd Widman leads by example in the CrossFit Seminar world with both his presentation of theory -as a head trainer - and his demonstration of practice - as an outstanding athlete . On February 27th and 28th he will be competing in the Washington Sectional.

"I love CrossFit. I love the WOD's, the people, the founder, Rainier CrossFit, and the collective camaraderie that is felt between all who expose themselves to the forge of these workouts. My desire to compete in the Washington Sate Sectionals is nothing more than another outlet for me to give back to all of this. CrossFit has changed my life. The question for me is not 'why am I going to compete' but 'why not?'. Regardless of outcome it will be another opportunity to be an active part of this exceptional company."

Name: Todd Widman
Age: 31
Height: 72"
Weight: 205

Vital Stats:
Fran, 3:23
Diane, 16:43
Filthy, 23:19
Helen, 8:43
FGB, 364
Cindy, 23
30 Muscle-ups, 7:08
500m Row, 1:23
Elizabeth, 5:38
Deadlift, 465
Bench Press, 275
Shoulder Pres, 185
Back Squat, 405
Snatch, 210
CFT, 1015
Grace, 1:56
100 Pull-ups for time, 4:30
Max Pull-ups, 47

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24 comments on this entry

1. Paul Szoldra wrote...

Yeah Todd! Awesome that you are competing brother! Good luck and I know you are going to kick some ass... Semper Fi!

2. Rodney wrote...

Todd I am stoked for you brother! You was at my Level 1 cert @ Rogue and found your instruction to be top-notch. The way you spoke of CrossFit and how it changed your life helped me to grasp a completely different look at CrossFit and how it is supposed inspire! Best of luck and hope to see you in Aromas

3. Heather wrote...

You provided such inspirational & practical info at my Level 1 cert at CF Montclair last June.

You will kick major butt!!

Heather from CFPEI (in Canada)

4. ken c wrote...

great guy. go get em todd.

5. Chris wrote...

Todd was the head trainer at my L1 cert last weekend at One World. Awesome down to earth dude and a great instructor and athlete as well. Best of luck in the qualifiers Todd.

6. Jason Khalipa wrote...

I have had the please to work with Todd and watch him workout. Awesome guy. Can't wait to see how he does at the sectional.

Good luck !!!!!

7. Miranda 801 wrote...

Todd is amazing. He is one of my favorite people on the planet and has become an incredible athlete. I feel lucky to call him a friend.

8. nadia wrote...

todd is the best! Great coach, amazing person and fantastic athlete! I'm so excited to watch him compete this year!

Todd- best of luck, eventhough you don't need it. I
have no doubt you will crush sectionals! Thanks for being such a great friend.


9. Speal wrote...

Yeah Todd! You will kill it! See you at Regionals and hopefully sooner along the way at some certs!

10. Christian wrote...


You were the head trainer at my Level 1 Cert in Portland (11/08) and I greatly enjoyed your instruction, and humble nature. I will see you at the quals, I know you will put forth an excellent performance.


11. tyson wrote...

Todd- As you can see in the 10 previous posts, you leave your mark everywhere you go. You are a great athlete but an even better individual. Best of luck with your sectional!

12. Marcus Mainz wrote...

Dear Coach Todd,

My friend Evan and I are so inspired by you. Every day we try and keep up with your high standards. We have your "stats" posted on our mirror in order to inspire us. We only wish you could have taught our first cert.

Your fans

Marcus Mainz and Evan Bradley
Semper Fi
(hut hut hut)

13. Lauren wrote...

Go Todd!!! Good to see you competing - best of luck - you will do awesome! See you at Regionals :)

14. Pat Sherwood wrote...


I'm glad to see you competing and very glad that I do not have to compete against you. You are a great trainer, athlete and friend. Thanks for all you do for CF!


15. Brett wrote...

Awesome to see such a great, inspirational coach leading from the front! Go Todd!

16. Chris wrote...

A one in a million person and probably the best trainer I have ever seen in action. Honoured to have learned from you at my cert last year in New England.

Go get em' hoss.

17. Jesse wrote...

From friend to friend, I know your weaknesses, it's over for you ;)

It's gonna be awesome - I can't wait!!!!


18. Lisa Ray wrote...

YES. Watch out Washington. You have the hugest heart and an incredibly strong athlete coming down the tracks....
Todd, I am SO glad you are competing this year. You needed to do it. You are an athlete that deserves the recognition.



19. ec wrote...

lray nailed it; watch out, washington! todd is fierce athlete!

good luck, brother! get some.

20. Anthony wrote...

Whats going on Betio Bastard, still kicking ass and taking names i see. Good luck on everything....and you still owe that beer!

21. Benjamin Murphy wrote...

Todd - Way to lead from the front, sir.

22. callie wrote...

Good Luck Todd! I thought about Crystal the other day. Hope the baby was born happy and healthy! Tear it up out there!

23. BreAnne Crouch wrote...

Wow, you all did a great job teaching! If you can keep the attention of a pregnant woman, mother of a 1 year old and someone who was exhausted from a big move.....that is GOOD! I fully enjoyed the weekend class! Please forward this to ALL the instructors! AMAZING! Great TEAM! You all were filled with positive energy. It seemed like you all loved to teach and really enjoyed people! I did not pass the test, not because you did not teach well, just not the best test taker and everything was so new to me! I hope one day to PASS it and be able to be a certified teacher! Thank you so so so much! YOU ALL DID A GREAT JOB! THANK YOU!

24. Jonathan Maines wrote...

Good luck, sir! I remember serving with you in Djibouti back in late 2004/early 2005 with 3/2 WPNS. Good to hear you're doing well! Semper Fi, brother!


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