Australia Regional

Australia Regional + Sectionals

Australian Regionals: May 8 - 9
Location: Randwick Race Course; Sydney
CrossFit Games Seeds: 3 men, 3 women

Four Sectionals
WA / NT / SA Sectional: March 13-14
Winton Road Joondalup, Perth W.A 6027
Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia
Regional Seeds: 10 men, 10 women

QLD Sectional: March 6-7
39 Clarence St Coorparoo QLD 4151
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

NZ, TAS, VIC Sectional: February 20-21
135 a Pilkington Rd Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand, Tasmania, Victoria
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory: February 20-21
1 Stephen St, Georgetown, Newcastle, NSW 2298 Australia
Regional Seeds: 20 men, 20 women

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104 comments on this entry

1. nick in sydney m/38/6ft/183 wrote...

well...I will be at the NSW sectionals. I won't be qualifying, but I'm very keen to compete and be part of this thing.

very exciting and a little daunting. Only 2 months to go

2. Peter Sheeran wrote...

Having the NZ, TAS, VIC Sectional New Zealand will reduce the pool of athletes substantially. Surely have separate sectionals for NZ and Vic would allow for a bigger pool of athletes instead of having athletes from Victoria and Tasmania fly to another country to go to a sectional.

3. Steve wrote...

Based on travel times, they may as well have the VIC quailifiers in Perth too. I was actually thinking of attempting the Sectional level, but not anymore, what a shame

4. WTF? wrote...

Why on earth would they send people living in Taz and Vic to NZ????? That makes no sense at all??????

5. Graeme wrote...

Steve & Peter

It's all part of getting a reasonably even number through to regionals based on number of boxes in each area. If Vic were to go to Perth, ther'd be nowhere to send NZ without skewing the number of qualifiers to Qld or NSW. Yes it's a bit of a trip but with the cheap fares available these days the awesomeness of it will be worth it.
Having helped out with counting, timing etc at CFX last year & living through the suspense of getting Steve's performance at the games via twitter etc I can say you just have to go, be part or just spectate it's all such a big rush not to be missed

6. darrenshaw wrote...

exciting stuff... doesnt seem far away for NSW - whats that like 9 or 10 weeks til 13-14 Feb. Crikey. I may still well be looking like the Christmas Turkey. Looking forward to it.

7. Ryan Eatt wrote...

You said 'If Vic were to go to Perth, ther'd be nowhere to send NZ without skewing the number of qualifiers to Qld or NSW.'
Schewing numbers in QLD is unfair but what about reduced numbers for VIC and TAS participants? Some people work hard and cant get to NZ for severeal days in Feb thats the start of the work year!
I don't think people mean to disperse those from Vic and NZ to other states but have seperate regionals for both.

Vic has a very big following in crossfit it makes no sense to move them all to NZ for this, are they trying to boost crossfit image in NZ? If not and surely there are fewer crossfitters in NZ, get the New Zealanders to come to Vic. Or if there are a lot have a seperate one for NZ!?

This makes sense to me.
Can one of the organisers please explain this logic?

8. Brendan wrote...

3 seeds(long sigh). We will just have to have 3 awesome seeds.

9. Graeme wrote...

Brendan - 3 seeds but I think Steve gets an automatic entry to Aromas because of his finish last year so that will be 4 males in total & they will be awesome.

I'm just giving what I think is the reasoning & not trying to say if it's right or wrong. With any of these things you can't please everyone. Fot the ACT people it's a long drive to Newcastle, it would take less time to get to NZ from Melbourne.
In the end if you really want it & you think you are a chance or just want to be part of the event you will find a way to get there.

10. Peter Sheeran wrote...

I was more trying to point out that for people from Victoria and Tasmania it is an international flight to get to the sectionals. Why not have two separate sectionals and have 10 athletes from each go to the regional.

11. Annoyed Vic wrote...

it's easy for the NSW crossfitter's as in the 2 years they will not have had to spend $1 traveling to regional's/sectionals

From Vic to NZ its estimated to cost over $1000, regardless of cheap flights, it all adds up. Flights, accom, food, car hire, etc. and then to do it all again for the Regionals.

there is a large number of Vic crossfit athletes that will want to compete at the sectionals, i dare say more Athletes from Vic, then NZ.

12. Tony Budding wrote...

The request to have a separate Sectional in Victoria is being officially considered. We'll get back to you shortly.

13. Peter Sheeran wrote...

Thanks Tony

14. reply wrote...

i think the only problem with this is Vic may be able to fill 13-15 of the 20 spots from a combined sectional.
its almost robbing the athletes...
however i do agree grouping them together is stupid!

15. Liz Boyd wrote...

Regarding costs - I think it would be great to organise billeting with other crossfitters to reduce accommodation costs. That part really adds up, and in addition to the sectionals, a lot of us love competing in the various affiliate games days. Besides which it is an additional opportunity to get to know local crossfitters.

16. Fiona Muxlow wrote...

Any info yet about when entries will open etc ?
Will it be posted here or another location?

In regard to distance travelled to compete for Vic, TAS, NZ, its a 2 hr plane ride mimimum for us at CFNQ just to get to Brisbane before we find another affiliate, about 20hrs if we drive (or about 30 if it's me driving, im such an nanna). And we do it with out question especailly if its for the chance to compete in a major event, sometime distance is a relative thing.
NZ produced a qualifier for 2009, why not let them host a qualifer, just my 2cents

17. Jas Pelham wrote...

Please be aware that dates for the WA / NT / SA Sectional is March 13-14 and will be updated on the mainsite soon.

18. Graeme wrote...

The entries are online & expect to be open on 21st December

19. Ash Yates wrote...

Well i guess it is time to dig deep and have a crack hey !!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone who throws the hat in the ring. GO HARD

20. Adam Stanecki wrote...

I realise that it's hard to make everyone happy but Vic/Tas heading to NZ is ridiculous.

There's absolutely no reason that there can't be a Vic/Tas AND NZ sectional qualifier.

