Europe Regional

European Regional + Sectionals

European Regional: May 8-9
Location: TBA
CrossFit Games Seeds: 3 men, 3 women

Four Sectionals
UK / Ireland Sectional: March 20
Mildenhall Airbase, Suffolk, England
UK and Ireland
Regional Seeds: 25 men, 25 women

North Europe Sectionals: March 20-21
Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

South Europe Sectionals: March 20-21
Continental Europe less Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark
Regional Seeds: 15 men, 15 women

Greenland and Iceland Sectional: March 27-28
CrossFit Sport, Dalsmari 9-11 201, Kopavogur, Iceland
Greenland and Iceland
Regional Seeds: 5 men, 5 women

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

46 comments on this entry

1. Rob Silver wrote...

*fist pump*

2. Andrew stemler wrote...

get training!

3. Helzy wrote...


4. Stuart Ellliott wrote...

I've been doing crossfit for about 3 months, really interested in competing at a crossfit games but need some advice on how to go about it. I'm not a member of an affililate. I work in London but live in Essex. Can any one offer some advice?

5. Bendt Betjent wrote...

So if you are from Denmark, would you then have to go to Italy for the sectionals?

6. Aaron PCF wrote...

I really hope someone from Greenland qualifies. I'm not even sure I knew there were people there.

7. Martin Altemark wrote...

Only 3+3 from Europe to Aromas? Seems a little too little?

8. Dave Piguillem wrote...


Contact Crossfit Essex

They are a great bunch and will sort you out

9. Chris B wrote...

there is an affilite in essex now in Epping if you wanted to go down that route. I'm in WItham btw.

10. Erik Eliasson wrote...

Info in Swedish here:

It's on!

11. Baz wrote...

Australia pop - 21m = 3+3
Europe pop 721m = 3+3
would love to know the thinking behind that one

12. Bendt Betjent wrote...

Europa should have 10 + 10 places at least... Stupid americans don't know shit!

13. Tony Budding wrote...

Australia pop - 21m = 3+3
Europe pop 721m = 3+3
Asia pop 4b = 2+2

Count affiliates and density of CrossFitters.

14. Tony Budding wrote...

Last year a European male won. There is no doubt that Mikko had the single most impressive performance of the Games. And he will be back, on top of the three who qualify.

Last year, the second place European finished 61st and the third place European finished 63rd. No European woman even qualified for the Games.

There are more affiliates in California than in all of Europe. I don't think it has to do with Americans being stupid.

15. nick in sydney m/38/6ft/183 wrote...


Annie was the highest placed European and she was second until the final event, when her lack of specific CF technique let her down.

I'm in Australia but am European and am a fan and entrant rather than a serious competitor but.....the European quota does seem a little low to me.

btw, I'm all for the Australian quota because I've seen the mammoth growth in CF in Sydney and the dramatic increase in standard of the competitors at the events I attend

16. Tony Budding wrote...

You are correct! I apologize. Last year the Icelandic qualifier happened outside the European one, so my thinking was too narrow. Annie is sure to be a real contender this year, and Sven also did very well last year.

Still, we have to look at the number of known CrossFitters around the world. This complaint is happening in almost every Region. But think about it. There are only going to be 50 men and 50 women from around the world competing in the Individual competitions in Aromas.

There are only four men and four women from California and Arizona going to the Games. And there are about 200 affiliates in CA alone. There are about 65 in all of Europe.

I suspect that this year's Regionals will be very close to the same quality and intensity of last year's Games. They are going to be epic!

And the Games themselves? Unbelievable!

17. Zak Franklin wrote...

I am due to PCS from Huntsville, Al going to Stuttgart Germany with a report date of 10 March. Is there any way to do the sectional in the states and transfer over to the European Regional or is there going to be a last chance qualifier of any type?

18. Tony Budding wrote...

There will be an online qualifier for deployed servicemen. If you do well at the Sectional in the States and can attend the European Regional, we'll work with you and the Regional Directors to make sure something works out. This would be an exceptional situation that we would address specifically when it was known. You wouldn't be taking any of the European seeds if that happened.

19. Zak Franklin wrote...

Thanks for the reply Tony.

20. Einar Svindland wrote...

Info in Norwegian here:


21. Geoge wrote...

Hey Tony... I see your point, but I still don't think that you got your math right!

You are talking density and affiliates, but I think that you should count members in the affiliates. Take Copenhagen. 3-4 affiliates, where 2 of them has around 800 members and the others are doing pretty good to. And then we going to Italy instead of sweden which is much closer... Hmmm.... Good thinking!

Anyways... I guess I'll have to try to beat Mikko! Wish me luck!

22. Tore Dehli wrote...

To the organizers of Games 2010:

Let the Danish crossfitters go to Stockholm to meet up with Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

A roadtrip from Copenhagen to Stockholm is 6 hours. A roadtrip from Copenhagen to Italy is 20+ hours.

