2010 CrossFit Games Finals

PROGENEX Sponsors Winners' Prize Purses

The two 2010 CrossFit Games champions will earn a $25,000 prize purse each, thanks to the generous sponsorship of PROGENEX.

This is a major jump for the competitors. For the first three Games, the prize money was $500, $1,500, and $5,000, respectively. Now, we know you don't compete for the cash, but $25K will outfit a serious affiliate.

PROGENEX is led by Dr. Scott Connelly, founder of MET-Rx, the company that launched the sports nutrition industry. Dr. Connelly is considered by the international medical community as a pioneer in the physiology of nutrition, muscle metabolism and molecular biology. Dr. Connelly's track record for developing products that deliver remarkable results is unmatched, and his support of the CrossFit community will be invaluable.

PROGENEX products promise to make even the best protein supplements yesterday's news, because they contain concentrated bioactive milk protein fractions that Dr. Connelly has identified as powerful signaling molecules that target muscle recovery, growth, repair and strength.

The PROGENEX Recovery product is extremely interesting, and is currently blowing away professional athletes in the NFL and the NBA. Enabling athletes to recover from grueling workouts in hours, PROGENEX Recovery is changing the way athletes train.

PROGENEX is proud to sponsor the 2010 CrossFit games and be a part of CrossFit history.

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Proudly supporting the 2010 CrossFit Games

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

16 comments on this entry

1. Bryan wrote...

Thanks Progenex! It's exciting to see the games become a premier event. Course we've always loved 'em, but to see them get larger each year is exciting. Wonder how long until there's at least a highlight reel on ESPN2 or something.

2. Kimo Kockelman wrote...

Thanks Progenex for helping to promote CrossFit and its athletes.

3. Justin wrote...

At my Level 1 certification, Todd said that CrossFit does not recongnize nutrition supplements or support them. Other than fish oil. Im pretty sure that Progenex isnt going to give $50,000.00 in prize money if Crossfit isnt going to promote their supplements. Dont get me wrong I myself take supplements and I believe they have their place in training. I was just wondering if CrossFit is changing their stance on nutrition supplements. Thanks

4. graf wrote...

Similar to the $50 charge for spectators. Shameless.

5. Jesse Gray wrote...

Progenex doesn't make supplements, they make protein powder. Protein powder has been used by many Crossfitters for a long time and Progenex makes a really good product so I don't see anything wrong with their support.

6. Justin wrote...

Correct me if I am wrong but isnt protein powder considered a supplement.

7. Herm wrote...

Have we not learned anything?

Don't buy in to protein powder. Waste of money. Eat real, high quality Paleolithic foods. Progenex is being pumped up because of it's sponsorship.

"PROGENEX products promise to make even the best protein supplements yesterday's news, because they contain concentrated bioactive milk protein fractions that Dr. Connelly has identified as powerful signaling molecules that target muscle recovery, growth, repair and strength."

This sounds as desperate as a MuscleTech commercial. What the hell are we getting targeted as naive for? I'm friggin insulted, CrossFit.

8. AJ wrote...

Gotta tread carefully. CrossFit needs $$ as a tool to grow and expand, however we gotta stick to the fundamentals of what works. I think if we play this right, the CrossFit community can work with Dr. Connelly and Progenex to spread CrossFit greatness to a much larger audience. Stick to helping people, use money as a tool to do that, and we're good.

9. Isaac de Masi wrote...

I am personally becoming less and less proud to be a part of CrossFit whenever I see something like the advertising for something like Progenex.

Please, do not let this be a race to see how many people we can expose CrossFit to. From my interpretation and initial reaction to CrossFit, the model that was adopted from the beginning was extremely unique among a lot of other fitness and exercise philosophies. And from my observation, that model carried over to the business side of CrossFit.

I may be alone, but I was proud to be a part of an organization that challenged all others and said, "Fuck the rest."

10. Jesse Gray wrote...

Well, yes and no. The umbrella of supplements is pretty broad, it ranges from "food" supplements to "drug" supplements. Food supplements are things like protein and fish oil. You can get them from the foods you eat but to make sure you get the proper doses sometimes it's easier to get the concentrated form. Drug type supplements are chemicals which affect brain chemistry, hormones, etc. (although, food can effect those changes as well), a good example of a chemical supplement we all use quite commonly is caffeine. Coffee or tea is our preferred method of intake. If you want to be paleo feel free to eat the raw beans.
So, do you want to rely on powder for protein? No, of course not but it is technically food and it is a very convenient way for athletes to make sure they get enough protein every day. As far as processing food goes, where do you draw the line? Good, pure protein powder has usually one or two ingredients, that's less than your average store bought beef jerky.

11. Justin Riley wrote...

Personally I am not a fan of supplements either. I find them to be a waste of money with little to no measurable results, but shit, if someone wants to offer 25K to the worlds fittest CF athletes, lets put their logo up and let people make up their own minds if they want to take supplements or not. Its not like the games are getting sponsored by the tabacco companies. We want and need sponsors people, so even if you disagree with the companies products who are sponsoring, it doesn't look good for all of us to get on here and bash the organizers of the events and the companies who are helping our community put on these events of now epic proportion.

I would like to see the performance enhancing testing continue to get more stringent though. Although we were supposedly tested last year, nobody ever made any mention of any results regarding those tests. Almost seemed to be more of a charade than anything. With $25,000 on the table I can see a few dumbasses shooting themselves up with whatever they can get their hands on from Mexico in an attempt to win. We should get a drug testing company to sponsor this thing and publish the results of each athlete. I want to see this sport stay pure and natural. With money coming into play it is could start to get stupid like body building, power lifting, baseball, track and field, etc.

12. Jake Trahan wrote...

Exactly Justin, and to the people that are "offended" take a look at Glassman's "CrossFit 101".

13. Alex wrote...

Where did you see that info?

14. Jesse Gray wrote...

Excellent point Justin, in regards to doping, I asked Castro about testing at the games this past August. He didn't get too specific but he said that they tested for about 20 different substances and that there were positive tests at the games in 09' but none of them were competitors in the top 16. I'm not totally sure what to make of that other than a) there are lots of drugs out there they are not testing for and b) at this point at least you can win clean (probably).

I also think it would just be too expensive to get all the dope you need to cheat properly in every fitness domain! Different kinds of steroids, EPA, blood doping, HGH, stimulants... I think you might die if you actually took all that stuff!

15. Bill Houghton wrote...

I don't like it! Powders and potions! Where does it end? Seems like a sell out to me. Money, money, money.

16. John wrote...

I agree 100% with Bill's comment about not selling out, which is one thing I love about CrossFit. But I've actually been taking Progenex since I read about them in Sports Illustrated a few months ago, and I don't think they're selling out at all (at least I hope not). It's the only supplement I've ever tried where I could literally tell a noticeable difference in the first few uses. The recovery aspect is crazy, and I've been able to take my training to another level. I'd challenge you to try their Propack, and see what happens. Then let everyone know if you think CrossFit is selling out.


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