2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Welcome to the 2010 CrossFit Games!

It's on!

The 2010 CrossFit Games season is upon us. Because of the extraordinary success of the 09 Games, we have added another layer of qualifier. Last year, the Regionals were the starting point for potential competitors. This year, there will be 13 Regionals around the world that all take place in May. But unlike last year, you now have to qualify for the Regionals (with a few exceptions in continents with sparse populations of CrossFitters).

Feeding these Regionals will be approximately 30 Sectional competitions, which will be open to anyone. The Sectionals will take place from mid-February to late March. There will even be a Sectional held as one of the events at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.

We are going to launch a special Registration Website with detailed information on each event, hopefully on Monday, December 21st. Athlete and spectator registration for the Sectionals will open at launch. We will do our best to allow everyone in who wants to compete, but at some point we may have to cut it off. Spectator attendance at most Sectionals will be limited, so you'll want to act quickly.

In the meantime, you can scroll down (or click on the Qualifiers tab on the left) for preliminary information about the Regionals and their respective Sectionals. There are 7 Regions in the US, divided into 21 Sections. Canada, Europe, and Australia are their own Regions with 4 Sections each. Asia, Africa, and Central/South America are their own Regions without Sections. There are some maps to help those of you who are visually oriented.

Similarly, affiliate teams will have to qualify to compete in the Games this year. The Regional events will also serve as the team qualifiers for this year's Affiliate Cup. There will be no team workouts at the Sectionals. The Regionals are not until May, so you have time to prepare. More information about the Affiliate Cup competition coming soon.

Also, there will be a limited Master's competition (50+) for both men and women. Like the Affiliate Cup qualifiers, the Master's qualifiers will also take place at the Regionals in May. There will be no separate Master's workouts at the Sectionals. More information about the Master's competition coming soon.

There will be an Online Qualifier for deployed armed services personnel only. This will take place in May also. More information soon.

Finally, the winner's purse for the 2010 Games will be $25,000 each for the World's Fittest Man and Woman, generously sponsored by PROGENEX.

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86 comments on this entry

1. Shane Gibson wrote...

Woo Hoo! I can't wait!

2. JB - CrossFit Southside wrote...

This is going to be an epic series of events. Can't wait!

3. We Are CrossFit wrote...

We are so excited! Goodluck to everyone!

Lindsey and Web Smith

4. SR wrote...

Say, hypothetically, two diehard crossfitters booked tickets to a tournament in Hawaii weeks before the sectionals dates were announced and say that it just so happens that their section (cough::Midwestern Section::cough) is the only sectional taking place that exact same weekend.

Now, given that these two individuals will fly anywhere, film the WOD, bribe the judges, pretty much do anything in their power for the chance to qualify for Regionals... given these things, are these two individuals still out of luck?

Is there a possibility that something like this will reappear for sectionals?

Hope. Please give us hope.

5. Jason wrote...

well, so much for my productivity level at work...

6. toomuch wrote...

one question do all the men and women,who went to the games this year(09) still get a by to regionals?or do we still have to go through sectionals?

7. Katrina Burton wrote...

SR... it says in the announcement that the Online Video Qualifier will be for deployed armed services personal ONLY.

Compete at your sectionals and regionals or you are out of luck.

8. Tony Budding wrote...

Everyone who qualified for the 2009 Games automatically is qualified for their Regionals (bypassing the need to perform at the Sectionals).

The top 5 men and women from the 2009 Games, and all past champions are automatically qualified for the 2010 CrossFit Games in Aromas.

9. Justin Riley wrote...

The big question on our mind is, what will be the circumstances with individuals who wish to compete in regionals as an individual and as a member of an affiliate team. It would be silly for anyone to try and do both at the same time, both competition performances would suffer.

If an Affiliate qualifies must the same members of that team that qualified be the same individuals that compete at the games, or when an affiliate qualifies for the games, could they have athletes who competed only as individuals in the regionals join their affiliate team for the games. I wouldn't think we want to see the best athletes miss the affiliate team comp because they choose to compete as individuals.

