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2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Jul 16th–18th

The Home Depot Center

18400 Avalon Boulevard
Carson, CA 90746

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Event Results
  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Games Competitor Database

    The Athletic Backgrounds, CrossFit Experience, and Jobs of the Top CrossFitters

    The Games site staff has compiled comprehensive data on the athletic backgrounds, jobs, and length of CrossFit experience of the top five male and female athletes at each of the past four CrossFit Games, from 2007 to 2010. This is not an…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Talking with Julie Foucher

    Getting to know the 'silent beast'

    Julie Foucher finished 5th overall in the 2010 CrossFit Games and thereby earned the last pre-qualified spot for the 2011 Games. Julie managed two exceptional feats in the 2010 Games: (1) she rose through the competition and finished amongst the fittest…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    CrossFit Sports Series: Downhill Ski and Board

    CrossFit Takes to the Slopes of Park City

    Fitness is a tool for bolstering activities outside the gym. CrossFit urges athletes to regularly seek out new avenues to test and develop their abilities. The CrossFit Sports Series is a conduit for CrossFitters to get together and try a new sport…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Masters Champion Brian Curley

    The Fittest Man Over 50

    Many CrossFitters have problems with fitting training into their lives. Brian Curley, though, has managed to successfully work being the fittest man over 50 into an already busy life. A 13:50 Nancy, 405 lb. deadlift, and a 4:39 Fran won…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Change to 2010 Affiliate Cup Rankings

    A positive PED test disqualifies CFNE

    The official rankings of the 2010 Affiliate Cup have changed. CrossFit Fort Vancouver is still the champ. CrossFit Omaha and CrossFit Albuquerque are now second and third (instead of third and fourth). CrossFit New England, which was in second, has been disqualified…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    The Other Mikko

    A Finnish Track and Field Star Takes on CrossFit

    Prior to the 2009 CrossFit Games the name Mikko was as unique to most CrossFitters (or any American for that matter) as the Shake Weight. However, the dominant performance of Mikko Salo in Aromas has cemented the name in our collective conscience…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    State of the Community: Executives Panel

    Dave Castro Announces a Change in the Sectional Format

    A tent city and a swarm of CrossFitters guaranteed some fun and engaging discussion at the recent CrossFit Endurance Sports and Fitness Expo in Costa Mesa, Calif. The event allowed CrossFitters to connect with their own community and reach out to the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Perspective and Insight

    Kristan Clever speaks on Going Rx'd, Motivation, and Competition

    2010 CrossFit Games champion Kristan Clever has her own interpretation of the “scale as needed” rider for CrossFit WODs: attempt them at the RX'd weight without considering whether they’re intended for men or women. For Clever, who dominated the 2010…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Rob Orlando - Training For 2011

    Orlando Displays Some Freaky Capacity

    Haven't started training for the 2011 CrossFit Games yet? You might have some ground to make up. Everyone knows that Rob Orlando is strong, but this Games competitor is also extremely well rounded. His other-worldly talents were first exhibited with his…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Mikko Salo: Still Getting Better

    The 2009 Champion Continues To Improve

    It's a scary thought, but after so many years of consistent training, Mikko Salo is still getting fitter. He even expects his performance to continue improving for several more years. One of the secrets to his consistent progress is that he…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    How Far is Too Far?

    Graham Holmberg on Strategies for Training and Competition

    According to Graham Holmberg, training and competition require different pacing strategies. Training, ironically, requires more intensity in the beginning of a workout than competition.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Two Months Later

    Becca Voigt Reflects on the 2010 Games

    Legacy athletes who have won the CrossFit Games, and Top 5 finishers are invited back each year without having to go through the gauntlet of qualifying. For the rest of the competitors, getting back is a rough journey that gets more difficult…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Coffee vs. CrossFit

    The Female Games (and CrossFit/USAW Open) Champ on Sacrificing for CrossFit

    Kristan Clever used to drink 4 shots of espresso each morning before training, but she gave that habit up when she started training at Valley CrossFit. No, the champ was not concerned about the health risks of caffeine.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Kristan Clever: The Fittest Female

    Meet the Fittest Woman on the Planet

    Who is Kristan Clever? We may know her as the Fittest Woman on Earth, winner of the 2010 CrossFit Games, but she's much more than that. Follow Sevan Matossian on this introspective journey into the life of the women's champ…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Graham Holmberg: On Pushups

    The Champ Practiced 'Hand-release' Method Before the Games

    A small change can take a simple movement from run-of-the-mill to hard as hell. Especially if it's introduced to exhausted athletes in a high stress situation and enforced by thousands of screaming fans. The most proficient athletes can adapt to any…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    The Champ

    Sevan Gets an In-Depth Look at the World's Fittest Male Athlete

    From its inception, the CrossFit Games has been our proving ground, both making and breaking the best athletes. The 2010 CrossFit Games carried on this tradition and brought athletes and spectators alike on an emotional journey lasting three days in July. Only…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Testing Fitness as a Sport

    Tony Budding shares some of the theory behind the structure of the 2010 Games.

