Northwest Regional

US NorthWest Regional + Sectionals

Northwest Regional: May 15-16
110 9th Avenue SW, Puyallup, WA 98371
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Alaska
CrossFit Games Seeds: 3 men, 3 women

Four Sectionals
Washington State Sectional: February 27-28
Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, Washington
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

Oregon / Idaho Sectional: March 13 -14
Location: 2060 North Marine Drive Portland, Ore 97217
Oregon and Idaho
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

Nevada / Utah Sectional: February 27-28
283 E Gentile, Layton, UT 84041
Nevada and Utah
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

Alaska Sectional: March 6
9191 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK
Regional Seeds: 3 men, 3 women

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

33 comments on this entry

1. Patrick wrote...

Why are there only 3 seeds for men and women from this region? A good number of the top performers from 2009 came from this area. Why are all of the other US regionals permitted 4, while Northwest is only granted 3?

2. Patrick wrote...

Okay well I just noticed some other US regionals are 3 seeds as well. However, I don't see why you couldn't have 4 from each region.

3. Ryan DeBell wrote...

So basically speal is competing in our Regionals...crap

4. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

Also a little disappointed at the 3 seeds from the NW. Perhaps the affiliate blog isn't up to date but I noticed Canada gets 6 spots at the games with only 105 total affiliates while the NW Region gets 3 spots with 119 total affiliates feeding into the Regional. Also wanted to point out that the NW Region produced #2, #3, and #17 place finishers at the 2009 games, add Chris Spealler into the mix and that's a pretty strong region. I'm sure there are reasons for only 3 spots and that HQ did their best to make this as fair as possible...hopefully some NW beasts will also make it in on a LCQ this year.

5. Tony Budding wrote...

Remember that #2 and #3 are already qualified for the Games, so that region really has 5 seeds.

6. Jesse Ward wrote...

Charles!!! Unbelievable Brother - thanks for all the hard workouts! I can't wait to see everyone at the Washington Sectionals, it's gonna be HUGE!!!

7. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

Tony, thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions. Like I said, I'm sure HQ is doing this as fairly as possible. I appreciate your hard work.

8. Jake Trahan wrote...

Well at least i can say i qualified for sectionals lol!


9. Louise wrote...

Canada's regionals is pretty much a National Championships this year :)
Last year we had 2 different Regionals, West Coast and East Coast. HQ allowed 3 men and 3 women from each of these regionals to get to the games which = 12 athletes total. The number of athletes being sent from Canada has not changed from last year. What has changed is the fact that Canada will be one region, all of us compete for the top 6 spots.4 of the athletes in the top 15 at the games in Aromas were all from Canada's West coast, this should make for an unreal Regionals this year and a super tuff one to boot.

10. Justin wrote...

Surprised to see only 3/3 given the number of male and females that placed top 20 at the Games. Should be an awesome Qualifier!

11. Jason wrote...

How do I sign up for a qualifier and how much does it cost?

12. Rory wrote...

Please note the change to the Oregon sectionals. Location details will be posted shortly.

13. Laurie wrote...

Jason, the first post on the "home, new and featured content" tab above says that CF hopes to launch the registration site on December 21st. Registration for competitors and spectators will be through and probably here on the games site. I'm not sure on cost.

14. Andy wrote...

We would love to host the Oregon sectionals in Salem being the most central to the state with a large facility and plenty of outside space. I understand this has probably already been decided, but it would be nice if HQ looked at the most convenient location for the participants in that area. Either way I can't wait for the day!

15. Calvin wrote...

Would love to see the sectional take place in Boise. It is central to both Oregon and most of Idaho.

16. Jessica wrote...

I disagree with sectionals taking place in Boise for the Idaho/Oregon sectionals. There are 21 affiliates in Oregon compared to the 8 in Idaho and most of the Oregon affiliates are in the Portland metro area. I am sure HQ is already under way with a location.

17. Calvin wrote...

Well i can see your point in that..... But if you were paying attention to when they first posted the live site it was scheduled for Portland and they are now changing so even if they picked a more centeral location in Oregon i think the registration numbers for Idaho and Oregon would be good.