Further, how were the sectional places allocated? Who was consulted?

I think there is a significant error in the understanding of how many Victorians are into CrossFit. Take a look at the certs being held in Bris and Syd, heaps of Victorians head up for those.

Now, I want to reiterate that I understand it's hard to please everyone but let's have commonsense play a part here.

21. annoyed vic's friend wrote...

My understanding (based on reading the european qualifier comments) is that its based on affiliates per capita as an indicator of competitor volumes.

On a more generalised note:

WRT location of the sectionals, I dont want to weigh into it too much, but ultimitley if the athlete wants to make the regional, they'll be there.
Granted crossfit is about the community and inclusion, but people need to put this into the perspective that this is the first gate to qualify for the WORLD games. I think the US denominated registration fee alone will cut through people fast enough. Then consider the fact that of circa 80 athletes there are 3 positions per gender. I dont know how much more clearly it can be spelled out by HQ that this isnt a joke.

If finances are an issue for serious athletes or contenders, affiliates should perhaps consider fundraisers/asset pooling to get their guys/girls across the line. From memory wasnt there a chick last year who did a burpee-a-thon to raise the money to get to aromas?

There are multiple cases of people travelling throughout the eastern seaboard to jump in on local meets/friendlys over the past 18months..Noted though is the absence of Victorians in alot of these comps. Canberra affiliates have been in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Penrith comps.. Most of the NSW based events have had at least 100 comptitors with a representation from all affiliates.

I can empathise for the kick in the teeth that some people are feeling but ultimitley the best atheletes will go through and get there.

Personal (non pragmatic view) who cares about the punters/fans this is about Aus/Pac identifying the BEST atheletes we can to represent us and that person will be there irrespective of any hurdles they have to overcome. Let everyone else watch the sh*t on youtube.

22. Jason - The Cell wrote...

Last time I checked, competitors for major athletic/sporting competitions generally have to travel and spend significant quids, effort and time to get to the top or even to get the opportunity to get to the top. If you're not up for it, you're not up for it. Can't please all people all the time. Shit, you can barely please some people, some of the time these days. Just plan stuff and let everyone fight it out I say! :-)

Although qualifying spots should maybe be on a per head of population number. That would make sense.

I may cop a bit for saying this, but to be honest, I don't know how we'll have 20 athletes from our sectional that would be up to a similar standard as Steve. Having seen him train and compete, it takes something very special, beyond physical fitness, to be at that level.

Anyway back to the sectional's locations, the Vics get enough (or should I say steal enough) big sporting events and most other states are much better than them at sport anyway!! :-P hahahahaha


23. KeenXfitter wrote...

Look at the big 3 Aus affiliates, Cfx in Sydney, Cf Brisbane and Cf Newcastle.
They have had comps with over 100 athletes each and people from all over Aus attended, WA Qld Act NSW SA, none though from Vic.
Now look at Vic. Local comps in Victoria haven't pulled a crowd at all, 15 total at Cfvic andan inhouse comp at Cf Melbourne. If Vic have a big CrossFit following where are they? They obviously don't value community spirit or like travelling, even within the same town.

24. Annoyed Vic wrote...

I heard Crossfit Melbourne Hosted an in house event, with 50 athletes. (with no trainers competing)
Newcastle, Brisbane, penrith... etc... hosting there event only pulling 100 athletes from a range of affiliates from WA, Qld, Act, NSW ,SA... do the maths!


25. KeenXfitter wrote...

Look at the caliber of athletes tht attended Cfx Newcastle and Brisbane.
I know that numbers were capped at Newcastle.
People flew in from all over to compete at those events and they were not easy comps.
Those 3 boxes, having over 100 members each could have easily hosted an inhouse comp with 50+ athletes.

Again, look at Vic xfitters disregard for the greater community.
They don't even go to each others boxes.
No doubt there are some fit people in Vic, but apart from hogan there is no one.
With Steve going through cause of top 5, it looks like Mick Shaw (Cfx), Chris Hogan (cfmelbourne), Doug Armstrong (cfbrisbane),
Peter Maxwell (cfnewcastle) are the contenders.
So with Hogan going straight through to regionals, why bother having Vic sectional anyway?


26. Adam Stanecki wrote...

@Jason - True we Vics do like to poach a lot of sports. :-)

@KeenXfitter - Your point about a lesser CF community in Vic is somewhat accurate but not through lack of effort by some of the affiliates here.

Do you think that the support of HQ in Qld and NSW might play a part also? Holding regular certs brings a lot of people together and builds relationships. We've had only one here in Vic.

Statements like "Again, look at Vic xfitters disregard for the greater community" do nothing to advance this conversation nor does "So with Hogan going straight through to regionals, why bother having Vic sectional anyway?" At this point I wonder if I should actually be taking your posts seriously. Who are you anyway?


Ultimately those who want to compete will compete wherever it is required. I'm only speaking up because I'd like this to be sensible. There would be an uproar if Qld athletes had to travel to PNG for their sectionals (and rightly so).

NZ definitely deserve their own gig (as do the Vics).

27. MK wrote...

1.Crossfit Melbourne hosted there 3rd Annual Challenge this year. this event is designed and run by the trainers for the members.
the main focus of this event is to allow the members of the gym have a goal to aim for, and challenge themselves on the day.
The trainers do not make any money from putting this event on, i would say they prob lose money from hosting such an event.
for the past 3 years, it has developed the community with in the gym.

2.Having met, and knowing some of those athletes u are referring to about qualifying, i highly doubt they like people talking like that about it. those guys are well respected and very professional trainers/gym owners/athletes...and frankly you are making them look bad.

3.Talking about the community and disregarding it , all this Affiliate/ State BASHING is embarrassing.
I vote we forget the "we are better then you" argument, and move on... enjoy the sectionals, (what ever the decisions is made by HQ about VIC and NZ) and look forward to the regionals! and send our best 3 men and women to represent us in the US.

