2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Affiliate Cup Team Registration Opens Feb 1

Affiliate Cup Team Registration opens on Monday, February 1st at 1200 PST.

The team registration is for the Regional competitions in May. Teams register first come, first served at the Regionals (athletes hoping to compete in the Individual competition have to qualify). There will be a cap at each event, after which a waitlist will be created. Our hope and intention is to allow every team that wants to compete an opportunity, so we will be looking for ways to accommodate the waitlisted teams if/when that happens.

Teams are comprised of four to six athletes, with an optional non-competing coach. There must be at least two men and two women competing on each team.

For registration purposes, a single team "captain" will register the team. The cost is $300 per team. When the team is successfully registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the team captain with a link that he or she will send to the rest of the team. Each team member will need to access the registration website with that unique link. Each person must enter their own data and fulfill the electronic waiver and signature.

All team members must train at the same physical gym (or garage for that matter). No virtual gyms are allowed. The gym does not need to be an official CrossFit affiliate. Each team member will also be given the opportunity to name a "guest" to receive a free spectator pass.

Register your team as soon as possible. You can add specific team members as you know them. There will also be a window of opportunity in late April to make official changes to your team if needed. There can be no last minute changes after the final deadline (which will be announced later).

For teams the qualify for Aromas, the roster of athletes that competes at the Regionals does not need to be the identical roster competing in Aromas. The number of teams that qualify at each regional is equal to the number of individuals that qualify at the regional (men plus women).

The affiliate team competition is among the best of what we do. The word is out and teams are fired up. The competition will be fierce!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

19 comments on this entry

1. Adam Stevenson wrote...

CrossFit SoCal is motivated and ready.
May the best team win!

2. Justin Riley wrote...

This gets me really fired up. Can't wait to see our team go heads with the worlds fittest athletes. The sport of fitness is epic.

3. Danie wrote...

If you register for the affiliate cup, can you also compete as an indiviual?

4. Tony Budding wrote...

While we don't have a specific policy on it, the logistics of the weekend will make the answer a no. First off, all individual competitors at the Regionals will have had to qualify first. Secondly, it is going to be an action packed weekend, with the individual competition, affiliate team competition, and master's competition all happening. No consideration will be made for athletes wanting to compete in multiple events when scheduling them. And even if one could pull it off logistically, given the incredibly competitive environment, an individual athlete would essentially be forfeiting their ability to qualify for the Games.

Now, if someone competes as an individual, but doesn't qualify for Aromas and their team does, they can be put onto their team for the Games (if their team wants that).

5. Nancy wrote...

When will the Master's registration open?

6. Tony Budding wrote...

Most likely in a couple weeks. We'll announce it about a week prior.

7. Luke wrote...

is there a rule about how many staff/level 1 or 2 qualified from an affiliate may be on any one team?

8. Tony Budding wrote...


9. Danie wrote...


With the Africa Regionals we do not have Sectionals. We have 1 male and 1 women spots at the Africa Regional, does that mean that there will be one affiliate team that gets to go to Aromas? I just want to confirm, that we program the WOD's for Regionals and HQ approves?

10. Amy Q wrote...


If an individual is a CrossFit trainer at one affiliate, but that affiliate doesn't send a team, can he/she workout with another affiliate and attempt to qualify for the Games with that team?

11. Dan MacDougald wrote...

We would certainly like for our athletes who compete at Regionals as individuals and don't qualify for the Games to be eligible to compete in the Affiliate Cup Competition at the Games, even though they may not have been team members at Affiliate Regional qualifying competition. Sort of like how Olympic relay teams change from the heats to the finals. But if the cut off date for naming the team is in April, & with the Regionals being in May, then according to what I'm reading such athletes would be ineligible to compete in Affiliate Cup Competition at the Games. Is this the way it's going to be?

12. CNB wrote...

I can't find where you register your affiliate team. We are in the Southwest Regional but that registration site is not up yet. We are in the Northern California Sectional. Will we sign up there instead? Thanks

13. dan colson wrote...

Any info on when registration will open?

14. Damon wrote...

Wasatch Crossfit is standing by to register. Will it still go live today?

15. Tom wrote...

SnoRidge CF standing by!

16. Rob Corson wrote...

It says 12 pm PST Feb. 1/10, so it should be open now.

17. Dan MacDougald wrote...

Tony, please forget my comment/question. It was a stupid question.

18. Ben wrote...

Can an affiliate have more than one team (i.e. Team A and Team B)?

19. Mandy wrote...

Where can an affiliate member sign up their guest??


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