10. Tony Budding wrote...

The team qualifies, not the individuals on the team. We will have stated policies about what the final date changes can be made to the teams are, but it will be within a couple weeks of the actual Games. The main rule is that all team members at all competitions must be active training members of that affiliate or gym.

11. Mike - CrossFit PEI wrote...

While understanding the need to handle the growing popularity of this event, I'm disappointed that the Affiliate Cup teams have to qualify at Regionals.

Along with an individual competitor, we sent a team last year and had a blast finishing in the middle third. However, now any Team and Individual competitors from Eastern Canada are going to have to travel across the continent not once but twice to get to the Games.

12. RC wrote...

If a region has 4 seeds to go to the Games, is that total-or 4 men & 4 women?

13. Renee Lee wrote...

I believe it's 4 men and 4 women. Adding up the seeds: 42 x 2 is 84 + top 5 men and women from 2009 is 94, + winners from 07, 08 and 09 is 100.

i think... :)

14. Katrina Burton wrote...

While I understand you point, I also live in Canada, thank goodness in Alberta otherwise I couldn't afford to compete this year, I see the need for the affiliate teams to register.

With over 1300 affiliates world wide, requiring the teams to qualify is the only "fair" way to ensure appropriate registration to the actual Games. Last year the affiliate teams at the Games were the ones with the fastest fingers on the computer, not necessarily the best teams.

I look at it this way... life could be worse. You could be traveling across the WORLD to compete at the Games. That one trip is still more expensive than your two trips to Calgary and Aromas.

Thank you HQ for the details and thanks Tony for being on here I'm sure all day to answer all the additional questions people may have.

15. Adam wrote...

How are the number of seeds allotted to each regional calculated?

I'm pretty sure the Northeast states have a larger population than the Southeast states, but NE gets 3 seeds and SE gets 4 seeds.

Is it based on something else, like # of affiliates in those states?

16. Anon wrote...

What about civilians and contractors deployed alongside the armed services?

17. Jesse Gray wrote...

I think your math is a little off, the top five include the winners from 09' so we have a total of 98, not 100 and then add however many make it through the last chance qualifier. So excited!!!

I have one question about affiliate cup teams, will there be any checking to make sure the athletes on the teams actually belong to the affiliate or will the door be open for buddy buddy local gyms to put super teams together?

18. Jason "Kahlipa" Morstein wrote...

First question. Does one need to show proof of residency to compete in a sectional? My brother and friend live in MD and I live in DC, both have different sectionals. Are we going to have to split up?

Second question, is a follow up to the first. If we don't need to prove residency, can we compete in more than one sectional?

19. Tony Budding wrote...

All who submit via the online qualifier will have to provide evidence of their deployment. Civilian contractors legitimately deployed in support of armed services will be accepted.

20. Tony Budding wrote...

Yes, there will be accountability required for Affiliate teams.

21. Tony Budding wrote...

Jason Morstein,
Second question answer, you may compete in as many Sectionals as you like, but you can only qualify for the Regionals in your home Sectional.

First question is generally yes, you'll have to split up. But, if you are really from Maryland and can demonstrate that your residence in DC is temporary, we could assign you to the MD Sectional. These exceptions, though, will be very rare.

22. CrossFit Point Break wrote...

Hell yeah..Lets get this stared!!!!

good luck everyone!!!!!C

23. Derek wrote...

3 Questions regarding affiliate cup:

1. How many teams qualify from each region?

2. Can there be multiple teams from one affiliate?

3. How many men/women per team?

thank you.

24. toomuch wrote...

just wanted to say thank you tony for anwsering my question.

25. Jesse wrote...

Tony has to be the busiest man ever. It's awesome! Great site you guys keep it up!!

26. Tony Budding wrote...

1. Final Affiliate Seeds haven't been determined. Most regions will probably have about 10 teams, but that number may vary wildly.

2. No. Only one team per affiliate / gym.

3. Team structure hasn't been finalized yet, but we're likely to repeat last year (4-6 team members, minimum 2 and 2, plus optional non-competing coach).

27. Bryan Kemper wrote...

Has there been any decision on who will determine what the sectional WODs will be? The 2009 Regional organizers developed the WODs for their respective regions? Recommeded/suggested sectional WODs from CFHQ or will the sectional organizers put together the WODs?

