North Central Regional

US North Central Regional + Sectionals

North Central Regional: TBA April 30th - May 2
Denver, CO
CrossFit Games Seeds: 4 men, 4 women

Two Sectionals
Mountain Sectional: March 20-21
Colorado State Patrol Academy 15055 South Golden Road, Golden, CO 80401
Colorado, Wyoming, Montana
Regional Seeds: 30 men, 30 women

Midwestern Sectional February 12-13-14
Location: 3683 New Town Blvd. St. Charles, MO 63301
Regional Seeds: 30 men, 30 women

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

36 comments on this entry

1. Brandon Mericle wrote...

Can someone please answer a question for me. I currently live in Denver, do I have a choose between signing up for the Feb sectional or the March sectional, or could I eventually do both?

2. Rob Umfress wrote...

You can only do the Mountain one because that's the only one that includes Colorado.

3. Dozois wrote...

Four Men and Four Women??? Sectional and a Regional?? Holy shit is this getting hard.

With a $25K pot we are inching closer to sponsorship of some athletes which will lead to a full time Crossfit Athlete competing.

The pot is also large enough to start drawing more Pro Athletes from other disciplines (Decathlon, Strongman, Wrestling, Football)to add Crossfit to there regiment.

I also really like the Affiliate Qualifier...

4. Matthew J. wrote...

This is gonna be fun, me and my friends that are now a team are going to go into this. Half my team is going to be knocked out in sectionals hopefully I stay in as long as the other 2 guys in my team that have a chance of making it national, because if I can't make it past sectionals and they do they have no way of making it past, I'm they're ride. I'll be pissed if they don't let 15 and 16 year olds in, that's a long drive for me!

5. jake wrote...

matthew j

if i remember right there was a 15 yr old that competed at the rocky mtn regional last year in denver. i dont think that age matters. all that matters is if you can bring it.

6. Dann wrote...

Is there a participant cap for the Mountain Sectional? And if so, where do we sign up?

7. Dann wrote...

Never mind...guess I should read everything before I ask....

"We are going to launch a special Registration Website with detailed information on each event, hopefully on Monday, December 21st. Athlete and spectator registration for the Sectionals will open at launch. We will do our best to allow everyone in who wants to compete, but at some point we may have to cut it off. Spectator attendance at most Sectionals will be limited, so you'll want to act quickly".

8. Glenn wrote...

All I've gotta say is scooby do work.

9. Brian wrote...

This is good stuff.. Let all get ready to roll and good luck and stay healthy to all. MBS Crossfit we'll see ya all there

10. Glenn wrote...

I was just reading the comments in the South Central Regionals and saw they were hosting the regional in a warehouse. Is that what is going on here, or does anyone know which affiliate is hosting?

11. Rochelle wrote...

Hey guys! This is going to be a great sectional qualifier out here in the Mid West!!! My name is Rochelle Simmer with CrossFit TNT and I will be hosting this upcoming sectionals event. As soon as we sell out for registration, I will be putting together more information for you. I will be posting to the main site here, along with my website with up to date things that each competitor and spectator will need to know.

First thing first, I need more volunteers and judges? If you are interested, you need to email me at

Anyone can be a volunteer, but you must be a L1 certified trainer or trainer to be a judge. good luck!

12. Skip Miller wrote...

Front Range CrossFit is the host of the 2010 North Central Regional Games. We hosted the 2009 Regional Games at our 9400 square foot training facility. Due to the number of competitors and spectators expected this year, we are holding the North Central Regional Games at an event center in the Denver area. We will have bleacher seating for 1,000 spectators, a 6,500 square foot competition space, an inside 8,000 square foot vendor area, and a 6,000 square foot athlete holding and warm up area. There will be on-site concessions.

More information will be forthcoming.

Individual Athlete spots: 133
Affiliate Team spots: 30 teams of 6+1 coach
Spectators: up to 1,000
Needed Volunteers: 200+

We held one of the largest Regional Games in 2009. This event is going to be at least twice as big. We can't wait!

Skip Miller
Front Range CrossFit Inc.

13. Jeff wrote...

Hope, everyone is ready to play in the cold. But I can't wait to see all these great athletes competing in Missouri.

14. Jon M wrote...

Hey Rochelle, I'm planning on competing in Missouri, and was just wondering if you know when registration will be?

15. Kim Watson wrote...

Rochelle - Wondering about registration for the KS qualifier for my husband and I can volunteer..also Checking to make sure 42 year old can compete.

16. Paul C wrote...

Can't wait for this to go down! There are going to be some heavy hitters in this group! It's going to be a BLAST at TNT!

17. Glenn wrote...

CrossFit makes college so difficult!