28. Tassie Xfit wrote...

Keenxfitter, your posts are embarrassing to yourself and whichever you box you belong to.

Last year nobody knew about Chris Hogan except the guys from schwartz's crossfit melbourne, speaking to one or two of them recently, there a several others now they are very very confident about.

It's worth noting that last year after the first 2 WOD's at the quali's atheletes from crossfit melbourne were dominating weekend. An interesting choice of 3rd event, where many 'locals' had done it before and they hadn't, put a few of them back, but they were still widely acknowledged as the most impressive box of atheletes from the weekend.

Only time will tell, but i fear you'll be made to look the fool keenxfitter, if you haven't already done so yourself with your childish and ill-informed comments.

Can't wait for NZ, shorter trip for me from tassie :)

Neutral crossfitter.


29. Graeme wrote...

Annoyed Vic - the events pulling "only 100" in NSW & Qld dis so because the numbers were capped at that to get through the number of heats in the space available.

As for this years competitors I think the competition will be extremely tight. Don't just look at the obvious people. There are a number of people who were not here last year who have shown over the last few events in NSW & QLD they will be contenders. I think as Steve is an automatic qualifier the comp will be wide open.
Chris Hogan came out of the blue last year but I counted for his brother & he's not far off the pace either. The comp will be awesome and performances as good or better than you will see at any other elite event from other sports

30. Crossfit Deep South wrote...

We live in NZ and it will cost us $1000 to get to Auckland, and then once we qualify for Sydney that is another $1000 - so suck it up!

31. mik wrote...

anyone know the reason for the change of dates for the NSW/ACT sectional? the new dates count me out, and here was me getting all excited. Anyone know how the rules are applied relating to competing at out of state sectionals?

32. James wrote...

aren't the most powerful crossfitters from aus mainly based in victoria and generally from melbourne crossfit? or crossfit melbourne or something?

33. graeme wrote...

James, I don't know how you can make that comment. Chris Hogan came out of the bue last year & there were some unexpectd performances from Vic. Given the exponential increase in boxes over the last year I'd say the field is wide open. I don't know about Vic but from my observation of games days in NSW over the last 3 months there are going to be a lot of smokin' hot competitors that weren't even around last year.
Also take into account the potential change of format for WOD's & what that might do. Look at the '09 Aromas results & see how the changes affected favourites.
I'd say the top competitors from last year will have to lift the game a notch or two to stay competitive.

34. Mark W wrote...

I hope you like pain!!

35. Tony Budding wrote...

After reviewing the situation with Vic and NZ, no changes are going to be made this year for the Sectionals. I recognize that this requires some travel for many of you. The decision was not made lightly or without due consideration. We have gone from a single event in Australasia to five in a year. Next year, we expect even a more local first level of competition.

36. Absolutely wrote...



37. Aaron Wilson wrote...

Yep, Ludicrous. I am astounded that the decision wasn't changed.

Tony, Increasing from 1 to 4 events within Australia alone makes it even more bizarre that Victorians now have to take an international flight to a different country this time, when they had to take a 1 hr domestic flight last time when there was only 1 event.

38. Vitaly Sender wrote...

I don't understand why the decision wasn't changed. CrossFit is about being inclusive, not exclusive. By making Victorians fly to another country, this discourages a huge number of people from competing, since they won't want to invest such a huge amount of money just to "make up the numbers."

By allowing Victorians to have their own Sectional (considering how many CrossFitters there are in Victoria) you'll have more people competing (and the opportunity to introduce more spectators to the world of CrossFit), a greater atmosphere, and overall a more enjoyable event for all involved.

39. Mick Shaw wrote...

I am surprised and a little disappointed at the comments displayed on this forum.
I believe that to have the Vic / Taz / NZ sectionals in New Zealand is a great step forward for those athletes that would like to put their hand up to compete.

In any sport there is often events that require travel.
The Kiwi's have come to Australia for multiple events certifications etc and not once complained about the travel.

It would be good if we could show some good Aussie spirit and support this event in NZ.

If funds are a problem I am sure that you can organize a fund raiser at your local affiliate and get some sponsorship.

40. bill wrote...

it's unfortunate that the decision wont be changed. to mick shaw if you are disappointed by the responses by the victorian crossfit community, it's because we want to be a part of the event but for many of us spending $5000 just to get to NZ then Sydney isn't feasible.
but your point is valid so we(the vic crossfitters) will agree to take your sectional event and you guys can go to NZ if you feel so strongly about.

41. Shaun wrote...

Any idea on when entry for the sectionals will open?

42. Tamaryn Venter wrote...

Hi all,
On behalf of all CrossFitters in NZ, we would just like to express how excited we are to be hosting these sectionals.

Let's bring together communities from Australia/NZ in true CrossFit spirit, and have a great time doing what we love in this beautiful country of ours!

CrossFit NZ

43. Amy Dracup wrote...

Hey Taz,

Myself and the crew from Crossfit Melbourne are so excited about coming to your box to compete, I'm looking forward to having some fun in the beautiful land of NZ!

Catch ya in Feb for what is sure to be a freakin awesome weekend!

Ames @ Crossfit Melbourne

44. Graeme wrote...

Thank god for some positive comments from Taz & Amy. I'm looking forward to seeing both compete at regionals.

Top marks to Mick for the venue for the regionals. This is only a week after the Fitness Expo in Sydney so the potential exposure is huge.

As for cost; there are many of the CFX crew & I know of plenty from Qld who are already plotting a trip to Aromas no matter what.

45. Matt Swift wrote...

Australasia is becoming well recognised for producing high quality competitive crossfitters. It would be difficult to argue that last yearsregional reps were not the best athletes on the day, and deserved to represent the region at Aromas. Steve, Chris, Taz and Nadine dominated on the regional weekend. They went on to represent us exceptionally well at the games. Steve's performance was astounding and went a long, long way to ensuring that the region continue to be taken seriously in the qualification process. This year, the qualification net has been broadened and will select for great representatives of the best of Australiasian CrossFit.

