Georgia Sectional

Travis Harrison - Backwoods Badass

Training in Austere Environments is no foreign concept to Travis Harrison. The 23 year old trains out of a barn in balmy Jesup, Georgia. Last year the former defensive end from Valdosta State tried his hand at CrossFit. He placed 20th at the 2009 Dirty South Regional Qualifier. "I had only been doing CrossFit for a couple of months before that, so the workout with the double-unders really killed me... I had never done them before."

Recently he posted a 3:07 Gorda Fran (21,15, 9 thrusters at 135 pounds and pull ups) on the CrossFit Football site. It caused such a stir on the internet that Travis replicated the effort on film - and faster - clocking a 2:50. The pull ups don't meet Games standards, but the feat is amazing. This athlete can generate some serious power. The Georgia Sectional, on February 27 and 28th, will be the initial step towards Aromas for Travis.

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20 comments on this entry

1. Ben Crook wrote...

Impressive! Beats my regular Fran

2. Jacob Szafranski wrote...

Incredible! Guys like Travis don't need luck, they just go and get it done.

Good luck none the less Travis, stay healthy.

3. ken c wrote...

watch out for this guy. amazing power output.

4. Kevin Suttmoeller wrote...

Best part is "Hooo....llleeeee Shit" with that southern accent. Love it!
Nice work Travis!

5. KLowe wrote...

friggin' incredible work! Usually I say to myself "I want to try that" this case, No. I don't event want to attempt that.


6. Brian H, CF Modesto wrote...

Unbelievable. His thrusters are amazing. The game keeps changing...

7. jeff hudson wrote...

I dont understand why that is so impressive. 135lbs? He needs to get his chin over the bar. Would those count in competetion?

8. Brooky wrote...

Me and Trav did a Wod about a month ago, and i saw him saw him nail a legit OHS of 315. He has been training hard. He should qualify for the games.

9. grambo wrote...

Uh buddy, try 135# thruster versus 95# thruster, now imagine doing 45 of them without really stopping other than to do the pull-ups. It's a HUGE difference going up in weight with that many reps that fast.

10. Linker wrote...

He's very impressive, and has a great shot at qualifying for the Regionals, but there are only 4 spots open in the entire Southeast for the Games, so lets not get ahead of ourselves!

11. jenn wrote...

Strong work Travis!! Cannot wait to see you represent at Regionals!!

12. Eric wrote...

A better camera angle would have helped for height on the pullups and for checking head through/lockout on the thrusters, but he was clearly getting full depth at the bottom and elbows straight at the top of each thruster. Even if you added a half second to each of his reps (which is a huge overexaggeration) that's still a sub-4:00 Gorda Fran. Give him a few chances to train with a coach who holds him to strict standards and he'll be fine. In his case he was at most a few inches away from full ROM which won't be too hard to fix since he's obviously fine from a power output point of view.

13. wrote...

just seeing the big man do the butterfly is impressive, especially with the heavy thrusters! perfection maybe not. really incredible work and intensity...AFFIRMATIVE!!

14. Wes Stoneman wrote...

Keep it up Travis! I am training in my barn in Hinesville (Gumbranch) GA when I can't make it to my affiliate gym in Savannah (Crossfit Hyperformance). Would love to come out and do some WODs with y'all. You are going to be a monster at sectionals. Will I see you at the Garage Games this weekend?

15. Paul C wrote...

Damned Impressive! I bet regular fran is a joke for this guy!

16. Lars Dawson wrote...

at first i thought it was impressive when i read his possible stats. then i watched the video. He is barely getting his head above the bar, even if all. you can see the shadow hittin his face. if that is what he is going into the competition with, there is no way he will make it.

17. Buddy Hitchcock wrote...

this guy is a badass! i like the gymnastic bar!

18. Baker wrote...

very impressive otehr than those were nowhere near legit pull ups. easy to correct and nonetheless, extremely impressive

keep up good work my man and see you at Sectionals.


19. Dan C wrote...

Dude you're ridiculous. this guy is a beast.

20. Dan MacDougald wrote...

I watched Travis at the Georgia Sectionals and he is the real deal. All the Backwoods CrossFit people came ready to rumble, and had everyone asking, "Who are those guys." Congratulations Travis and to all the Backwoods folks on their outstanding performances. And for all you folks who don't know where Odum, Ga is, it's about 10 miles east of Surrency.


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