18. Bill C wrote...

Just want to know how to register to compete for sectionals.

19. rochelle wrote...

You will register on CF main site right here. I am sure they will walk you through what you need to do. Just make sure you keep your eye out for when it opens, and get registered!!!

20. rochelle wrote...

And to answer the question about age limit; their is no limit. Everyone is welcome. Still looking for more volunteers! Remember, if you volunteer, you will be able to get in to the sectional's without paying the fee to watch!! I only need about 10 more volunteers and about 10 more judges..

21. adam wrote...

just verifing the info on the main site. Will registration begin 12-23 at 1300 hrs.? And do I register here?

22. Rochelle wrote...

I have as much information as I can get at this point up on my website. Please refer to it as it may answer many of ur questions to the Midwestern sectional qualifiers that I am hosting. If u have a question that is not answered, I will post it on my website to let u know. Thanks guys!!

23. Jeff Thayer wrote...

Points of interest in the St. Charles Area.

There are several things to do in the St. Charles/St. Louis area. It is actually one of the biggest weekends of the year in St. Louis. Down in historic Soulard is Matie Gras weekend. Tons of people, parade, food and drink all day Saturday. You and your family can also take a tour of the Arch or see the clydesdales at the Budweiser tour.

You and your family can also attend a St. Louis Blues Hockey game on Friday or Saturday after you get some eats at the Central West End or on the Delmar Loop.

In the St. Charles Area there is Ameristar Casino and Harah's Casino. Also, visit the place were Lewis and Clark started their journey to explorer the west at old town St. Charles. It is only 5 minutes away from CrossFit TNT, lots of Food and drinks all day and night long.

As for shopping and eating. Every normal food chain is minutes away, and one of the biggest shopping malls in the St. Louis Area is just down the road.

Just remember it will be cold in St. Charles, so dress appropriately.

24. Josh R. wrote...

Tried to register on Dec 27th, recieved a confirmation, but wasn't asked for my credit card information. I emailed HQ and found out that this means I was put on a waiting list. Did this sectional really fill up this fast?!

25. Skip wrote...

Josh R,

Yes, it did.

Front Range CrossFit Inc.

26. Rochelle wrote...

Just to let everyone know the Sectional qualifier in St. Charles, MO still has about 30 more spots open. Where are the CrossFit women athletes I know they are out there, sign up this will be a blast.

27. skip wrote...

Josh R,

I see a Joshua R in the database from Illinois. That could be you.

Please email me at so we can look into this.

Everyone else,

Both the Midwestern Sectional and the Mountain Sectional still have athlete slots open, but they are both filling up fast. If you are planning on competing this year, please don't wait.

Last year's Regional Games sold out. I expect that will happen again this year at the Sectional level. Sign up soon.

Front Range CrossFit

28. rochelle wrote...

Anyone who is put on a waiting list at this point on for Men, will most likely get in for the midwestern sectionals on Feb. 13/14th.

I have asked to open it up for more men. which means, every guy on a wait list will get in, and there will be room for 10 more. So if you register and are put on a wait list, still train hard and get ready to compete. I shoyld get an answer by today!

For women, this means there are only 14 spots left to register. so do it quick, because I have to get the heats together and start getting everything in order. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. thanks.

29. michael wrote...

Can anyone tell me where i can find the hotel information? i cant seem to find it on the registration page.


30. jason wrote...

what is the youngest age to be able to participate in the cross fit?

31. rochelle Simmer wrote...

All information is on my website which is listed here. All you need to know for the midwestern sectionals. go to my webpage and click on the midwestern sectionals tab. Let me know if you have any other questions.

32. rochelle Simmer wrote...

Their is no age limit.

33. Bill wrote...

North Central Regional: TBA April 30th - May 2

Is this date reliable at this point? Would like to make travel arrangements ASAP, but would hate for the dates to change again.


34. Allen wrote...

I didn't even know about the sectionals until I came across something on the main site last friday night! I went ahead and signed up and it says I am on the waiting list. What are the chances that I'm going to get in? One in a thousand? More like one in a million.... so you're saying there's a chance? Probably not, but it was worth a try. Rochelle, can you let me know? Thanks. Also, would it be possible to check out your crossfit facility some time. I live in Iowa, but travel to St Louis on a regular basis. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

35. Brian wrote...

I think having this event in Denver is a poor choice. Any of the athletes that are not used working out at that altitude will be SEVERELY handicapped.

36. Whitney Taylor wrote...

In regards to spectating at the regionals, is anyone familiar with the policy on wristbands for kids? Is there an age cut-off to pay to get in? Is it absolutely not a great idea to bring a kid (in reference to a 5 year old). Thanks for your input!


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