Last year people complained that there were not enough spots for qualifiers. HQ listened and now there are more spots. There were also complaints that the event was held in Sydney and that qualifying events should be held in other areas. People said that developing regions and affiliates should be given a chance to host events. HQ listened and now there are four sectional events, hosted at venues other than CFX. People also complained about the skill/experience gap at the regionals and many said that you should have to prove that you are a serious competitor before being allowed to contest the qualifiers. The sectional process achieves this. We now have a filtering process. This is a fantastic sign of things to come for the region and despite the positives people are getting caught up on a location debate.

In the period since the last qualifiers we have seen exceptional growth in the Australasian region in terms of both opportunity for competition, with most major affiliates hosting OPEN events for the community, and in the development of the education program through the CrossFit Certification seminars. Opportunities exist for athletes, trainers and affiliates that did not exist, and would not exist without the ongoing efforts of HQ and the various affiliates that host events and seminars for no other reason than to bring those opportunities to the community.

Adam Staneki states that HQ hasn’t supported Victoria the same way as NSW and QLD. This made my jaw drop. The suggestion that QLD has received preferential treatment is insulting. The reality is that hosting events is not about HQ supporting the affiliate, it is about the affiliate supporting the community and HQ. It is not about what we get, it is about what we can contribute. The events that we have run at CrossFit Brisbane have been expensive, exhausting, inconvenient, disruptive to our members and stressful, and I would run one every week if I could because seeing the community come together is extraordinary. I am sure this is true also of the events held at CFX, Newcastle and NZ, and any other affiliate that has opened their doors and pockets. Adam failed to mention that he was asked to submit a proposal to host a sectional, as was CFNZ and CF Melbourne. The hosting venue was selected on merit. I am sure that CF Melbourne and CF Victoria would do a great job at hosting the event, and no doubt it was a tough and close decision. This talks to the strength of CrossFit in this part of the world. This year, CFNZ will do a great job. It is a huge undertaking. Lets get behind them.

The breakup of sections is considerably better than having one event. Separating VIC, NSW and QLD is a fair distribution of athletes, and is significantly better than grouping NSW-VIC or VIC-QLD. If VIC has a greater distribution of better athletes we will see 3 Victorian male and female reps at Aromas next year, if they don’t we will see other sectionals produce the reps. VIC has some great athletes no doubt. Based on what I saw last year, there will be some serious challengers from that state. It would be an incredible shame if VIC athletes chose not to travel over a location dispute. NZ is a rapidly growing part of the region that produced a rep last year. NZ athletes have consistently travelled and supported events. Yes NZ is an international flight, but it is also a shorter flight than traveling to Perth. It seems that the travel argument cuts both ways.

Mick Shaw ran an incredibly successful FIRST EVER qualification event last year. This year, because of his efforts and the efforts of every athlete and spectator that supported the event, we have more of everything and greater opportunity. Supporting each sectional this year will mean a better case for more spots and more events next year. That is how the sport develops through constant improvement and support. I find it ironic that athletes that are trying to qualify for an event that requires significant travel to the States are recoiling from travelling to a local sectional.

If there was one regional event held in NZ, would it stop you attending? Or one event in Sydney like last year? Or one event in Perth? Is the cost of travel what this is really about? What are the detractors doing to develop the sport? Stop hiding behind anonymous posts and state your efforts to date.

This is an opportunity for Australasia to put fort h potential winners of the 2010 games. Please support your sectional in the spirit of what is trying to be achieved, in the context of the bigger picture, and against a backdrop of what may not have existed.

Matt Swift
CrossFit Brisbane

46. Nick K wrote...

Matt said "If there was one regional event held in NZ, would it stop you attending? Or one event in Sydney like last year? Or one event in Perth? Is the cost of travel what this is really about?"

No, i personally wouldn't mind traveling once to NZ or once to Sydney because that is as close to being as fair as possible for everyone bar the host state as EVERYONE needs to go there. But due the fact we have to travel to NZ and then again a second time to Sydney if we are lucky enough to qualify, for me, doesn't make this an equitable outcome. Compare that to Sydney crossfitters especially who again don't have leave their own back yard. How on earth is that fair??

It's wonderful to talk about embracing it all and just enjoying the weekend but the bottom line is it will cost Victorians at least $1500 for the weekend in NZ including ALL costs and then approx another $1000 to go Sydney should they make it. $2,500 maybe a drop in the ocean for some on here but for others it's a significant investment in a weekend that should be about bringing everyone together and allowing them to compete and enjoy a weekend showcasing the efforts of their hard training. I personally know of several Melbourne people who aren't coming now and to be frank, it's pretty bloody frustrating because they would have done very well and made it to Sydney. Already the "filtering" system hasn't worked in getting the 'best of the best' to Sydney. We are filtering out people who can't afford to travel, nice work!

Mick wrote "I am surprised and a little disappointed at the comments displayed on this forum.
I believe that to have the Vic / Taz / NZ sectionals in New Zealand is a great step forward for those athletes that would like to put their hand up to compete."

With respect, perhaps you look at this setup so fondly because your total travel time for both qualifiers this year is an hour, and at no personal cost.

The above is not meant to offend anyone, it's just my opinion on a subject that continues to frustrate me.

Thanks and happy training to all!


47. Darren wrote...


With regards to your comments to Mick about not experiencing any personal cost - This years Regionals were not a profitable venture, yet CFX still decided to contribute cash towards the representatives travel to Aromas.

Being 'lucky' enough to host the big event demands considerable personal cost.

Looking forward to sharing war stories and a (gluten free) beer on Sunday with all the Aussie chargers who make it over.

48. Graeme wrote...

Well said Matt & Darren.

The growth in this region has been exponential and the competition will be so fierce. The awesomeness of the whole experience is not to be missed.

49. nick williams wrote...

