2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Registration Site Update

Sorry for all the hassles!

We had unbelievable demand for registration, far in excess of our highest expectations. All of the issues that have been listed in the comments of the other post have been corrected. The site is moving again, and registrations are happening successfully.

A few things to note:
1. Those of you who registered twice and got billed twice will get the second charge refunded. Please email crossfitgames2010@regsvc.com with the specifics and you will be refunded. If you have already emailed them, there is no need to email again. It will be addressed as soon as possible.

2. So far, none of the Sectionals are sold out, so everyone who hasn't registered yet still can. If you do happen to get put on a waitlist, please wait. Our intent has always been to structure the events so that everyone gets the chance to compete. We will be working to expand the Sectional so that all can compete.

3. We are sending an additional email confirmation to everyone who has registered for validation purposes. This will be in addition to the standard email confirmation. If you do not receive this within 24 hours, please email crossfitgames2010@regsvc.com with your registration details. If you receive more than one, it means you registered more than once and were charged more than once. Sending an email will get this rectified.

4. The SoCal Sectional was incorrectly listed as a One-Day event. It is a Two-Day event, and the site now reflects the cost of a two-day event. Everyone who has already registered for the SoCal Sectional will be contacted by email.

5. The call center and email response team are on holiday hours (we pushed hard to get the site up before the holiday break). We are leaving the site up all weekend. Continue to register as you wish, and rest assured that we will take care of all issues as quickly as we can. Most of them will be addressed on Monday.

The chaos today was a result of our success. We have an amazing community, whose strength was shown by this. It's already better, and the rest will be fixed and working smoothly shortly. Thanks for your patience!

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

30 comments on this entry

1. Chris P. - Crossfit King of Prussia wrote...

is there a way to confirm registration without trying to pay again? Went through the whole process, got an error page instead of a confirmation page. There is pending charge on the credit card website but I have not received an email confirmation. I'm assuming it went through b/c of the pending charge. Thanks!

2. MikeR wrote...

Yeah got the same thing that Chris P got. How can I tell if I'm actually registered? It failed at the credit card confirmation screen. I don't want to try again and get charged again.


3. Jeff Wilson wrote...

Same here with the error page but debit to my account. What should we do?

4. Chris P. - Crossfit King of Prussia wrote...

UPDATE: I just received confirmation emails for 2 registrations so I'm going to email back and give details to get a refund. Thanks.

5. lela k wrote...

Thanks to the web devs for all their hard work.

6. MikeR wrote...

Update - Got a confirmation email.

7. Greg Halmi wrote...

yup got my confirmation email. thanks for all the hard work. i am looking forward to this!

8. Johnny Di Gregorio - CrossFit Pasadena wrote...

I was registered.. got an email asking me which Southwest Sectional I was signing up for.. I informed them it was SOCAL.. and then got a confirmation for the SanDiego Sectional.


9. Herm wrote...

Good luck to all of those who are competing.

10. basics wrote...

Cash money. Keep on sending it.

11. tucker wrote...


12. k wrote...

What are the hours volunteers will be committed to? We have affiliate reps who will also be competing in events at the Classic but we'd love to try and participate in both.


13. k wrote...

sorry. just found the link to rogue. headed that direction.

14. Eric wrote...

Any chance after the first week's rush dies down we could see rosters of who's registered for each sectional? That would allow everyone who thinks they registered to confirm that they're on the list, and would give them a chance to see who their competition is.

15. Jason wrote...

I think this was asked about a billion times in the last set of comments, but can someone please address the age cutoff for the spectator fee? I'm going to be pretty upset if I have to shell out $50 for my 2-yr-old... Also, has anyone from HQ addressed the justification for this spectator fee yet?

16. Tony Budding wrote...

Kids under 12 are free. Everyone 12 and over needs to register.

17. Kevin Bland wrote...

That is awesome. I have 2 kids. Now my whole family can watch me suffer.

18. william wrote...

Comment 16 makes me laugh. Eager consumers. So happy to spend, spend, spend. All in the name of "eliteness".

19. Jason wrote...

Thanks, Tony. I appreciate the update (and for the additional post). I'm sure that will allow a lot more competitors to attend the events with their families.

20. Full Strength wrote...

Does any one know what time the games usually end? Im doing the Southwest sectional for San Diego/AZ. I need to make flight arrangements so Im wondering if I should stay until the 29th. Thanks.

21. brett wrote...

Not to get ahead of myself, but looking to plan seminars for the year... Anyone know when the games in Aromas will be?

22. jamie@CFA wrote...

Brett scroll to the top of the page

23. john wrote...

it looks like my sectional is only $25 for spectators for both days...i dont think $25 is a lot of money. get over it people. Crossfit is at the point that IF they didnt charge a fee the venue would be too crowded and i honestly believe in capitalism. Make the money while you can!!

24. sean wrote...


How does registration for the online qualifier work?

I will be deployed O/S with Australian Military during the My local Sectionals but would like a chance to compete in the Australian regionals. Is this a possibility?


25. Johnny Di Gregorio - CrossFit Pasadena wrote...

I still have not received a call back to fix the problems with my registration. The website signed me up for the wrong sectional. I call into to confirm and left a message but have not been called back.


26. JIM T. wrote...

Regarding registration for sectionals-
If I am unable to attend the closest sectional (military obligation on that weekend) is it legit to travel to an alternate location?

27. Lydia wrote...

Any idea when the site for the NorCal sectional will be up? I've been trying to register since day 1 and the site doesn't work, it just says Loading forever...

28. Lydia wrote...

Any idea when the site for the NorCal sectional will be up? I've been trying to register since day 1 and the site doesn't work, it just says Loading forever...

29. ALEX wrote...

Anyone know or could say what city of Italy will be the sectional area of southern europe?
There are only two months and a couple of weeks and would be interesting to book airline tickets, hotel, ect ...

Thanks, Alex Martinez

30. Trac wrote...

Just wanted to say thanks for the quick turn around time on the refund. See y'all in San Jose!


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