    CrossFit is both a training modality and a sport. As a training modality, we can improve the real-world physical capacity of folks from any walk of life. As a sport, we can compete for fun, or we can compete for the title…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Mikko Salo Rope Climbs

    The 09 Champ Gets Tips on Better Technique

    The CrossFit Games are notorious for exposing any weaknesses in your training protocol. Of course this includes skill-based movements that test an athlete's work capacity. The 2010 Games saw the inclusion of a variety of skill-based movements. Some had been presented…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Coaching Games Athletes

    The Men and Women Behind the Games Elite

    Behind every good athlete is a long list of supporters and coaches who’ve helped them on the way. Ask anyone who has ever stood atop a podium if they got there alone, and you’ll find the answer is likely, “No…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Graham Holmberg Interview: "Hell-In"

    The Champ Dissects The Pyramid Double Helen Event

    The CrossFit WOD "Helen" is a fast and furious test of an athlete's aerobic capacity, stamina and willingness to embrace discomfort. Competitors completed the equivalent of 2 full 'Helens' in Event 2a of the 2010 CrossFit Games. They were immediately tasked…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Big Guys Don't Cry

    Tommy talks about the advantages and disadvantages of being a larger athlete

    It's not always fun being a heavyweight. Sure it was easier for them to steal your lunch money and double bounce you on the trampoline. Not so fun when the WOD says, "Ring Handstand push-ups," though.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Spirit Of The Games, Part 2

    Spealler on the final events of the weekend

    Chris Spealler is an HQ trainer, affiliate owner and CrossFit legend. After competing in all four CrossFit Games, Speal finally jumped on the podium with a third-place finish in 2010. At the awards ceremony, the dynamic athlete from Utah was given the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video Interview: Austin Malleolo

    The White-Skinned Warrior Speaks

    By the end of the second event at the 2010 CrossFit Games a new name had surfaced as a top ten contender for the title of Fittest on Earth. Austin Malleolo of Baldwinsville, New York was recognizable for not only his performance…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Mic'd Up With Chuck Carswell

    Carswell making calls.

    Chuck Carswell has a keen eye for human movement. He's an outgoing, popular member of the Certification staff and was an obvious choice as a judge for the CrossFit Games back in 2009. With the stakes raised in 2010, those calling…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Elite Females of the 2010 CrossFit Games

    Not just pretty faces.

    Sometimes women get treated as second class citizens in sporting events. They’re thrown a paltry percentage of the men’s payout, receive none-to-poor media coverage and are generally thought of as the weaker sex. Not at the CrossFit Games.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Spirit of the Games

    Part 1 of the interview with Chris Spealler

    Chris Spealler is an HQ trainer, affiliate owner and CrossFit legend. After competing in all four CrossFit Games, Speal finally jumped on the podium with a third-place finish in 2010. At the awards ceremony, the dynamic athlete from Utah was given the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Ben Hopkins Training for 2011

    Injured Athlete From SoCal Stages His Comeback

    Ben Hopkins put his name on the CrossFit map with a breakout performance at the SoCal Sectional. His dominant performance earned him the second overall spot. However, shortly before he was due to compete at the Southwest Regional Ben was in an…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    How To Spend The Money

    Athletes speculate the best way to utilize the prize money

    $25,000 is a lot of money. "What would you do with it?" It's a valid query for those who would potentially win the pot at the 2010 CrossFit Games. That's exactly what Sevan Matossian asked a group of well-known…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Missing Affiliate Heats

    Saturday Morning Affiliate Competition

    The affiliate competition was one of the highlights of the CrossFit Games weekend. Unfortunately, video standards for live television are very different from what we normally work with and Level 3 was not able to create an archive of the stream on…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Athlete Pre-Interviews

    Clever, DeMarco, Smith, Kepler, Hendel, Giardina

    The jump from Aromas to the Home Depot Center was monumental. The new venue offered enormous benefits for the spectators and athletes. The viewing - both onsite and online - more closely resembled ESPN than backyard barbeque. 

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    How Sports Shows Get Produced

    What it takes to see the action live from the HDC

    The production of the 2010 CrossFit Games was like nothing we've done before. While we had lots of help from the Pro's at NEP, who do this on a frequent basis, they had no working knowledge of our sport.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Individual Final Event

    Competitors tackle the unknown for the final event of the 2010 Games.