Tassie X fit said

It's worth noting that last year after the first 2 WOD's at the quali's atheletes from crossfit melbourne were dominating weekend.

funny, I was there and I remember Steve Willis winning both events on the first day. Was I seeing things?

50. nick williams wrote...

nick k

if, as Matt Swifts says, CF Melbourne were offered the opportunity to submit a proposal to host a sectional but failed to win this...what are you complaining about?

51. Ben. Schwartz wrote...

I really didn't want to get caught up in this rubbish. Yes it would have been great to have a qualifier in Vic but its not happening lets all move on.
Last year I went with my crew to Sydney and it was an awesome team bonding experience. One of the best weekends I've had. We went hard, supported each other and had some great laughs.
This year Ill be encouraging as many as my guys as possible to make it again. I know its tough i know its expensive but to me its worth it. Everyone of my athletes who competed last year grew as athletes.
For those fools who are having pot shots at people thats not what this sport or program is about.
Lastly, these competitions are not just about bringing the 'best' athletes together, which has been stated so many times above, but to me its also about bringing out the best in people. Letting them see how far they can push and how much they've grown since they found crossfit.

Ben Schwartz
CrossFit Melbourne

52. Mick Shaw wrote...

Nick K

I understand that it can be an expensive venture for some athletes. But have you and your Box considered the idea of having a fund raiser? Asking local businesses for donations sponsorship etc? I know this is what other athletes do when they want to make it to a competition.

53. Matt Swift wrote...

That is the best post I have read on the topic. Thankyou for commenting. The CF Melbourne athletes were a big part of what made the event awesome last year. Can't wait to see you guys in action again.

Nick K,
You have grossly under-estimated the difficulty of the decision making process, and the care that has been shown in considering all options. You are certainly misjudging the motives of those involved.

At the moment, flights Melbourne to Auckland return on 19 Feb are currently available on WebJet for $414. If you are planning on travelling you should get in quick to get the cheap flights. The community in NZ is strong. There may be billeting options to reduce accommodation costs. Wotif has accommodation options for $110/night. So if you want to go, you can get there and back, and stay for two nights for $654.

54. MK wrote...

I honestly think some people are still missing the point.
We are talking about community, building a bigger crossfit community in Australia and New Zealand. however i think the concern in hosting the sectionals for Vics,Tas in NZ, is it will limit the amount of Vic's/Tas that just want to challenge themselves and have a good crack (not necessarily make the top 20) from attending. I think this is the sad point that cost for some just may not be justified for the experience of the weekend.

Last years regionals I was lucky enough to compete, I had to scaled my first workout, yet the experience of the weekend was very exciting. I would hope that with the sectionals introduced more Australian Crossfitters get a chance to experience the same I did.

I personally will be attending NZ, and I am very happy to support Taz, Darren and the rest of NZ crew in what I imagine will be a tough yet satisfying weekend.


55. Nick K wrote...

Hi Nick W,

Thought it was clear what I was complaining about :)

All the best with your training bud.

Matt, thanks for the reply and taking the time to check into cost of flights and accom, i've also had a look previously and seen similar costs for flights. There's a few other expenses to add on there, but appreciate your reply.

Anyway, I guess it's always going to be a case of not being able to satisfy everyone and in this case it's the Vics!

I'm sure it will end up being a great experience for everyone involved and maybe next year it will be someone elses turn to travel around.

Have a great weekend.


56. Aaron Wilson wrote...

Matt Swift et al,

Let me clarify some points that I think are getting muddied. There is no disputing the fact that last years regionals at CFX were an astounding success, largely due to the efforts of the owners of CFX. People at CF VIC had nothing but good things to say about the experience and the event. In fact many put it down as a turning point in their crossfit life.

Last year anyone could enter the regional and 'have a crack'. Most of the crossfitters I spoke to were never going to qualify, they knew that as well as anyone else. Pushing themselves in that sort of atmosphere was the reward for them.

After so many great experiences for the few that went up, so many others down in Melbourne had pegged a trip to similarly have the experience next time it came up. I think the bitching, moaning or whatever it appears from some is more of a dissapointment that the location is going to severely inhibit their ability to either compete for the first time or experience it again whether its due to money, time or both.

Take my own situation. I am a very mediocre, garage gym crossfitter. I have a small business and 3 young kids. The money is in fact not an issue for me, the time is. If it was in Melbourne I would compete. If it was in Sydney or Adelaide I would have flown in just for the event and flown back. NZ makes that simply impossible with my time restraints. No one 'owes' me a chance to compete, but I'm allowed to be dissapointed.

I think alot of these posts are simply expressing that dissapointment, maybe some have expressed it in the wrong way.

*Just for full disclosure. I am not a member of CF VIC, I train in my backyard. I am however friends with CF VIC owners and Athletes.

57. nick williams wrote...

Nick K peace and good luck to you brother and to all other crossfitters.

It is absolutely more expensive and inconvenient for the Vics to travel twice and to Aaron's point (and we share ability, family and work situation by the sound of it) it is very unlikely that I would travel OS to compete in a sectional either.

I guess it's a factor of our growing sport that in it's early adolescence, it isn't as convenient for some as for others. (I still don't have an affiliate within 45 minutes of my house so suffer through fitness first). Given the size of our region, the distances are further than most (other than the Canadians)

Hopefully in years to come these inconveniences will be minimised.

Good luck with all of your training and I'll keep my fingers crossed that my knees hold up and I can limit my roast potato consumption to reasonable levels, otherwise somebody will have to roll me to Newcastle in early Feb

58. Matt Swift wrote...


"No one 'owes' me a chance to compete, but I'm allowed to be dissapointed...I think alot of these posts are simply expressing that dissapointment, maybe some have expressed it in the wrong way."

Noted, I think this is a really good point, thanks. It is frustrating and disappointing if you can't make it, no doubt made worse by the excitement of those that can. I get that, and I think it adds a good perspective to the discussion.

