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NorCal Sectional: Athlete Profile - Laurie Galassi

Capacity in the gymnastic elements of CrossFit is not easy to come by... for most. Laurie Galassi started Crossfit march of 2009, and took to it rapidly. "I competed in artistic gymnastics for 5 years (ages 8-13). I competed in power tumbling at the elite level for 3 years. I performed in a circus troupe in San Jose for 6 years, and I was what would be considered an aerialist... I have been coaching gymnastics for 14 years, and I currently coach a competitive team as my full time job."

The 28 year old trains out of CrossFit Santa Cruz.

Laurie recently showed those gymnastics skills as rocked the main site Handstand WOD of late. She was featured on the main site recently.

Vital Stats:
Fran: 4:27
Cindy: 20.5
Diane: 3:36
FGB: 353
Deadlift: 233 pounds
Clean & Jerk: 153 pounds
Snatch: 98 pounds
Max Pull Up: 36

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14 comments on this entry

1. Pat Sherwood wrote...

I'm still in awe of the video.....

2. MK_ CFDaytona wrote...


3. Christa F wrote...

What you don't see in her workout stats is the major reductions in times in her WODs in just the past few months. She has cut her Diane time just about in half in the last two months. She pushes HARD and has limitless natural talent, to boot. Can't wait to cheer her on at Sectionals!

4. Jaala Thibault wrote...

That is super impressive! You are amazing girl...

5. Derrick wrote...

Impressive. The human body is amazing.

6. Olivia wrote...

Wow. Mean people suck.

7. Olivia wrote...

thanks for deleting the earlier comments

8. Jason wrote...

What's so impressive about that? She's a professional f*cking gymNAST.

9. tyler wrote...

That's a good point Jason, I am no longer in awe of the things Kobe Bryant does because he's a professional. From now on, I only want to see people who suck at exercising on the internet.

10. Jason wrote...


Sorry, Kobe is a specialist - what's his Fran time anyway? Are you really comparing Kobe Bryant to a crossfitter?

11. Tyler wrote...

No I am not comparing Kobe to a cross fitter. I was merely highlighting the absurdity of not appreciating her feat simply because she has been training the movements to a much greater extent than the typical human. A person who clean and jerks 350 pounds is also a specialist, but that does not take away from the fact that 350 pounds is an impressive lift. Similarly, Laurie's workout was impressive.

12. Heather wrote...

Very impressive Laurie!

And well said Tyler. I've always believed in not feeding the trolls but you're pretty good at exposing their soft belly of raging insecurity.

13. Teresa wrote...

Great effort, felt those wrists Laurie. Next time do stict handstand pushups.

14. Vanessa wrote...

You are awesome, Laurie! Keep up the good work and hit it hard!


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