    As the sun began to recede quietly into the skyline over LA on Sunday, individual competitors at the 2010 CrossFit Games prepared for one last test. This test, of course, was completely unknown until their carefully selected footwear hit the floor of…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Master's Final Event

    Fran finishes the weekend for the Masters group.

    The 2010 CrossFit Games saw the addition of a Masters Class (50+) to its expanding list of firsts. After two gruelling events on the first day, the Masters were treated to a rest day on Saturday, plenty of time to prepare for…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    On the Mic with Rob

    Following Orlando before the 2010 CrossFit Games.

    CrossFit Games competitor and strongman and Rob Orlando is known for his amazing feats of strength and his impressive work capacity. His performance in the 2009 Games as well as WOD demos on inspire many CrossFitters to keep pushing hard…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Final Affiliate Event

    Teams take on an obstacle course from hell.

    The fourth and final event for the Affiliate Cup ended with an obstacle course of serious proportion. Teams lined the main stadium facing wooden walls, ropes and sandbags that were assembled overnight by the team from Rogue and an army of volunteers…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video Interview: Peter Egyed

    CrossFit Fury's humble WOD assasin speaks.

    Peter Egyed is one of the most consistent CrossFit competitors in the field. Peter, owner of CrossFit Fury, has performed well in every year of CrossFit Games competition beginning with the inaugural event in 2007. His sixth place finish at the 2009…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    2010 CrossFit Games: The Women

    Images from the competition

    From July 16-18, 2010, the world's fittest women competed under a blazing sun at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. For three days, elite athletes put their training to the test in a new sport; the sport of fitness.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video Interview: Russell Berger

    Shedding light on what might otherwise be a difficult concept to grasp.

    Perspective is everything. The work being done by Games competitors can best be appreciated by other CrossFitters. Often the Games athletes make amazing feats of power output look like a walk in the park, making it hard for the casual viewer to…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Affiliate Event 3, Heat 6

    Teams take on a chipper.

    Late in the day on Saturday affiliate teams were given their third task for the weekend, a chipper. The movements were fairly familiar, although a jump over a 24-inch box was included in the list of tasks.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    2010 CrossFit Games: The Men

    Images from the competition

    From July 16-18, 2010, the world's fittest men competed under a blazing sun at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. For three days, elite athletes put their training to the test in a new sport; the sport of fitness.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Behind the Games, Part 1

    Behind the scenes footage of the 2010 Games

    The 2010 CrossFit Games are in the books, and all the event footage is available in the archives. That footage showcases all the action of the events but doesn’t take you behind the scenes to see “the rest of the Games…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Masters Event 2

    Masters athletes take on the strength portion of the Games.

    The second challenge facing the Masters at the 2010 CrossFit Games was one of strength: establish a one rep max deadlift in seven minutes.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Affiliate Event 2, Heat 5

    Teams face off against the deadlift, pistol, row and overhead combo.

    After tackling the buddy carry event, teams were tasked with a new set of challenges. This event called for all six competitors to take part. In 12 minutes, each member had to spend a minute repping out deadlifts (264/173 lb.), one…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video Interview: Sevan Matossian

    Putting Sevan on the other side of the lens.

    If you've been following CrossFit for any amount of time, you have enjoyed the video magic of Sevan Matossian. He is responsible for a great deal of content, both on and in the CrossFit Journal. Along with Carey Peterson…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Chatting With Chan

    Pre-Games interview reveals motivation to compete.

    Denver, Colorado’s Matt Chan has been a household CrossFit name for a number of years now. He finished 18th in 2009, and eight in 2008. His determination to succeed at this year’s Games comes from a deep obligation to friends…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sights of the Games

    What really happened in Carson.

    In this collection of great moments from the 2010 CrossFit Games, Mike Warkentin shares some of the stories that made the Games a truly special event.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Masters Event 1

    Masters athletes blaze through Nancy.

    2010 brought the addition of the Master's Division to CrossFit Games competition. Any early doubts that the competition was worth it's salt were dashed by the level of competition we saw at the Regional level. Athletes over 50 years old…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Pre-Games Interview: Valerie Mackenzie-Voboril

    Chatting with the third place finisher.