However, we have seen a lot more local comps this year and there will be even more in the year coming. The atmosphere at the comps held at the various affiliates rivals that of last years regionals and is a great way for people to "have a crack" and experience what it is like to test your fitness under competition pressure. The events allow scaling as well, specifically to be inclusive to the not-so-serious competitor. Often the most inspiring performances come from those that are just there for the experience.

So there are opportunities to compete in addition to the qualification events for the games. Given the interest, I am sure we will see a heap of events in your local area in 2010. If not, lobby your local affiliate to host regular events. Let's get events on the calendar in Vic.

59. Liz Boyd wrote...

Have to agree that going to local affiliate games is a wonderful experience. I have found that crossfitters are overwhelmingly friendly, inclusive and encouraging - I have met so many lovely people. Participated in some awesome WODs that have really stretched my limits and helped me grow as crossfitter . I strongly encourage newer & non-affiliate based crossfitters to take part as its a great way to get involved in the crossfit community.

My actual favourite part is counting and encouraging other competitors for two reasons. Firstly, by watching their technique (which you don't get time to do when you're working out in your own gym) you can reflect about opportunities to improve your own technique/approach to workouts. Secondly I get a massive kick out of pushing someone to get a few extra reps and watching an athlete pour their blood (often literally) sweat and tears into a 10 minute WOD. My voice is always hoarse by the end of the day. It is tremendously exciting, uplifting and inspiring - if they weren't so exhausting I'd do one every weekend.

Plan to go down and support Darren & everyone competing in Newcastle (and get mentally prepared) so I can do my best at the Brissy sectionals in March.

I would also like to thank all HQ staff and Aussie/NZ affiliates for their hard work, money and time that have made these events possible.

60. Aaron Wilson wrote...

Thanks Matt, Appreciate the response and I think we are on the same page now.

Local comps for those who are not contenders definitely makes some sense.


61. Chris Saliba (Coastal CrossFit QLD) wrote...

On a positive note. I am very much looking forward to competing in the QLD sectional event and hopefully the regional qualifier.

For me, the possibility of competing in Aromas is a dream and I would sell my soul to make it happen. Nothing of worth comes without sacrifice, and I know that achieving a personal victory, at sectional, regional or games level far outweighs any expense or inconvenience.

I wish all of you the best of luck with your training in preparation for the sectionals/regionals and hope that those of you that are lost in this trivial online banter are able to find your focus for what really matters - Traning Hard.

Chris Saliba
Coastal CrossFit QLD

62. Alex wrote...

We're absolutely pumped about having the sectionals here in NZ.

We also understand the dissappointment some of you feel with the "inconvenience" of having to travel so far for it. I personally have felt the disappointment from having to miss out on things in AUS I would've loved to attend.

But on the same token, I've invested alot of time and money to enjoy many trips over the ditch that have been very special and memorable. I've met many of you, visited lots of affiliates and value the passion we all share.

There are now 7 active CF affiliate gyms in NZ, with another 5 in the pipeline - enough to warrant some kind recognition, don't you think? The CF community here is growing strong.

This will be a fantastic event. Taz and Darren will do a great job - it'll be worth it. CFAK are totally behind you guys if you need anything.

Also, to our friends coming over from VIC (and our new friends from Taz that we haven't met yet) if you need any help just ask. We 're looking forward to seeing you all! It's been too long... :)

Thanks CFHQ for the opportunity.

Alex and the CrossFit Auckland crew

63. Aaron Wilson wrote...

"There are now 7 active CF affiliate gyms in NZ, with another 5 in the pipeline - enough to warrant some kind recognition, don't you think'

Alex, I think the arguement was whether Vic should have their own or travel within Australia (as well as NZ). It wasn't suggested that NZ don't deserve it. Just wanted to clarify that.

64. matt healey wrote...

i think the sectional held in NSW will be great for the CrossFit community and will attract a large number of people due to its location. Flights are cheap in Australia at this time so i dont understand why people are complaining about the time and money involved.

65. Darren Coughlan wrote...

Thats right Matt,
There are some good deals floating around at the moment. The NSW & ACT sectional is only 20mins from the airport to CrossFit Newcastle aswell, with every hotel within a 10min drive too.

For those travelling, its a bonus! Everytime I travel for rugby, whether to Dubai or even a bus trip to the hunter valley, it always adds to the experience. Chance to meet different CrossFitters, different Boxes, different cities. It's all apart of it.

If anyone has any ideas about what to do after the NSW & ACT Sectional let me know!

66. Mick Shaw wrote...

Just an update on the Australian Regional Qualifier.
As you can see we have locked in Randwick Race Course for the Australian Qualifier.

With the rapid growth of CrossFit throughout Australia and New Zealand, we felt the need to provide a venue that could provide maximum viewing for all spectators.

We have some exciting events that will prove challenging to all athletes. We hope to have spectators sitting on the edge of their seats throughout the weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates.

67. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hey All,

If anyone is interested we are organizing Cheaper flights from Sydney - Via: San Fran - Monterey and return.
This will get you closer to Aromas and has worked out a little cheaper.
We are working out an accommodation package ATM.

If you are interested contact me via email for more info.

Regional Qualifying Athletes will have a ticket from Sydney to Monterey.

Start training hard this is going to be worth winning.

CFX has a support crew going over to support the Qualifying Athletes. We would like you to join the ranks of these Anzac's.

68. Kez wrote...

Absolutely pumped about this this years games. Should be a good event in newcastle and the regonals at randwick race-cource that will be hugh. Kiara and I will be there with bells on.

69. Tom wrote...

Just a thought - If Mick and his crew are organising the regionals like last year does that mean his crew have an idea of what the events are?? There is no doubt these guys are awesome athletes but when they are being thrown up as contenders for the Worlds (which they are as they are dam good)I would hope like everyone else they do not know what the WODs will be. I have no doubt that Steve would have been the winner last year irrespective but I hope they were not training for the specifics WODs 3 months out due to them knowing what they are.

70. Darren Coughlan wrote...

that email isn't worth a reply, but I'll give you one anyway.

