South Central Regional

US South Central Regional + Sectionals

South Central Regional: May 29-30
GSX Athletics, 5220 West Vickery Blvd, Ft Worth, TX 76107
Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas
CrossFit Games Seeds: 4 men, 4 women

Two Sectionals
New Mexico / North Texas / Oklahoma / Arkansas Sectional: March 13-14
Next Generation CrossFit 7709 East 42nd Place, #116 Tulsa, OK, 74145
New Mexico, Texas (North of El Paso across), Oklahoma, Arkansas
Regional Seeds: 30 men, 30 women

Central and Southern Texas Sectional: March 13-14
Austin, TX
Texas (El Paso across and South), Louisiana
Regional Seeds: 30 men, 30 women

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

20 comments on this entry

1. Web Smith wrote...

The anticipation mounts...

Great job with the site, HQ! Lindsey is already in Austin, training. In the middle of a Thursday morning. I think she wants to finish 1st. :) Good luck to all who compete. I will see many of you at the All Cities Open at CrossFit Dallas Central, this weekend.

Web Smith

2. kris kepler wrote...

pretty exciting stuff!

3. Shane Gibson wrote...

Hotels booked in Austin and Ft Worth! Now I just have to decide if I am competing or watching... I'm behind the Smith family and Vic all the way. Get some Web, Lindsey and Vic!

4. Candice Ruiz wrote...

Finally, a date! So excited for this to begin!

5. Tyler Parsons wrote...

All I have to say is be ready for GORILLA VIOLENCE!!!


6. Shane Gibson wrote...

Am I confused or does the sectionals map for these two sections not match the description written here? The map shows one section being New Mexico, North Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas...and the other section being South Texas and Louisiana. But, the written info posted here includes New Mexico with South Texas and Lousiana section???

7. Tony Budding wrote...

You are right. There was a mistake. New Mexico is with North Texas, OK, and Arkansas. It's been corrected in the post.

8. Brad Cobb wrote...

I am obligated to something I can't get out of on that weekend. I live in La. Can I compete in the sectionals in Al. for the SouthEast region?

9. Ron Fielder wrote...

Does anyone know the physical location for the event in Austin. Thanks.

10. smart wrote...


11. Shane Gibson wrote...

I believe it is at CrossFit Central in Austin, TX.

12. Ron Fielder wrote...

Thanks, but Central's address isn't on the site. Seems to me like it would be nice to know where the event is being held. Could make a big difference in how you prep. could I have missed that one.

13. Jeremy Thiel wrote...


Currently the location is in Austin Texas. The physical location will not make much of a difference. We will announce the physical location soon.


Jeremy Thiel

14. Ron Fielder wrote...

Thanks, Jeremy. See you in March.

15. Web Smith wrote...

The site for our region will not let me register. I hope that I won't be penalized for it...

16. Leah Goldstein wrote...

Any new information on site location? Just trying to figure out where to book the hotel.

17. Jeremy Thiel wrote...


All details will be released Friday 22nd! If you are a registered participant you will be contacted.

Jeremy T

18. Leah Goldstein wrote...

Thanks Jeremy!

19. Neal wrote...

So any word on location? Really want to get a hotel booked in the right part of town

20. Micah wrote...

Has anyone heard anything on the location?


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