Utah (inc. NV) Sectional

Nevada/Utah Sectional: Competitor Profile - Miranda Oldroyd

Name: Miranda Oldroyd
Age: 27
Height: 5'-6"
Weight: 142

Vital Stats:
Fran, 3:50
Diane, 8:05 185#
Isabel 3:05
Filthy 24:04
Helen 10:20
FGB, 347
Cindy, 20
30 Muscle-ups, 8:37
500m Row 1:42
Elizabeth, 10:49
Deadlift, 300,
Shoulder Press,110
Back Squat 205(3)
Snatch 125
Over Head Squat 135
Grace 2:30
Max Pull-ups, 40
2008 Crossfit Games 21st place

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22 comments on this entry

1. Matt wrote...

Uh oh... you're committed now. Awesome stats - especially that 300# dead. Action is eloquence, talk is cheap! Go get em!

2. Matt C._801 wrote...

Aww snap! There she is. Go get em' girl.

3. Shaun wrote...

Awesome stats girl! Keep it up.

4. Paige wrote...

Damn girl you represent...of all the crossfit women I for sure find you the most inspirational!

5. Zach@CFLV wrote...

This is the year, Miranda! We can't wait to see your performance at Sectionals (and then Regionals, and the Games ;-)

6. nadia shatila wrote...

HELL YA MIRANDA! Great job and awesome stats, I already know you are awesome but I'm glad everyone else gets to see!

Thanks for being such a great friend.

Love you,

7. Tyson CF801 wrote...

All that hard work is paying off and soon you'll have your chance to showcase what you can do. I can't wait! I'm proud of you babe!

8. Pat Sherwood wrote...

Great athlete, great trainer, great person.

You have what it takes, now go do it.

We are all pulling for you!

9. Ben wrote...

Seriously Miranda, you are bad ass. Tyson is right, all your hard work shows and soon the rest of crossfit will get to see what we already know. You will tear it up!

10. Kevin Penner....CrossFit by BodyFit wrote...

Alright Miranda!, Your a great trainer, and from those stats an awesome athlete!....Good luck
You and Ty are my favorite HQ Trainers...I met you both in Dec 2008 at San Diego Lv 1 cert....My wife will attend one in a couple months.....We are a new affiliate and we dream of running our business together...Like you guys
Thanks Kevin

11. Melissa Ford wrote...

That's my girl!!! We have the privilege and knowledge of knowing how amazing you are at 801** It's time for the rest of the world to get a little taste! I'm so proud of you! This is YOUR year!

Love you so much!


12. Shane Gibson wrote...

I had the awesome opportunity to have Miranda as one of my trainers at my level one this past weekend. She is a great trainer and super cool to be around. Thanks Miranda! Stats look badass!

13. Moody wrote...

Mir your lookin' awesome!! Keep up the great work, your an inspired trainer, an unparalleled athlete, and we are lucky to have you at 801.

Game Time....you got this!

14. Daine 801 wrote...

Mir your gonna do awesome this year, all of us at 801 know how truly badass you are and now everyone else will get to see too!! good luck!

15. bmack wrote...

so excited for you kid. so studly! nice tattoo... tell all the other kids I said hi.

16. spence wrote...


You are an amazing athlete and an even better person. I am so excited for you to showcase your talents on a big stage. Kick ass. Stay out of jail.

17. sevan wrote...

I can't wait to see you compete Miranda - you are something special!

18. Heber wrote...

AHHHH YEAH! Good luck Mir!

19. Jose Serrano wrote...

I also had the priviledge to have Miranda as a trainer at my Level 1 cert in Fort Hood, very awesome physically and very down to earth. I just want to wish you all the best.

20. M wrote...

Double whoot! Miranda 801 is a badass!

21. Ryan Woodcraft wrote...


Thanks for your great coaching at the Level 1 Cert at Bagram! Knock 'em out at the games!

22. samantha wrote...

Whats the weight you used for FGB??? was it the rx'd 75#


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