28. lex wrote...

I think sectional organizers will put together wods with little input from HQ and for regionals HQ may have more of a presence but still not necessarily create the wods themself

29. Jessica wrote...

So just to be clear...the affiliate gym that I go to is in Washington just across the river from Portland, but I live in Oregon. I would be allowed to compete for regionals at the Portland sectional, not washington, correct?

30. Tony Budding wrote...

Jessica, Yes.

31. Chris wrote...

Will it be necessary to prove that a given Sectional is your "home sectional", and if so, how?

32. Alan wrote...

Castro - what is the drug testing gonna be like? I need to line up my cycle!


33. CrossFit Basel wrote...

We're looking forward to this :D

Ramon, Dominique & Claudia from CrossFit Basel (Switzerland)

34. Tony Budding wrote...

Can't guarantee anything right now, but I'm hoping for every athlete at every event!

35. Rachel wrote...

Stoked to see the site and have some dates to schedule around. Thanks for posting!

4/4 for NorCal? I can't wait!

36. Justin Key wrote...

Can not wait... this is gonna be Awesome!!!!!!

37. Bryan Bodden wrote...

Hi.. I have a question. I live in Puerto Rico. Is this considered central america and I have to go all the way down to Colombia for the regional? For me is much easier to go to Florida? Please let me know.

38. Tore Dehli wrote...

Just wondering:

Why do the Danish crossfitters have to go to Italy for the sectionals, when Norway, Sweden, and Finland all get together in Stockholm?

A roadtrip from Denmark to Stockholm takes 6 hours. A roadtrip from Denmark to Italy takes 20+ hours.

39. SC wrote...

Why would HQ hold the Canadian British Columbia Sectional in Squamish? Nothing against the Squamish affiliate, I thought CrossFit Vancouver was the official CrossFit Training Center and the only CrossFit School. Just wondering out loud.

40. Mike - CrossFit PEI wrote...

Tony, given that the final Affiliate seeds have not been determined, is a video qualifier for Affiliate Teams a possibility? Just something to consider given the success of the athletes who qualified for the Games last year in the Last Chance Qualifier.

41. Larry wrote...

Remember, you heard it here first - Greg Amundson 2010 CrossFit Games Champion!

42. Kizzee wrote...

I haven't heard that name since i found out about CF back in 2007 (all those videos of him owning)... Is he really gonna compete?

43. Kathleen wrote...

Disappointed that the masters cutoff is 50, ugh. This 48 middle-aged old lady would of loved to try and compete. Will be interesting to see how many master female crossfitters are out there.

44. Larry wrote...

He'll need to qualify, but the last I heard he was planning on trying.

Did you read this?


To me, Greg is the original CrossFit Monster (no offense to Josh Everett). He was at my L1 cert back in '06, and I think he is just a great person.

45. Terry wrote...

Kathleen, you dissappointmnet is understandable, on the other hand there are probably a lot of 50+ year olds out there that are excited. I think it was a good decision. If it was 40+ the class would have been dominated by the older fire breathers. You can still compete, don't worry, it won't be long before you are 50...don't rush it. I am turning 52 tomorrow, I plan to compete at the sectionals in the open class. If I don't make it I will try the Masters.

46. maggie wrote...

If you are military and are stationed in one state for the sectionals but may be in other for the regionals, which would you compete in? I am at Quantico until April, but in May I might be in NC or CA which is when the regionals are.


47. Tony Budding wrote...

We will have to get creative for some mil athletes. Participate in the local Sectional and then write us directly if you qualify for the Regional. We'll work something out that's fair to all.

48. Lee Tannenbaum wrote...

Where is the information on the Masters events/tryouts?

49. Jeff C wrote...

Come on people. Please stop complaining about the distance you have to travel or the location for these events. Not everyone is going to be able to be happy when you have to divide up the world. Some people are going to be living right on the border or at the furthest points away possible. That is just the nature of the beast. If you want to go, then go. And if it is too inconvenient then don't go. I'm pretty sure olympic athletes never complained that "ohhhh, Athens is so far away. Why can't we just have the olympics in MY hometown." The CrossFit Games is a bigtime competition now. It would be nice if everyone and there Grandma could go to Aromas but that is logistically impossible with the popularity of CrossFit. So if the sacrifices to try and make Aromas are too much for you then you'll just have to go to some local CrossFit competition, and if one doesn't exist then organize one yourself. Be the miracle.

