Midwest Sectional

Midwestern Sectional Athlete Profile - Jacob Szafranski

The cold winter months in the Midwest carve the hard athletes who train there. Jacob Szafranski from Elgin, Illinois is proof of that. The suburban fire fighter got into CrossFit roughly 2 years ago after he started working with his current training partner and coach: Evan Von Qualen (8th place 2007 CrossFit Games). He works out at his house in the garage and has turned his home into a communal gym for himself, his friends and co-workers.

"CrossFit isn't just about fitness for me, it's about community and self improvement. I have a training blog that I have been keeping over the last 18 months highlighting my progress and my life in relation to CrossFit. Thanks again and can't wait to meet everyone out at CrossFit TNT."

Jacob Szafranski
Age: 28
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 166lbs

Vital Stats:
Fran, 2:32 (3:43 CTB)
Diane, 3:21 (235lbs)
J.T., 6:29
Filthy 50, 15:59
Helen 6:56 (2 Pood/CTB 8:01)
FGB, 406 (Task Priority 10:18)
Cindy, 31 Rounds (20 Rounds +40lb Vest)
30 Muscle-ups, 3:46
5k Run, 18:59 (5k Row 18:44)
500m Row 1:27
400m Run 0:57
1 Mile Run 5:12
Christine, 8:23 (175lb Deadlifts)
Elizabeth, 6:28
Deadlift, 405lbs
Bench Press, 275lbs
Shoulder Pres, 180lbs (160x5)
Back Squat, 300lbs
Snatch 160lbs
Over Head Squat 210lbs (200x3)
CFT 875
Grace 2:24
100 Pull-ups for time, 2:46
Max Pull-ups, 70
2007 CrossFit Games Hopper 11:04
2009 Rocky Mountain Regional Games 43rd Place

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17 comments on this entry

1. mark wrote...

is anyone else wondering how this dude placed FORTY-THIRD in a regional with these scores??

stoked to see how you do this year man

2. Jason Lyons from CF King of Prussia wrote...

Most impressive. I was thinking the same thing...43rd?

3. Kat wrote...

If this guys is for real... HOLY SH!T!!

Watch out for him near in 2010!!!

4. Jesse Gray wrote...

Those are some great numbers, this guy should do pretty well but you never know what's going to come out of the hopper or how the pressure of competition will affect someone. Super strict judging can throw someone off their game quick! Good luck Jacob!

5. JacobSZ wrote...

Last year at regionals I hadn't really done any heavy weight lifting and got killed on the 165lb front squats for reps... Since then I've really been focusing on getting stronger and upping my volumes when it comes heavier lifts for reps. Hope it works and hope to make it back to Denver.

Take care... Thanks

6. Paul Cegon wrote...

Those are some a** whoopin' numbers there! Looks like Jacob Has been training hard and means business.

7. Rochelle wrote...

I can't wait to see how everyone does??? It took a lot of programming to get the WODS that I choose for the Midwestern Sectionals. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I will enjoy watching everyone do them!!


8. Fletcher wrote...

Jacob tried the OC Throwdown WOD's today, the fist two anyway, and found that he would have been in first place after the first two events. And that was with him feeling like crap getting sick!

He is a friend and posts to our blog of "regular" guys. We post our "regular guy" numbers and then he comes in and cuts our times in half! :-) He is a machine. If Jacob could lift heavier (and he's getting better!) I think his name would be known worldwide in the CrossFit community. He's like Mikko in that he does like 3 WODs every day. His performances are world class.

Oh, but I did beat Jacob in the 5K row. :-) Everything else he KILLS me in. But I'm an old guy too, and I drink beer.

9. JacobSZ wrote...

Thanks, Fletcher I'll let you know how part II goes with those SoCal WOD's 3&4, I'll post the video's of them all once I'm done.

And you do have me on that rower... for now!

10. Rodney wrote...

Jacob I look forward to meeting and competing with you. Sounds like your a beast brother! Until then train hard and have fun!

11. nick in sydney 38/6ft/85kg wrote...

these are awesome stats Jacob.

I agree actually that compared to your other mindblowing WOD times, your 5k row is actually pretty soft. I would think you'll be able to get close to 18 mins

good luck at your games and good on you for posting on main site

12. McSharry wrote...

haha jacob when i was wondering to myself about your qualifiers performance, i reasoned that you mustve run into a squatting wod since that looked like your only 'weakness'

i was right!

but yes sir, good luck this year.

13. JacobSZ wrote...

McSharry, yep when I was in Denver WOD 2 took me 8min +, I recently pounded it out and am in the mid 5min range. So I hope I can keep up now if I have to squat heavy fast, but thanks for the notice...

And Nick, I'm quite happy I was able to break the 19min mark on my 5K Row. I only row with the damper at 10 and pulled 19 spm, with a 17 spm 1k portion of my distance. Either way though I'm always working on trying to improve things and will take into consideration.


14. Travis Weaver wrote...

We have been participating in a blog with Jacob for about a year now and he consistently posts insanely fast metcons! Keep going hard Jacob.

15. Tom wrote...

Matt Murski posted amazing numbers and bombed at the games... You are only as good as your weakest movement. Muscle ups... Squats... Verticle jumping... pick your poison but you can't hide your lack of ROM or your cheating numbers anywhere around here. Even with video proof most people will tell you, you failed x reps and your bullshit. I mean hell look at spealler when he rocked 100+ pullups an people still commented like sorry man not good enough you missed at least 15 reps. So show up put up and shut em up!

16. JacobSZ wrote...

Yep that is the truth Tom, no hiding at the sectionals... Hope to hit my mark and show up, along with everyone else I'm sure.

Best of luck to everyone with their training and their health, until then take care.

17. Jackie wrote...

Hey Jacob- 42nd?? I figured you to finish in the top 5. I was telling my son about your work outs. I used to work with you at the hospital. Can you email me your link so he can see some of the videos? I cant remember your website. Jackie


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