You can just change the number of people qualifying for the regionals each place and the problem is solved!

23. SimonN wrote...

Does the South America or Europe get more places/countrys for the world cup in soccer? Hmm... not really.... But there are more countries and far more people there playing soccer? Hmmm....

Get the point?!!!

@Geoge and Tore Dehli

24. Michael wrote...

Copenhagen -> Stockholm
660 km

Copenhagen -> Mildenhall Airbase
1,350 km

Copenhagen -> Rome
1,913 km

It doesn't really make sense to make Danes go to Italy

25. Asger wrote...

Denmark is part of scandinavia.. Just like Norway, Sweden and Finland. Then why on earth do Danish crossfitters have to go to Italy???

26. Tony Budding wrote...

The request to have Danes compete in Stockholm is being officially considered. We'll get back to you shortly.

27. Becka wrote...

The world cup is a competition between countries, with each country getting 1 team of the same size together to compete (but then i'm sure you already knew that). If the crossfit games were a competition between countries and each country was given the same consideration as in the cup, there would be a disproportionately large number of people from outside the US in the games. Apples and oranges man.

28. SimonN wrote...

Hehe... agree, but isn't the winner of the games crowned "the fittest man in the world" or something? ... Mayby it should be "the fittest man in the US and amoung other people from the rest of the world"

Apple and oranges! Gotta love them both!

29. Alex - Spain wrote...

What city in italy is the sectional? I would like to know to buy the plane ticket and book a room, I understand that Italy is ranked 20 for the regional ... this promises ...

30. Owen Satts wrote...

Hell yeah! Can't wait! The Games are scheduled to start the day after my 30th birthday...what a birthday present that would be. Here's to Aromas 2010! 34

31. Ryan DeBell wrote...

If the people qualifying from europe are the fittest in the world, then it won't matter if 10 or 3 come from europe. The fittest will be crowned as the fittest.

32. Baz wrote...

Tony - there are 30 affiliates in the uk alone v's 36 in oz!
and i'd be keen to know how you think you know the density of CFers.

33. mike wrote...

Does anybody know where the South Europe Sectionals held in Italy?

34. Tony Budding wrote...

The Danes are now included in the North Europe Sectional.

Baz, there are well over 200 affiliates in the US Southwest Region, and they get 4 spots.

35. Mike wrote...

I believe that if the first 5 places in the CrossFit Games 2010 are occupied by Europeans, then we get 10 or more places for 2011! So ass up and train for more! :-)

36. John wrote...

Who will be hosting the UK and Ireland qualifier and how does someone enter?

37. chelseaboy81 wrote...

i went to the epping crossfit & its really good there but ive moved to braintree is there an affiliate near by??

38. Andrew Stemler wrote...

for local information on the UK and Ireland Sectional, visit this site, which should grow organically over the next few weeks

39. ALEX wrote...

Anyone know or could say what city of Italy will be the sectional area of southern europe?
There are only two months and a couple of weeks and would be interesting to book airline tickets, hotel, ect ...

Thanks, Alex Martinez

40. Bryan Mashburn wrote...

This is the address for the Southern Europe Qualifier:

--Via E.Caviglia, 3, Milano, ITALY

This was confirmed on their facebook page:

41. ALEX wrote...

Thanks bryan :)

42. Joakim wrote...

The adress for the North Europe Sectional is:
Fightercentre Stockholm
Katarinavagen 1
Home of Crossfit Stockholm

And Denmark is now very welcome too! :-)

43. Andrew Stemler wrote...


t shirts: the chances are that, if you are a competitor or a volunteer for then UK sectional , you will be getting a t-shirt.

can you email andrew your name, whether you are a Official or competitor and your -t-shirt size


Friday 12th Feb, as Im ordering on monday 15th Feb 2010!!

we should be sending an email out to the entrants soon

I ought to say how grateful we are that various Uk businesses are supporting the UK event including Conceot 2, Jordans free weights, Beaverfit, Absolute fitness, Mens fitness and FK UK and Mildenhall

44. Chet (FK.UK) wrote...


FK.UK have picked up on equipment and sponsor announcements that could give clues to the events:

You can keep your ear to the ground in a number of ways...

Keep your eye on the FK.UK website - we will pass you details as we find them out!:

Join the discussions on the new dedicated forum section:

Follow the FK.UK twitter feed for announcements and updates:

Check out the Facebook event page for news and info:

45. Chet (FK.UK) wrote...


You can find the schedule for the Sectional by organiser Kempie here:

You can check all past, present and future news stories on the Sectional through the dedicated FK.UK website section here:

46. Chet (FK.UK) wrote...

Further snippets of info can be found by adding yourself to the official Facebook event page here:

The very latest updates can be found by following the FK.UK Twitter feed:

We will be tweeting live updates throughout the event too!


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