50. danny lau wrote...

#49 JEff...

Well said Brother, amen to that!

51. imbroke wrote...

$50 for spectators? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

52. StevieB wrote...

As somebody who has in the past paid in excess of $100 for a three hour basketball game $50 sounds like a great deal to me... In a perfect world where it did not cost money to put these events on then they would all be free. Plus I don't mind contributing to the community or lets be honest to lining the pockets of the people that put these amazing events on.

I have a feeling that not only would the $50 go to putting on better and better events but is also going to be used as way to make sure that only the most rabidly passionate cross fitters are in attendance. I will happily pay for the experience.

53. Wes E wrote...

I also want to be clear on which Sectional I should plan on attending. I live just across the river from Portland, Oregon in Washington. Can I attend the Portland Sectional or do I need to make plans to attend the Washington Sectional?

54. Alan wrote...

Jeff C - ease up there cowboy. Olympic athletes do not pay their way to the Games. That little ownage is just for starters - want more?

StevieB - are you comparing a crossfitter to an NBA player? I certainly hope not. You want to line the pockets of CFHQ? You already have - with the RRG for example.

55. JZ wrote...

comparing Olympics to Aromas seriously?

I'm pretty certain any Olympic athlete would Never complain about traveling expenses... as they NEVER have to pay!!

i agree, that if u want it u'll go regardless, but i honestly think the expense of traveling will knock out a few people before we even get started!

56. Josh wrote...

Agree JZ, not sure what Jeff C talking about.

I'm in Tassie Australia, and we are grouped with Victoria and New Zealand. I already know several key crossfitters from Vic aren't coming because of expense which a shame because they would have qualified easily. It seems unsual that Vic has to travel to NZ when it's widely acknowledge that Victoria has strongest crossfiters in Australia. Given the community is a lot bigger in Vic wouldn't it have made sense to let them have their own qualifiers?? It's just not fair that they have to travel to NZ then to Sydney after that, whereas people in Sydney for instance don't have to leave their back yard.

Concerned. I'd like to see the best athelets go through, not the richest.

57. KImberly wrote...

Can someone tell me how many people you can have in the affiliate team? I think the minimum is 4 but I am not so sure!

58. Kimberly wrote...

Opps!!! I found the answer!

59. P wrote...

Who does Victoria have other than Chris Hogan?? I have never heard of any "Strong" Australian CrossFitters from Victoria. Seriously man if you think you actually have a chance at making the games and then doing well from there, then make it happen. Create a fundraiser hold a mini games at your box and use the profit to send a few competitors. Dont just bitch. Suck it up butter cup... dont they have the term out there Hardn'up?


60. pat wrote...

IS there anyway someone not a member of an affiliate could compete on an affiliate team? For example a group of crossfitters that work out in their home gym?

61. Jeff C wrote...

Josh, JZ,
If something as small as travel expenses is going to knock someone out of competition then I would have to say that they probably don't have the drive to make it to the top anyways. Sure, not everyone is made of money, and some trips are going to be relatively expensive but you can find a way. Knock on some doors and tell them you are on a quest to go to Aromas and whatever they donate, 50% will go to your travel 50% to cancer research or whatever your favourite charity is. Talk to local businesses and get some sponsors. Do a fund raising WOD in your town like P said. Talk to local/provincial/state/national sporting foundations and try and get a grant. Beg, borrow, steal. Whatever it takes if you want it. If you are going to complain at least try to offer a realistic solution (and no I don't think that HQ paying for whoever you think is good to attend a sectional seems very realistic). Life is not fair. Not everyone gets the same opportunities. Fight for what you want.

62. Eric wrote...

When I lived in Hawaii it was real easy for me to run the Honolulu Marathon. If I wanted to do it now it would cost me a $600 flight, plus several $100+ nights in a hotel room, plus the entrance fee. There are going to be travel expenses for anyone who wants to compete in the Games, some more than others. But there's no way to make everyone happy, especially with countries that can't justify having their own sectional because they only have a handful of affiliates. Give CF a few more years to catch on in those areas and I'm sure things will change.

