Southwest Regional

US SouthWest Regional + Sectionals

SouthWest Regional: May 8-9 (Tentative)
Location: Orange County, CA (Tentative)
California, Arizona, Hawaii
CrossFit Games Seeds: 4 men, 4 women

Four Sectionals
NorCal Sectional: March 27-28
Archbishop Mitty High School, 5000 Mitty Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129
California (North of San Luis Obispo County)
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

SoCal Sectional: March 13
Drake Stadium, UCLA
California (South of SLO County and North of San Diego County)
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

San Diego/Arizona Sectional: March 27 - 28
5375 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego, CA 92123
California (San Diego County) and Arizona
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

Hawaii Sectional: March 13-14
CrossFit Oahu, 556 Reed Lane Honolulu Hi 96815
Regional Seeds: 3 men, 3 women

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

28 comments on this entry

1. Marcus wrote...

March 6-7 in Emeryville is now engrained into my head. A mixture of goosebumps and butterflies hit me as soon as I read it. Good luck to everyone training... Gon' tear it up!

2. Justin Riley wrote...

Fired up to see something on the calendar! Can't wait to attend.

3. Chris Michelmore wrote...


4. Pat Barber wrote...

All of Cali, 1 Regional, 4 People..... Brutal.

Game on!

5. Jesse Gray wrote...

Seriously! The sectional are going to be almost as hard as last year's regionals.

I say this is the year the affiliate cup gets serious!

6. Will Blaker wrote...

And I thought last year was epic. Leave it up to HQ to exceed my expectations.
Good luck to all the competitors. Can't wait to attend and see all my Crossfitten brethren again.

7. Tim Anderson wrote...

Damn, this is so awesome! I'm 55 and going to try for the Master's, so how does one register?

8. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

4 hard spots! This could get interesting...

9. Major wrote...

3 months and counting! 4 spots... this is gonna be incredible!

10. mcsharry wrote...

ohhh man butterflies already

11. Herm @ CF Eclipse wrote...

San Diego, here I come! Opening up a new box down there within the next month.

I'm going to have a few exceptional athletes coming from CrossFit Eclipse! I hope to grab a few of the 40 Regional seeds available in San Diego. The Regionals are going to be a blast!

I'll miss my Bay Area, but it's time to GROW! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again at regionals. Pat, Justin, etc... I'll come find you there and cheer you guys on as much as my own athletes :)

12. Herm @ CF Eclipse wrote...

Will and Chris, you guys too. Ahhh man, it'll be a great year!

13. Will Blaker wrote...

Looking forward to it Herm. Good luck on your new box bud. Come visit me in Dublin before you go if you get the chance.

14. Corey Bibolet wrote...

It looks like us 40 year olds are out in the dust! I can't compete with the 20 somethings. I will just be the training partner for my coach you has a good chance of making it through the sectionals and regionals.

Herm - Good luck with your athletes!

15. Ericlee Gilmore wrote...

Thanks so much for the date. Is is there a special reason why NorCal is slotted for two days while the other sectionals are slotted one day? What is the cost?

16. Chris wrote...

Did the dates for San Diego/Arizona Sectional just change? Wasn't it March 13-14?

17. Eric wrote...

Yep, that is a change...I had March 13-14 marked down already.

18. seth pelletier wrote...

I will be deployed for the sectional but here for the regional. Is NorCal having any video entry for depolyed members?

19. Justin Riley wrote...

Herm, best wishes with getting your Affiliate going, look forward to seeing you and everyone else at the events as well. We are going to miss having the Ranch at Aromas as our home town stomping grounds for regionals, but fair is fair. Orange county, here we come.

20. Pete wrote...

Did the date and location change for the norcal qualifiers change too? Do they announce the qualifier events prior to it? I don't remember how it went down this year....

21. Jesse Gray wrote...

Lame, norcal got moved from an hour away from me to two hours away and now I can't go down and cheer on my buds at socal anymore either. :( My only hope is that the new venue is better set up for running!

22. Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit wrote...

Bummer! The date of the Nor-Cal Sectionals was changed to the same day as IMCA, i.e., Oceanside 70.3, which happens to be my first Half-Ironman distance triathlon. Looks like no CF game qualifiers for me this year! Supper bummed, but wish the best to all those competing.


23. dan from florida wrote...

Waiting for south east sectional registration! Its Monday the 21st 8:02AM eastern standard time. Excited!

24. Jim Climer wrote...

Damn, nothing like confusing
the residents living INSIDE
San Luis Obispo County.

I realize that SLO is under-
represented by Crossfit, but
the way the dividing lines for
SW Region Sectional locations
are written, you have those south
of SLO and north of SLO. But what about

To make it even more confusing,
The only active affilitate in the county
is in the south of the county, and I
live in the north part of the county
(not an insignificant distance).

25. Adam Stevenson wrote...

CrossFit SoCal is sending 1 monster and some pretty bad ass dudes.
Cant wait!

26. Bill Grundler wrote...

Jim! Your coming with us if you wanna go. You are part of our affiliate and we are heading south for the SoCal! Get ready for a great one!!!!!

27. Peter wrote...

Anyone know if/when they will announce the sectional events for the Norcal qualifiers?

28. Vickie wrote...

Heard somewhere that they're charging admission to go to sectionals to support, is this the case?


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