Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

Ben Crook: Utah Beast

This past weekend Tommy Hackenbruck put on a tune-up event for Utah athletes prior to the Sectionals. Ben Crook of Crossfit Ute was the top male athlete out of over 50 competitors and has to be considered a front-runner for the UT/NV qualifiers. Here are some of his benchmarks:

FGB 445
1k Row 3:01.0
8:21 Christine
DL 500#
Max Pullups 36

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

33 comments on this entry

1. Darren Coughlan wrote...

great video!

2. Tim Waldron wrote...

Hey man seen alot of crossfit vids in the past couple of months and by far one of the best. Very funny Good luck to all who goes on competing.

3. Aaron Wilson wrote...

Hilarious! Loved the vid

4. Patrick Cummings wrote...

Fun watch, for sure. Solid work.

5. Scott Bolan wrote...

Hilarious Video. Somebody needs to get that guy on the payroll for the 2010 games.

6. Tommy wrote...

Heber, you do great work. Not sure why you had that weirdo giving commentary on everything. That was a total display of douchebaggery j/k. keep it up!

7. Jason Khalipa wrote...

Good video

nice number's Ben...or should I call you El Macho Buracho

8. Ryan Moody wrote...

Video was spectacular!! And I 2nd Scott's comments! Someone needs to get that Ben Holingshaus on payroll for the 2010 games!!!!!

9. Miranda 801 wrote...

As Ben's agent....the deal for the 2010 Games will have to come through me. He is, however, available for the Utah/Nevada Sectionals and the Northwest Qualifier if HQ is interested. He is somewhat of a Diva so he requires a lot to host these types of things.

Heber...you are amazing! I love your videos!

Great job to all of you who competed this weekend. I was sad that I had to miss it.

Miranda 801

10. Leo S wrote...

That video was pretty epic! Great job on the competition!

11. Tyson CF801 wrote...

Heber- As always, solid work brother!

Ben- You're hilarious man! See you at the gym tonight.

12. Ben aka El Macho Beracho wrote...

Miranda, as my agent I really need you to get Molcha Salsa to come out with a special paleo burrito for me, or just free burritos that would be great. Get me paid!!!! Ha Ha only joking :)

13. Ace Reed wrote...

Nice job Heber! The even was amazing and so were the athletes involved. Ben you were hilarious on the video bud!

14. Jay Lampas wrote...

Awesome video as always Heber. How 'bout that Mary girl? ;)

15. Bryce Astill wrote...

This video is quite the display of talent and bad-assery on your part Heber!!

16. Matt wrote...

This video is as good or better than NBC can put together. I suggest they send the team that did this video to the Olympics. Nice job.

17. Jane -nrg- wrote...

Heber, what a stellar video. The music, the editing, the pacing, ...Ben. Amazing.

18. Lynn wrote...

Jay beat me to it! I was gonna say, yes, Ben was super impressive! But Mary swept all the women's events. She was awesome to behold. Let's not forget to give the ladies their props!
Also, awesome video. Love the humor!

19. Winford NRG wrote...

Greatest CF video of all time!!! Keep up the good work ninja

20. Daine 801 wrote...

Heber-LMAO that was GREAT editing. Ben your a silly bitch, keep it up brotha

21. Ryan Hudson wrote...

Nice work Tommy! First you're runner-up at the Games, next your a Level 2 Trainer, now you're putting on kick-ass events. What's next for the athlete/coach/event promoter?

22. Mitchell Cox-Ute Crossfit wrote...

Ben Crook=monster/my hero

23. Hughes 85 wrote...

Mary was clearly the most fit competitor at this event. The video was fantastic. Great humor to go along with some impressive athletic ability. Ben is in fact an animal.

24. Damon wrote...

I can't wait to watch Mary & Miranda go head to head at Sectionals.

25. Jennifer Kellams wrote...

Enjoyed the video, thank you!

Lookin' solid with your boy, Hack. :)

26. JB - CrossFit SS wrote...

I dig the video...love seeing the production quality bump up and get some new original flavors. Left and right we have artists painting some great pictures of La Vida CF.

27. KimA wrote...

That video gives me chills every time I watch it-good job Heber and Ben! Congratulations to E-M-B/Ben C. And big props to Mary for sweeping it and making it look easy! It was an honor to join the fittest athletes in Utah for some ass-kicking WODs! Thanks to Tommy and Tyson and all the judges for putting on such a great event!

28. Dallas A. wrote...

Great video Heber and nice event Tommy

29. Ol' Skool NRG wrote...

Great video Heber!

30. Travis H. wrote...

That dude's pretty funny! Only half joking about that ROM thing, right? Please post more videos with that guy. Good stuff.

31. H.D. wrote...

great video! does anyone know the name of the background song/artist?

32. Lisa K. wrote...

BRILLIANT! And I second the request for the music/artist info. It rocked.

33. Jason wrote...

So, I am now in the camp that a 400+ FGB is the most impressive CF feat. For any that have one or that have seen one, is the ball crossing or touching the 10 foot line every shot? If people are getting 400 with the ball going over the line, I would actually pay admission to watch it. Someone really needs to make a video of that because I would watch it every day.


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