63. nick in sydney m/38/6ft/183 wrote...

I'm sorry Josh...did you write that it's widely acknowledged that Victoria has the best crossfitters in Australia?

Hmm, last year's qualifiers - Steve Willis, Sydney, Nadine Burns, Sydney, Taz is from NZ. Not sure where Chris Hogan is from.

not sure anybody acknowledged Victoria as the best last year.

I'll wage Mick Shaw from CFX walks through as one of the three qualifiers and probably Chad Mackay.

64. sp wrote...

i think from memory 8 of the top 20 at last years regionals were from VIC?

its a new year, who knows how people have been training? and if there are new athletes around ready to compete in 2010...

NZ for example.. 2 athletes competed last year, you could pretty much guarantee there will be more athletes ready to compete this year.

i think everyone needs relax, the beauty of crossfit is that anything can happen... who knows who will qualify!?

65. Neil Scholtz wrote...

Will it be up to the affiliate/persons hosting the Sectional & Regionals as to how that competition will be run. I.e. determining how many and what workouts will be presented at the local competitions?

Or will there be some standards set from above as to how things should be run?

66. Becky wrote...

So, my regional qualifier (NorCal) is the first weekend in March, but I'm going to be in Ohio at the Arnold. Is there any way I can do that qualifier instead?

67. Regs wrote...

Any mention of drug testing this year? Seemed like last year was a bluff. It would be nice to actually expose the cheats at regionals and have a relatively clean field heading into Aromas.

68. Moose wrote...

I am very disappointed that the Masters has moved up to 50+. Of all the competitiors at the 2009 games, I believe that Andy Petranek (who is AWESOME!) was the only competitor over 40. That fact demonstrates the exception.

While I do my best to challenge the youngsters, 45+ year-old reflexes are not the same as theirs, nor are my body's recovery mechanisms. If the Masters division is cut off at 50+, it effectively eliminates a substantial group of competitors who really serve as an inspiration and call-to-arms to the 40ish desk-jockey set that really need crossfit. With the huge growth in recent-year competitor numbers, especially in the very fit under 40 crowd, it's not realistic to expect more than probably two 40+ competitors to make it past the regionals. I do crossfit 4 or 5 times a week, but at my age it's physiologically imposible for me to catch up to Mikko Salo or Jason Khalipa (or Kristen Clever!).

I don't want to rush to 50 any faster than I have to, but don't make many of us wait 4, 5, or 8 years to get a realistic shot at competing. I'd like to see the Masters cutoff at 43 or 44.

69. Jeff wrote...

By what date do I need to turn 50 to be eligible for the Masters?

70. Mark wrote...

Moose, what you would really like to see is the cutoff at your birthday. I am 60 and would like that to be the cutoff, but I will just have to suck it up and compete with men 10 years younger. Can't please everbody.

71. Rainer Hartmann wrote...

I'm with Moose on the age thing. Check most other sports (boxing 35, weight lifting 35, bodybuilding 40), the age where you are considered a Master's competitor are considerably lower than the 50 set for the Games Qualifiers. I could see a 45 cut-off, and I definitely am impressed by Mark going to compete at age 60, but I think the limit at age 50 is a bit too high. Like Moose said, Andy was one competitor at the Games over 40 in 2009, I think there was one other right at 40, so our chances are rather slim. When I did the Mid-West Qualifier this year, there were less than 10 I think in the 40+ category, so from an organizational standpoint it shouldn't be too hard to handle.

72. Jesse Gray wrote...

For the masters competition I think they may want to take a page from old boys style rugby tournaments. In essence, they scale them according to age. The youngest guys are 35 and play with the regular rules, the really old guys have different colored shorts and different rules apply to them. For instance, if you're over 50 you wear a certain color of shorts and you can only be grabbed, not fully tackled, if you have pink shorts (over 70 I think) you can't be touched at all and it's kind of assumed you will run for a bit and pass the ball off.