18. Rob wrote...

They were talking about Speal being in our region at our box today as well. I don't get it, why everybody is worried about that. As one of the Godfathers of crossfit and a great athlete I mean no disrespect to him but he would not have made it out of the NW regional last year. Hack who finished 2nd at he games couldn't get threw the NW and had to do the last chance qualifier to get in and he is a F***ing machine. Crossfit is exploding in the Northwest and with so many new athlete's I think you are going to see some fresh faces this year coming out of the woodwork that are flat out freaks. Tommy had been doing CF for less the 6 months and got 2nd in the world. How many more of those guys do you think are coming out this year? I would be more worried about the guys you have never heard of.

19. Wasatch Damon wrote...

Rob, I think Speal's a force to be reckoned with. At last year's qualifier we had 300# deadlifts, 155lb squat cleans, and what amounted to bodyweight snatches. He destroyed the field.

That's half the fun though...getting to see who the next big stud is. I've got half of the workouts programmed and all I can say is eat your Grass fed beef, drink your fish oil, and train your ass off!

20. Chris McDonald wrote...

The games are going to be hosted at the expo center in portland. It is a 36,000 sq ft facility with 17 ft ceilings. Close to airport, right off the freeway, and lots of parking. We're going to have plenty of space to host an amazing event, and truly see the best of Oregon and Idaho. Can't wait to see the athletes these two states are developing!

21. Rob wrote...

I never said he wasn't a force, the guys is a stud no question. However last years Regional was max shoulder press, max deadlift, then a WOD of muscle-ups, wall balls, etc. Tommy killed the WOD winning by I think a couple of minutes and even if Speal would have beat him he still does not dead or shoulder press enough weight to have qualified for the games. We all have strengthes and weaknesses. If the qualifier is something that matches his strenghtes or anybody elses for that matter anybody can win. However if it's the same thing as last year he and many other great athlete's won't get in. That doesn't mean he or anybody else isn't the best athlete in the world either, just means they aren't the best at those movements. I can kick Michael Jordan's ass at Fran but does that make me the better athlete?

22. Ryan DeBell wrote...

This sectional is on a Friday and Saturday? Is that a typo? Can we not have it on a Saturday and Sunday?

23. Ryan DeBell wrote...

haha nvm i read the dates wrong, it is a saturday and sunday

24. karla nauer wrote...

why has the cost gone up so much this yr? Especially for spectators, last yr we paid $5 at the regionals in seattle!

25. Billy Howard wrote...


That's true Speal would not have qualified in the northwest last year if hack didn't because of the wods they chose. At the same time, if they would have done the great basin regional qualifier wods, Hack would have mostly likely came in first. It all depends on the programming for the region. And since the Northwest wods eliminated the 2nd fittest man on the planet last year, they probably weren't the best choices and most likely won't be repeated.

26. Zach@CFLV wrote...

Has anyone considered the fact that the price increase might be due to more drug tests being administered at the lower levels of competition?

No idea if that is actually the case - I'm not complaining either way - but it was just something that crossed my mind...

27. Rob wrote...

I couldn't agree more Billy but you can't take anything away from the guys that did qualify. They earned their spots that day being the best at what the challenge that was presented to them and all did very well at the games. You are right about the programing. There was a few of us that did a bunch of the other regional workouts at our respective boxes as they came up and I don't think Hack finished out of the top 3 in any of them other then the NW. One to watch for this year is Garrett Wales out of Oregon Crossfit. He did all the regional workouts with Tommy as they came up last year and was right with him on every single one. Garrett would also have qualified out of any other region. He most likely could have made it in the Last Chance Qualifier as well but deceided to do the Oregon Games that day instead, which he won with a really dominating Heavy Grace in the finals. Not trying to blow your cover GW but I would be really suprised if he doesn't make a big splash this year.

28. Payton wrote...

Any news on start times, WOD's or anything else for Washington? Were getting down to the wire.

29. cassidy lance wrote...

do we have times for the sectionals yet?

30. Trevor wrote...

Anyone heard anything about the Oregon/ID Sectional yet? Maybe a start time or some type of information would be cool.

31. Chris McDonald wrote...

Sorry guys I had hoped to get everything out on Friday but due to some technical difficulties with my video software I wasn't able to get it in. It will all be posted Monday including workouts, schedule, general info, and standards of movement. The registration will start at 8am on Saturday. Events will start at 930am.

32. Duke wrote...

Robe mentioned Garrett from Oregon CrossFit. They are damn monsters!

33. FIddle wrote...

Were you able to post the Oregon/Id info? I'm not finding it.


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