    Valerie Mackenzie-Voboril is a shining example of the CrossFit spirit. In addition to being an amazing athlete, she has an infectiously positive attitude. Voboril, a fourth grade teacher takes her CrossFit seriously; last year she postponed her wedding in order to compete…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Before the Muscle-Ups

    Quebec has a new hero

    Shortly after the opening ceremonies of the 2010 CrossFit Games, the first heat of women entered the arena ready to tackle a tough couplet of muscle-ups and snatches. With the heats selected according to regional placing, the first group did not feature…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: Affiliate Event 1, Heat 5

    Buddy carries, heavy thrusters and pull-ups kick off the Affiliate competition.

    The Affiliates opened the 2010 CrossFit Games action on Friday morning. Just like the individuals, the teams did not know what task lay ahead of them until an hour before Dave Castro counted them down.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Pat Sherwood on the Games

    Another perspective from the analyst desk.

    Pat Sherwood joined the likes of Josh Everett, Lisa Ray, Caity Henniger, Kim Malz and others at the analyst desk during the 2010 CrossFit Games. His unique perspective as a former Games athlete as well as a trainer put a keen eye…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Results Page Explained

    Details of how each section of the results page is calculated.

    Many of you are probably pouring over the results page trying to glean as much information about the overall competition and each event as possible. Also, now that a few days have gone by you may have tried your hand at one…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Josh Everett on the Games

    A former competitor's take on this year's event.

    Josh Everett sat behind the analyst desk most of the 2010 CrossFit Games weekend. An incredible competitor and olympic lifting competitor himself he offered perspective like few others could on the amazing athletic feats we collectively witnessed at the 2010 CrossFit Games…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    A Shout Out To The Volunteers

    Over 200 individuals dedicated blood, sweat and tears to make the Games an amazing event.

    Chantel Jimenez was our volunteer coordinator for the Games weekend. Along with a small crew, she oversaw the logistics for getting things and people where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. The volunteers, judges and staff are the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Individual Event Announcements

    All events announced!

    We're only going to announce the next element of the competition at one time. Everyone will learn what the event is about an hour before it kicks off. Shortly after the event is completed, the athletes (and the public) will learn…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Affiliate Cup Event 4

    CrossFit Fort Vancouver sits atop the final standings.

    The fourth and final event of the Affiliate Cup found teams surrounded by wooden walls, ropes and heavy sandbags. An obstacle course was in order to finally determine the fittest affiliate team on earth.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Masters Event 3

    Curley, Carver atop the standings.

    The final event in the Masters competition required competitors to tackle one of the original puke-inducing CrossFit couplets: Fran.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Individual Event 4

    Thorisdottir and Hackenbruck charge hard late in the evening.

    The sandbag sprint in Aromas was brutal, and the 2010 CrossFit Games found competitors moving bags vertically again.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Barbells for Boobs

    Kevin Daigle fights breast cancer by doing Grace for charity.

    We all know from recent CrossFit Journal features that CrossFit creates some pretty amazing forms of the human body. The ultimate expression of that, in terms of sheer concentration, is definitely here in Carson at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Obviously, I'm…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Men's Individual Event 2

    The full report from the first male event of the day.

    The men’s side of the Hell-In/overhead workout saw a shuffling of the deck, and several competitors who struggled on the first workout redeemed themselves on the track.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Women's Individual Event 2

    Report and results from the first event of the day.

    Day 2 of the 2010 CrossFit Games began at 7 a.m. with the announcement of the second event: a modified Helen that might be described as “Hell-In”

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Primo Chalk Comes Through Big!

    Keeping competitor's hands dry throughout the weekend.

    A special thanks is in order to the good people at Primo Chalk. After a long day of pull-ups, kettlebell swings and other hand-wrecking movements, Primo Chalk has come through with even more product to ensure our athletes keep moving, striving for…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Individual Event 1

    Muscle-ups and squat snatches kick off the event.

    With a pair of F/A-18s flying over the Home Depot Center, the 2010 Games officially kicked off with a roar moments after opening ceremonies including an address by Coach Greg Glassman. The first individual event was front and center in the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Affiliate Cup Event 1

    The results from the first event at the Home Depot Center.

    The first workout of the 2010 CrossFit Games found teams confronted with an event that balanced strength and size against speed and body-weight ability.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Athletes to Watch out for This Weekend

    Beyond the Whiteboard handicaps the main event and starts the debate.

    Some amazing athletes are competing this weekend at the Home Depot Center. In fact, all the competitors are amazing athletes. But amazing is not enough. Only one man and one woman can be named Fittest on Earth, and that’s what the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    2010 Games Arrival Times

    When and where on Day 1

    The CrossFit Games begin tomorrow. To keep things running smoothly, use the following times as your guide for entry to the facilities, arrival and check-in times. Please plan ahead and give yourself a cushion. Lots of people will be arriving tomorrow. Travel…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sneak Peek Day 3

    Videos of the third day of setup.

