Central East Regional

US Central East Regional + Sectionals

Central East Regional: May 8-9
Kaeppner Place, 34018 Sutton Rd, Logan, OH 43138
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, DC
CrossFit Games Seeds: 3 men, 3 women

Three Sectionals
PA / MD / DE Sectional: March 13
200 Dekalb Street, Bridgeport, PA 19405
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

OH / IN / KY / MI Sectional: March 7
Greater Columbus Convention Center, 300 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

WV / VA / DC Sectional: March 27 - 28
Richard J Ernst Community Cultural Center at Northern Virginia Community College
8333 Little River Turnpike; Annandale, VA 22003
West Virginia, Virginia, DC
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

30 comments on this entry

1. Rainer Hartmann wrote...

Arnold Classic, here we come! This should be fun!

2. Jason wrote...

Entirely too excited about this. I swear this is going to start getting national news coverage pretty soon, at the rate it's growing. Can't wait!

3. Russell wrote...

The front page lists Va/WV/DC at once place and date, and then when you click on the region, it lists VA/WV/DC at another date and time? Looking forward to it, wherever it is!

4. Karin wrote...

ha, my qualifier (if I choose to go), is on my birthday!!

Yeah me!

5. Armando wrote...

I can't wait...my sectional is on my 12 wedding anniversary!!!WOOO HOOOO!!!!!

6. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

I am so jealous. Competing at the Arnold would be so much fun.

7. Jake wrote...

Where do we register? What kind of cost?

8. Greg wrote...

It shows the regional as Logan Ohio - where is the venue???

9. Joe_T wrote...


Bill from Rogue stated it's going to be at a location near/in Hocking Hills... the area is open with lots of good terrain for a trail run that will challenge athletes. I'm hoping where they have it also has a barn of sorts in case of May Showers, pull ups would suck on a slippery bar in the rain.

10. Dave wrote...

Are there age groupings in the Crossfit Games or qualifiers???

11. Josh Courage wrote...

So excited for this!

If you're in the DC area, check out this project I'm doing to promote the great community CrossFit is building.


12. SteveC wrote...

Also pretty pumped for this!!

Does anyone one know when/how to sign up for sectionals. I don't want to miss out on the action.

13. Bill Henniger wrote...

Few Updates:

1) Sectionals at Arnold: We are full steam ahead on the sectional events. We have the 40K Sq Ft Ball Room on Sunday so all events will be on that day, certain to be brutal. Events will be posted the week of but we will not post the final WOD.

We have a separate room Friday and Saturday to check out CrossFit Expo and hangout in room B200.

Expect a very large crowd, this will be pretty cool

We will be scaling so bring folks to compete and get a taste of the sectional.

2) Regional Qualifier: The entry has been updated with the location in Logan, OH - Kaeppner Woods. For those of you that are not familiar with the Hocking Hills area: http://www.hockinghills.com/ it would be a great place to enjoy the scenery. For those of you competing you will really get to enjoy the scenery as the terrain is brutal, expect to be tested. We will not be confined by a warehouse, there is 200+ acres and a large comp area to lay out the gauntlet for 2010.

Lodging: You can find lodging from hotels to log cabins easily through the link above.

Did I mention there is 26 miles of single track, crazy elevation and a pond?

More to follow


14. Caitlin wrote...

How do we sign up? Where do we pay? Help would be greatly appreciated!

15. Bill Henniger wrote...

All signups will go thru the CrossFit Games registration page which should be launched this week. This will stream line things so you don't have to go to different sites.


16. Rainer Hartmann wrote...

Bill: Do spectators have to sign up right away too or just competitors?

17. Sara wrote...

The CrossFit site says that spectator room is limited also, so sign up ASAP.

18. Jason wrote...

I have a question, I live in Pittsburgh and the sectional in Columbus is a lot closer than the one in Bridgeport. Is it possible to qualify in Columbus if I live in PA?

19. Blake wrote...

Where do you train at in Pittsburgh?

20. Jason wrote...

At a small gym in Elizabeth, about 40 mins south of the city. Going to my level 1 cert in Ohio at the end of Jan.

21. Bill Henniger wrote...

1) Sectionals are $10 for spectators, you need to buy the tickets for the Arnold and it gets you into all the madness. That is a bit different than the other regions. They have the link going directly to them for spectators: https://secure1.regsvc.com/registration/regPage.aspx?visit=73a98919-9b07-45a0-a1bd-586e04f4fe04&db=72e99df6-3f2b-4662-a5b9-717207135b37&servertype=5&Loc=en-US&pageID=1571

2) They should have some rules posted about competing in other sectionals, I am pretty sure you can't take a slot from someone in that section

3) There will be about 1000 person capacity at the regionals, it is going to be nuts

I will get some info posted soon about lodging for the regionals. For the sectionals you need to get a room in Columbus or surrounding area very soon, the Arnold packs the city.


22. Rainer Hartmann wrote...

Guess the spectators coming to the Arnold are the real lucky ones, not only can they go see the Expo but also the Sectional Qualifier, all for $10! Great deal!

23. C Ng wrote...

I still haven't seen anything on the Arnold Classic site about the crossfit qualifier

24. Aaron wrote...


I was wondering if you had made any decisions about the format of the Regionals? Are affiliate competitions going to be held on a different day than the individuals? Which will be first?

25. Emily wrote...

I was wondering why the WV/VA/DC sectional is 2 days and the other 2 sectionals are only 1 day? Are there 2 actual days of events? And how many total events or workouts should we expect?

26. Bill Henniger wrote...

1) Arnold tickets are general admission so you will get into everything including the sectional.

2) We just added Friday to the Regional so that now the affiliates will compete on Friday then again later in the weekend

3) The number of events/day will be announced very soon

4) We are adding slots to the men's event at the Arnold due to selling out early and we want everyone to get a chance to compete.

27. Let Down wrote...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but what a terribly disappointing group of qualifier wods (Central Easy Sectional). Our first opportunity to show a group outside of the CF community what we do, and this is it?? Spectators from the Arnold who choose to check it out are going to wonder what the fuss is all about, since 225 DLs & 95 lb ohsquats are the most exciting thing going on. "Men's weights" that most CF girls can manage, and little to no balance to the wods. When you lean all 3 events towards the same type of (smaller faster) athlete, you are going to see some folks in the finals who have glaring holes in their fitness.

28. Kristin wrote...

Approximately how late will the workouts go on Sunday of the regional?...Trying to book flights. Thanks!

29. Unknownable wrote...

The Virginia Sectional remains unknown and unknowable. How many wods? Unknown. What exercises? Unknown. What times are events? Unknown. Should I bring my own soap and towel? Unknowable. Awesome!!!!!

30. Rick wrote...

For Masters Workouts...do they begin on Friday? What time? Just trying to make all the right hotel reservations. Thanks.


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