For the games, it would be easy to scale the events in 5 year increments, 35-40, 41-45, etc. with 35 year olds going at the RX'd weight with maybe a bit more cutoff time and then scaling down weight and reps for the old fellas. This would allow a much larger masters competition and it would keep old guys in the game for as long as they want to keep working out. I think it's win win that way.

73. Rainer Hartmann wrote...

Jesse: That's a great idea, shouldn't be that hard to do for qualifiers and/or Games.

74. Graeme wrote...

Moose & Rainer
I'm with Mark on this one. I'm 56 & just as Moose pointed out in competing with 35 year olds, I doubt Mark or myself could go with 45 year olds. The Masters next games is a start & maybe in future as the sport grows this will too develop into groupings of say, 10 year age groups.
We just had the World Masters Games in Australia & they seemed to be grouped in 10 year segments mostly.
Obviously 50 suits me & is Ok with Mark, but you have to start somewhere & this is possibly an excellent place to showcase the "baby boomer" generation & show them what a fit healthy person of their age is capable of.
You can't please everyone as demonstrated by the posts about the location of some sectionals & regionals, like everything in life - "them's the rules" and we just have to fit into them. If you're 45 you now know you have a five year plan to get awesomely fit; we just have a few months.

Anyone know how the qualifiers for this will work?

75. Roger wrote...

As someone right on the edge of turning 50 i will be interested to understand the cut-off. My reading of other "Masters" definitions eg Powerlifting is that "50" would be defined as someone turning 50 in the calendar year of competition; hence the 2010 games "Masters" would be open to anyone born as late as 31 december 1960. The alternative read would be 50 or older on Jan 1 2010. If it's the latter I'll enjoy an additional year of prep, but i really hope it's the former.... any HQ insight would be appreciated..

76. CL wrote...

RE: Masters age cut off.

An age cut off of 35 or 40 or 45 is irrelevant because Jacinto is going to win.

77. Tim Carr wrote...

That was classic, dude. . . LMFAO!!

78. dazeyjayme wrote...

What is the cost for sectionals? Sorry if I missed it somewhere.

79. Matt Swift wrote...

The Australasian Qualifiers are going to rock!! There are so many strong athletes in this region as we have seen in the various events hosted at various affiliates over the last 12 months.

Already the debate has started as to which sectional has the best athletes. Aussies are passionate! This is a sign that CrossFit is becoming a legitimate sport. Arguing about football used to be a national pastime, CrossFit competition will be the next testing ground for traditional rivalries. Aussie vs Kiwi, State vs State, Mate vs Mate ... bring it on!!

My money is on QLD, but whatever happens, lets make sure a kiwi doesn't win the qualifiers :-)

80. Alan wrote...

Tony -

Thanks! So in effect what you're saying is the testing will be as useless as last year?

What were the results from last year anyway?

81. Darren Coughlan wrote...

The Cain Toads have no chance, the mexicans are a long shot, western transval [PERTHfontein] have nothing and as usual the kiwis will crumble under pressure [All blacks world cup].
NSW all the way!


Seriously though, how action packed is next year! Its great to see sectionals, regionals then the Games in Aromas. CrossFit is truely a sport.

82. Travis wrote...

I am in the same situation as question 37--where should we go for the sectional if we live in Puerto Rico?

83. Dave T wrote...

Will the registration website for Sectionals be up by December 21?

Has any consideration been given for getting a mathematician or statistician to design a scoring system for the 2010 Games?

84. Jon M wrote...

Just wondering when we're going to get an update on registration? Is it the 21st?

85. ALEX wrote...

Anyone know or could say what city of Italy will be the sectional area of southern europe?
There are only two months and a couple of weeks and would be interesting to book airline tickets, hotel, ect ...

Thanks, Alex Martinez

86. Concerned wrote...


I am slightly concerned about the affiliate qualifiers. I understand that the team name is all that needs to qualify at regionals but what if your strongest athletes (specifically, strongest females) at your affiliate are already competing at regionals as an individual. If that athlete does not qualify to go the Games as an individual and their affiliate team does not qualify then that athlete is SOL. I guess my question to you would be; is HQ 100% sold on having affiliate team qualifiers at regionals?

Thank you for your time.


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