    During the third day of on-site setup at the Home Depot Center, Sevan Mattosian continues his effort to gain information about the yet-to-be revealed workouts. He finds possible evidence of a never before seen element in CrossFit competition and interviews event planners…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    3, 2, 1 ...

    The final preparations are underway at the HDC.

    As the athletes and vendors funnel into the Home Depot Center for the 2010 CrossFit Games, they’re greeted by a whole new testing ground for the world’s fittest. The dusty expanse of The Ranch is ancient history that’s fondly…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Skill vs. Will

    Russell Berger examines the "suck factor" and what it means to CrossFitters.

    The following comes from Russell Berger on the development of the CrossFit Games.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    On-Site Ticket Sales

    Last-minute option for those wishing to attend the 2010 Games.

    Haven’t purchased your tickets for the 2010 CrossFit Games yet? Passes to the ultimate test of fitness will be on sale at the Home Depot Center throughout the event. Walk up with your money and ID in hand and you can…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    All Over the Map: Khalipa, Cho and Warren

    Wittenber visits the birthplace of CrossFit.

    Closing in quickly on his final destination, Ian Wittenber is scooping up a few more athlete interviews before the kick-off of the 2010 CrossFit Games. Stopping in Santa Cruz, the birthplace of CrossFit, Wittenber catches up with none other than 2008 CrossFit…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    The Icelanders Acclimate

    Annie and Sven train at CrossFit Ethos

    In an effort to acclimate to the sun and heat of Southern California, Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson and family have been in town for over a week, training and preparing at Jimi Letchford’s CrossFit Ethos. Coincidentally, two of Letchford’s clients…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sneak Peek Day 2

    Sevan Matossian sneaks out yet more footage of the secret preparations in Carson.

    The final preparations for the CrossFit Games are underway at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. With camera in hand and Dave Castro chasing him away from the gear, Sevan Matossian goes behind the scenes on July 14.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: Vibram Five Fingers

    Revolutionary footwear

    Every once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we engage in sport. It bucks tradition, and makes everyone think differently. Consider shaped skis, full suspension mountain bikes, or CrossFit. Originally, many of these were considered a novelty, reserved…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    You Stay Classy, Home Depot Center

    An all-star cast will bring you the action from the Games

    This coming weekend, much of the CrossFit world will converge on Los Angeles to celebrate the world championships of our sport. Three days, five competitions (Men, Women, Teams, Masters Men, Masters Women), and an "Iron Man meets Burning Man" festival at the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Reflections on the Games

    Tony Budding ponders our sport, less than one week out.

    Last night, my family and I had the pleasure of sharing dinner with the past two CrossFit Games champs, Mikko Salo and Jason Khalipa, along with their friends and family and some of our CrossFit Media crew. I was reminded once again…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: MiR Weight Vest

    Go heavy, go hard.

    MiR Weighted Vest is proud to sponsor the 2010 CrossFit Games. Congratulations to all CrossFitters, and wishing you great success in your efforts! MiR Vest provides up to $5000 reward to the regional with life time product service. All the winners will…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Catching up with the Champ

    An insight to Mikko Salo's training

    There is only one week until the CrossFit Games final. After his documentary, last year's champion, Mikko Salo, has trained in relative secrecy until now. Sevan Matossian caught up with Mikko at the European Regional qualifier. You can find the following…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: Life As Rx

    For the people, by the people

    Since we got started way back in 2009, Life AsRx has proudly remained the leading apparel company for the CrossFit community. We produce our own designs and we partner with Affiliates around the world to create and enhance brand identity through graphic…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Programs, Here!

    The 2010 CrossFit Games Program available at the Home Depot Center

    Stats, photos, stories – the official 2010 CrossFit Games Program is packed with information for anyone watching the competition, and it’s a great way to remember the event after the awards are handed out on July 18.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Race Day Fueling

    How to keep your engine running hot

    In a physical test as demanding as the CrossFit Games, the way in which an athlete is fueled can mean the difference between a top placement and a case of heat stroke. The CrossFit Journal published the following article on fueling athletes…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Fight Gone Reykjavik

    Original CrossFitter Bruce Edwards joins the inaugural WOD at CrossFit Reyjavik

    I had the great pleasure of attending the grand opening of CrossFit Reykjavik’s new facility on July 4. For those of you who have no idea where Reykjavik is, the city is the capital of Iceland. Yes, Iceland – also home to…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    CrossFit Taranis' Affiliate Story

    Made in Canada, invading the US in one week.