There would be no way known that Mick would let anyone know what the events are, this year or next year regardless of who they are.

Im sure you dont mean to offend, but come on.

2010 and its events will be massive for CrossFit

71. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hi Tom,

No my guys will not know what the workouts will be, as last year.
I think Steve's performance at Aromas proved he had no extra advantage at our qualifiers.

My guys will find out what the workouts are the same time as everybody else.

Thanks Daz.

Mick Shaw

72. Mick wrote...

Hi Tom,

No my guys will not know what the workouts will be, as last year.
I think Steve's performance at Aromas proved he had no extra advantage at our qualifiers.

My guys will find out what the workouts are the same time as everybody else.

Thanks Darren.

Mick Shaw

73. Aaron Wilson wrote...

I think Toms question was perfectly legitimate, especially seeing that he asked in a polite way. So I'm pleased you bothered to give him a reply. I'm glad Mick give a straight answer as well. I'm sure everyone will be happy to hear it will be fair.

Have HQ given any guidelines for the WODS or is it entirely up to the affiliate organisers like last time? I'm pretty sure thats what happened last time...I know there was some controversy last year (not with Aus regionals) regarding WODS choices, so I was wondering whether there was any change this year.


74. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hi Aaron,

As last year the regional workouts will be left to the organizers.
I will be testing athletes through a varied range of workouts, so be prepared for anything.

Mick Shaw

75. nick in sydney m/38/6ft/183 wrote...


from your responses, I can't work out if you are organising or competing?

I would think you could give it a good go if you are competing so I hope you are - are you?


76. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hi Nick,

I am organizing the event. I was going to compete only in the sectionals but take over a team and compete for Affiliate Cup but I will no longer be doing this.

I not so long ago found out I torn my triceps off and have since had an operation to fix this inconvenience. Out for six months.

Steve and I hope to bring a fun and exciting experience to all the ANZAC's they come to the event.

I hope some of your local boxes are also considering the Affiliate Cup. This will be a great team building experience for your local communities.

Mick Shaw

77. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hi Nick,

I am organizing the event. I was going to compete only in the sectionals but take over a team and compete for Affiliate Cup but I will no longer be doing this.

I not so long ago found out I torn my triceps off and have since had an operation to fix this inconvenience. Out for six months.

Steve and I hope to bring a fun and exciting experience to all the ANZAC's they come to the event.

I hope some of your local boxes are also considering the Affiliate Cup. This will be a great team building experience for your local communities.

Mick Shaw

78. MK wrote...

hey Mick,
how does the affiliate side of the comp work?
im going to the Sectionals, if im lucky enough to continue onto the regionals do i then compete individual and team?
and will there be more info out soon about it?


79. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hey Marie,

We are just waiting on some more info to come out. With the rapid growth of CrossFit you can imagine that there will be a high demand for this event.

I believe that HQ is finalizing the specifics of the requirement at the moment.

Great to hear that you are considering the Affiliate Cup. Do you have many Athletes from CF Melb that are considering this event?

Mick Shaw

80. nick in sydney m/38/6ft/183 wrote...

HI Mick,

that's a bummer mate. Shame - I saw you killed it at one of the affiliate games.

Yes, I think we're organising an affiliate team from crossfit feel good.

we won't be troubling the guys in Aromas but it'll be fun to have something to focus our training on

stay safe over christmas

81. MK wrote...

hey Mick,
thanks for the reply,.
i think there is a fair few of us that are considering Affiliate Cup...

im assuming the rules are same with only 1 certified Level 1 being allowed in the team?
We are keen for more info so we can get ready for qualifying.

the vibe at Aromas this year was sooo amazing, and im very keen to get involved.

look forward to more info.


82. 4.7 40m dash wrote...

my question is whose gunna win???

83. MK wrote...

hey Mick,
thanks for the reply,.
i think there is a fair few of us that are considering Affiliate Cup...

im assuming the rules are same with only 1 certified Level 1 being allowed in the team?
We are keen for more info so we can get ready for qualifying.

the vibe at Aromas this year was sooo amazing, and im very keen to get involved.

look forward to more info.


84. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hi Marie,

HQ are currently working on the specific's for the Affiliate Cup and details will be posted shortly.

Keep checking for regular updates.

Its great to hear you guys are putting a team together for the Affiliate Cup. I believe Matt has a Team from CF Brisbane going.

We have a few athletes that are keen to compete in Australia as an individuals then go and compete in a Team at Aromas too.

We are hoping to make the vibe in Australia close to what you experienced last year at the Games in Aromas. We make it an event worth coming too. Those who miss it will be kicking themselves.

I can only imagine how big it is going to be over in Aromas this year. We have 15 and growing from CFX going.

Mick Shaw

85. Chris Saliba (Coastal CrossFit QLD) wrote...

To Mick Shaw, Matt Swift or anyone else in the know,

I have had a few questions from an athlete within my box in regards to competing outside of their section; or in multiple sectionals to improve the chances of making it through to the regionals.

Tony Budding has already commented that people may only compete in a sectional that leads to home region, but this comment was in reply to a question from someone in the US, where there are multiple regions. Considering that we are all competing for the same region, does that mean that an Australasian athlete would be able to participate in another or multiple sectionals to increase their chances?

If so, how do you think this would be viewed by the community?

Personally, I can see both sides of the story. In one instance, you may go to a sectional and do poorly due to a bad set of circumstances and dominate in another section. This has happened in the past, where people have missed out in their region and gone on via the last chance qual. and have done very well. And on the other side of the story, I know that if a whole heap of athletes turned up to the QLD sectional after missing out in there own section, that I would probably be pissed.

Keen to hear some educated thoughts?

Chris Saliba
Coastal CrossFit QLD

86. Darren Coughlan wrote...


As far as I know you only get to compete at one sectional.

I have a good athlete that will miss the NSW & ACT sectional due to being deployed OS.

His attitude has been excellent, he's not angry/upset about missing it, he would have definitely have made it to the regionals, he said "oh well, next year".