    Picking athletes to represent your affiliate at the CrossFit Games is a trying process. Every qualified affiliate has gone through it, some more successfully than others. Those that seem to do it well represent what is best about the CrossFit Community, a…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Make the Most of Your Weekend

    A guide to the 2010 Games festivities at the Home Depot Center

    The competition at the 2010 CrossFit Games next weekend is just the tip of the iceberg. The traveling roadshow that accompanies Games competition is equal parts carnival, rock concert and family picnic. Last year, The Sporting News called it Burning Man with…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: Stud Bar

    The kipping machine is bomb proof and garage friendly.

    "If you only had a bar and a place to do pull-ups you could do an acceptable variant of the CrossFit program. The temptation is to go with one of the many freestanding pull-up and dip towers. They are cheap and adequate…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Q & A with Lauren Pryor

    The Canadian veteran talks beer, muscle-ups and the HDC

    You've been to two previous CrossFit Games. What have you learned that will help you in 2010?
    Attack your WODs like you would any other day. Remember to enjoy the moment (as much as you can, ha!), and being able to…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Intensity In Tent City

    Guidelines for Good Times

    The online CrossFit Community has one very unusual characteristic: We're also a real world community. We train together, party together, start businesses together, and once a year, we gather to watch the world championships of our sport, The CrossFit Games. In…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: MindBody Online

    Powerful tools for your CrossFit Box

    At MINDBODY, we believe that your workouts are punishment enough--managing your business shouldn't be. We offer powerful features such as performance tracking, marketing tools, online scheduling, automated billing, and customer relationship management that whip your business into shape without breaking a…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Tickets Available for Opening Night Soiree

    Start your weekend off right

    Tickets are now available for purchase to the 2010 CrossFit Games Opening Party. Join us for dinner and drinks on the night of the Opening Ceremonies. The festivities will be located in the premium lounge of the Home Depot Center and will…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: Paleo Treats

    Intensity you can taste

    Remember in Dust to Glory those plumes kicked up by a Baja 1000 racer clouding out that blood-red sunset? That, the disappearing hell-rider bound for parts unknown, venturing toward mystery and ass-clenching adventure just over the horizon, that is the essence of…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Welcome to the Big Leagues

    A surge in popularity has taken our sport from backyard to big time.

    Everyone seems to agree that something was different about this year’s Regional qualifiers. The athletes who competed, their judges, and even the spectators cheering from the stands all recognized the same thing: That the level of competition they had all just…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video: 2010 CrossFit Games Preview

    The action at the Home Depot Center will be epic.

    "This summer, 92 of the World's most elite athletes will sweat, bleed, jump, strain, pull, push, lift, blister, run, tear, sprint, stretch, compete for the title of fittest on earth."

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Mental Toughness

    Sherwood speaks to the intangible elements that set athletes apart

    CrossFit athlete and HQ trainer Pat Sherwood will be joining the broadcast crew next month at the HDC to act as a guide throughout the weekend broadcast. Pat offers a unique perspective on the Games as he was a competitor in Aromas…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    2010 Games PED Testing Policy

    Performance enhancing drugs are prohibited for Games participants.

    The CrossFit Games are the world's most elite test of fitness across broad time and modal domains. The best way to achieve this fitness is constantly varied functional movements at high intensity, fueled by a clean, balanced diet. Of course, there…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: Under Armour

    Protect This House!

    Under Armour® (NYSE: UA) is a leading developer, marketer, and distributor of branded performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. The brand's moisture-wicking synthetic fabrications are engineered in many different designs and styles for wear in nearly every climate to provide a performance…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    The CrossFit Festival

    Bingo muses on the vibe of the Games.

    Are you a music fan? Big concert goer? Have you ever been to a Grateful Dead concert or a Phish concert? How about an outdoor Dave Matthews jam session? They are really different from other concerts, aren't they? You lay down…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    No Country For Old Men

    Musings from a Master who didn't make it.

    Hari Singh competed at the Northeast Regional Masters division in an attempt to qualify for the 2010 CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. Here are his thoughts from the process.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    2010 Games Prizes!

    It pays to be a winner, with new details of the Affiliate Cup top prize from Rogue Fitness.

    CrossFit competitors train hard. The motivation for that training comes from within, for love of the game and the pursuit of elite fitness. As the competition grows, so do the rewards for outstanding performance. While athletes don't compete simply for the…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: Weight Vest

    "This is the first weight vest I've seen that I would actually call a piece of training equipment because of its quality. The vest fits great; it's snug enough that it stays in place without restricting your breathing."
    -Tanya Wagner…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Men's Epic Matchup 3: Matt Chan and Tommy Hackenbruck

    Aligned vitals, plus similar strengths and weaknesses.

    Tommy Hackenbruck and Matt Chan are two mountain athletes to keep your eye on at this year’s Games. Hackenbruck, a former collegiate football player and Chan, a firefighter and veteran CrossFit Gamer, come into this season with similar vitals, similar strengths…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Sponsor Profile: Again Faster

    Home grown company provides equipment for the CrossFit community

    We’re in business for one reason: Greg Glassman. In October 2006, I sat at my first CrossFit Level I Certification Seminar, and Coach gave a now-dormant lecture called “The Revolution”.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Fit But Not Invincible

    A cautionary tale about a good athlete who almost missed discovering a blood clot.

    Allison Belger owns and trains at TJ's Gym in Northern California. Their affiliate team finished 11th in the 09 Games, and were recognized in a highlight on the Games Site for the unusual age-span of thier members. This year they qualifed…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Why the Home Depot Center?

    The CrossFit Games move to a world-class sporting facility!

    In less than two months, the world’s fittest athletes will descend upon the city of Carson California to compete in the 2010 CrossFit games. There are certain aspects of this brutal weekend competition that everyone anticipates. The past three years of…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Women's Epic Matchup 2: Annie and Lindsey

    Iceland Annie and Lindsey Smith are our next pair of top contenders.

    Annie Thorisdottir and Lindsey Smith are both natural athletes with an extensive competitive sports background. Annie was a gymnast and pole vaulter. Lindsey was a four sport D1 athlete at Depaul University. Both entered last year's Games with limited pure CrossFit…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Video Filter Function

    In case you missed our newest feature!

    The Games Site is constantly making improvements. You may have missed the new Video filter on the site. So much material has avalanched in over the past 4 months, it can be hard to keep up. This function will allow you to…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Men's Epic Matchup 2: Speal and Orlando

    Two athletes bring largely different strengths to the competition

    Chris Spealler and Rob Orlando are two of CrossFit's best known and most liked athletes. In some ways, though, they couldn't be more different. Last year in Aromas, they had a near inverse finishing order on the first two events…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Affiliate Epic Matchup 1: Omaha and Northwest

    Northwest CrossFit and CrossFit Omaha set the tone for our Affilate matchups.

    This is the first of our epic matchups for the Affiliate Cup team competition. These matchups are inherently arbitrary, as all teams are competing against each other, nonetheless, there are certain teams that have caught our attention as uniquely alike or different…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Dan Rogers Interview

    Catching up with the winner of the Canadian Regionals.

    What sort of pressure do you feel going into the Games as the top competitor in all of Canada?
    The pressure is going to be there regardless. I’m coming out of a region where I really believe anyone in the top…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Tentative 2010 Games Weekend Schedule

    Here's a rough schedule of the weekend for your travel planning.

    As many folks are planning to head to the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA for the 2010 CrossFit Games on July 16-18, we've thrown together a tentative schedule for the weekend. The details of this are likely to shift a…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    2010 Games Season: All Workouts

    A comprehensive description of every workout at every competition leading up to the 2010 CrossFit Games

    Here is a comprehensive list of every workout that took place in the 2010 Games season, including workouts from the previous three Games. Before long, these descriptions will be added to the scores pages.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Qualified Athletes

    The list of qualified athletes and teams for the 2010 Games is final!

    The long Qualifier season is over and we finally have the official list of athletes and teams who are invited to compete at the 2010 CrossFit Games on July 16-18 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Journal video recap

    Catch up on footage from the Regional competitions

    In case you missed it, our video crews have been on the road following Regional competition across the globe. Here is a gathering of all the CrossFit Games Regional coverage that has been published in the CrossFit Journal. Links to the previews…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Scoring CrossFit Competitions

    How numbers and systems help determine who is the fittest athlete across broad time and modal domains

    The question about how best to score a CrossFit competition has been a hot topic for a few years now. We have a new sport, and we have experimented with a variety of scoring formats. In this article, I will explore several…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Music Anyone?

    Sound check with the Boz.

    Damn! Music sure can fire you up. As humans, we like to be masters of our environment. What better way to exhibit our dominion over our surroundings by organizing vibrations into emotional landscapes? Top-of-the-food-chain-indeed!

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    The 2010 Games Season: A Perspective

    A look at where we are, and where we're going.

    Are all the Qualifiers really over? It seems like just yesterday we were checking the scores for the Midwestern Sectional, the first event on Feb 13-14. It's unreal to think that we are five months into the CrossFit Games competition season…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Why I CrossFit: Regina Flanagan

    CrossFit Games sponsor is supporting military athletes and their families

    Growing up in a military family, Regina Flanagan learned the values of discipline and determination.  In 2008, she joined LaLanne Fitness in San Francisco and discovered Crossfit and a similar set of values.  “At the 2009 Crossfit Games,” says Regina, “I was…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Masters Competition Update

    A quick look at the current leaders.

    This year's Masters competition is the first of it's kind. Competitors aged 50 and older from around the world are competing for 15 spots to the CrossFit Games finals at the Home Depot Center in July. A top performance at…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Masters Workouts Announced - All Regionals

    Seasoned CrossFitters now have a look at what they are up against.

    The following workouts will apply to all Masters events at all Regionals. The schedule of the events will be determined by each region, the order of events and range of motion standards of each workout will remain the same.

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Regional 2-for-1 Ticket Price Information

    $50 dollar registration fee nets two wristbands for Regional Events

    There is a $50 charge for spectators, which gets you two wristbands for the entire event.  This means you will be able to get one other person in with you.  That second individual will need to be with you when you check…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Congratulations Athletes!

    Enormous worldwide turnout has grown the sport of fitness

    A huge congratulations to all of the athletes who competed in worldwide sectional competition in the past weeks! For some, the Sectionals were the first go at a CrossFit competition of any kind. For others, they were the opportunity to demonstrate that…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Masters Registration Opens Monday Feb 22

    Registration for the Inaugural CrossFit Games Masters Competition will open at 1200 PST on Monday, February 22nd.

    To register, Master's athletes must have birth dates on or before July 15, 1960.

    Registration at the Regionals will be first come, first served…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Team Registration Explosion!

    In just 24 hours, over 110 teams from around the world have signed up. That's already 10% more than last year, and the events aren't until May!

    For those teams on the waitlist right now, fear not. We've already…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Scorekeeping Technology

    For all you nerds out there, our resident scorekeeper, Ron Wilhelm, has written an explanation of our internally developed, online scoring system for the 2010 Games season.

    The 2009 CrossFit Games had a simple-to-explain, difficult-to-implement heat scheduling method whereby heat times for…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Online Qualifier Information

    Last year's online qualifier produced some beastly athletes, many of whom finished in the Sweet 16. Several had previously competed at a Regional Qualifier and failed to make the cut for one reason or another.

    This year the formula is different…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    New "Re-entry" on the Registration Pages

    Need to change your guest? Recently moved? Getting stronger? Faster? No problem, everything can now be updated! The Sectional registration site has been updated and now includes a feature for Re-entry.

    You will be receiving an email today with a confirmation number…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Prequalified Athletes

    The top five male and female performers in the CrossFit Games are automatically qualified for the coming year's competition. The following ten athletes earned their spots in Aromas 2010 through their 09 Games finishes.

    Pre-qualified Men:

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Local Hotel Info

    The Registration site has been updated to include additional event-related information.

    If you navigate to your event page (Sectional or Regional), you'll now see additional information, such as recommended accommodations and weather-related considerations.

    Send specific questions to the event director listed…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Affiliate Cup Competition 2010

    This year, the fight for "World's Fittest Gym" is going to be tougher than ever. There will be open registration for teams at the 13 worldwide Regionals (first come, first served). Only the top several teams from each Regional will be…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Kids Under 12 are Free Spectators

    Spectator registration is required for everyone 12 years old and up (as of the day of the event). Kids under 12 can attend without registering.

    To keep attendance expectations reasonable, you can bring up to two kids per responsible adult. If you…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Registration Site Update

    Sorry for all the hassles!

    We had unbelievable demand for registration, far in excess of our highest expectations. All of the issues that have been listed in the comments of the other post have been corrected. The site is moving again, and…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Registration is Now Open!

    Click Here to register as an Athlete, Spectator, and Volunteer for any of the Sectional competitions.

    Regional registration (even for those Regions that don't have Sectionals in them) is not open yet, even for spectators. We will have full information about…

  • 2010 CrossFit Games Finals

    Registration Update

    Registration will now launch on Wednesday, Dec 23rd, hopefully at 1300 PST.

    We are working feverishly behind the scenes to get the registration site ready for you. We're close, and now testing all the various pages and options. Thanks for your…

The 2010 CrossFit Games Official Sponsors

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  • Under Armour
  • Rogue Fitness
  • Again Faster Equipment
  • MiR Pro Weighted Vest
  • Concept 2
  • Vibram Five Fingers
  • OMG*Omega3
  • Stud Bar
  • Regupol America
  • Mindbody Online
  • Forged Clothing
  • GarageGym
  • Gymboss Interval Timer
  • Inov-8
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  • Rage Fitness Supply: Leader in Functional Fitness Equipment
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