I don't agree with the a 2nd chance if you had a bad day either. You don't get second chances in a sport.

87. Mick Shaw wrote...


As Darren has said you will get one chance to compete in a section that you belong too.

You will not be given multiple chances to qualify.

I hope your training is going well and I wish you the best of luck qualifying.

Steve and myself are doing our best to be present at all the sectionals around Australia unfortunately we will be unable to attend the NZ section as it falls on the same date an ours.

Mick Shaw

88. Chris (Coastal CrossFit QLD) wrote...

Thanks for the clarification Mick.

Chris Saliba
Coastal CrossFit QLD

89. Paul De Broughe wrote...

I just want to wish all the Crossfitter in Australia and our Crossfit Cousins in New Zealand all the best for the New Year.

Last year we came so close in having one of us on the podium with Steve, I want to wish everyone competing to make the games all the best and have a good 6 months of training.


90. Hayden Thorneycroft wrote...

Mick, just checking up to make sure that the Australian Regionals are on May 8 - 9 and not on the 15th/16th as it is stated on the registration page one thing and this page another....?

Plus I've already booked flights haha and am now hoping I have the right dates....

Cheers mate,

Hayden Thorneycroft

91. Mick wrote...

The correct dates are 8th - 9th May 2010.

Sorry about any confusion guys the dates should be amended shortly.

92. Hayden Thorneycroft wrote...

Thanks heaps.. Just checking! :)

93. Darren Coughlan wrote...

The NSW & ACT Sectional is starting to fill-up fast. Make sure you register ASAP to avoid missing out!

Also, all those people that have contacted me to volunteer;
you need to register via the Games page.


94. Mick Shaw wrote...

Hi Guy's,

I would like to start collecting profiles now so if you are competing at the sectionals and think you may have a chance at making it through to the Regionals please answer the following questions. Send to

If you have anything further you would like to say please add it.

Athletes Name:
Height kg & lbs:
What is your training competition back ground?
How long have you been doing CrossFit?
How did you learn about CrossFit?
What do you enjoy most about this style of training?
What is you favorite Bench mark workout?
What would you consider your weaknesses?
Please attach a picture.

Thanks Mick

95. Darren Coughlan wrote...

We've received alot of emails lately asking if scaling is an option.

All WODs are 'scalable'. You aren't eligible to qualify for the Regional though.

So for anyone that wants to be apart of the NSW & ACT Sectional,
Sign-Up Now!


96. Darren Coughlan wrote...

We've received alot of emails lately asking if scaling is an option.

All WODs are 'scalable'. You aren't eligible to qualify for the Regional though.

So for anyone that wants to be apart of the NSW & ACT Sectional,
Sign-Up Now!


97. Karen Coello wrote...

Here is an update to accommodation choices for the WA/SA/NT Sectionals to be held in Joondalup, Perth on March 13-14.

Clarion Suites at Mullaloo Beach Hotel
Ph (08) 9404 1200

5 star accommodation

CrossFit Perth has secured a 20% discount so be sure to mention CrossFit when you book. Also use my name if required.
2br suites for up to 4 ppl - discounted price $264/night
3br suites for up to 6 ppl - discounted price $351/night

Cheers and can't wait to see everybody


98. Karen Coello wrote...

Hi Again,

I just wanted to make sure that first bit worked before typing a whole lot! Pasting wasn't working.

The other accommodation choices are:

Quality Resort Sorrento Beach
ph: (08) 9246 8132

4 star accommodation

CrossFit Perth has secured a 20% discount off the rack room rates. The group code is CROSSF so be sure to mention this when booking to take advantage of the discount. Email me at and I can send you a reservation form with the discounted prices already locked in.


And also..

Burns Beach Sunset Village
Ph: (08) 9305 5000

Seven cabins are available: 3 cabins with 2 bedroom sleeps up to 6, 4 cabins with 1 bedroom sleeps up to 4. When booking mention CrossFit and if CrossFit Athletes end up booking the majority of the 7 cabins then discounts may apply.

Prices WITHOUT discount are as follows:
2 br - price for 4 ppl is $179/night (+additional cost for additional ppl)
1 br - price for 2 ppl is $140/night (+additional cost for additional ppl)



99. Jono wrote...

Lets ensure the WOD's for these sectionals comprise some of the more challenging movements practiced in Crossfit. Last year in Sydney was made quite simple to encourage participation, a run took 60-70% of overall time for WODS, way to much emphasis on it.

Lets hope WODS are challenging and really ensure the cream rises to the top!


100. james wrote...

Darren, I understand you need to charge for spectators because of limited space.

If I wanted to attend on the Sunday is space still available and would I have to pay the full rate?


101. jamesp wrote...

Darren, I understand you need to charge for spectators because of limited space.

If I wanted to attend on the Sunday is space still available and would I have to pay the full rate?


102. Jono wrote...

Well as per my post #99

It's the same as last year.

I'm looking at the MID West and SD AZ sectional workouts and they look amazing, challenging and fun.

I'm looking at NZ's and I see rowing, burpees, lateral jumps!!!! Max front squat. Sunday is a run apparently.

It's just upsetting to train so hard to become competant at movements including muscle ups, handstand push ups, snatch, full clean, pistols, push jerks etc and then have them rendered basically useless when it comes to the qualifiers. This is when the hard training should pay off, instead its just been completely dumbed down again

Why are sectional WODS along such a basic line of movements!!!!!!


103. nathan wrote...

If people have mastered the more technical moves and trained as hard as they say, I am sure they must be masters of the more basic moves and progress easily to the regionals.

Once they have proved themselves worhty at the sectionals, Im sure all the hard work and training will put them in a good position to qualify at the regional's.

104. Di Thorneycroft wrote...

Congratulations to the 5 members from Southern Cross Fit Perth for making it through to the regionals in Sydney. You come from a very professional and proud cross fit community! Well done guys and girls. As a supporter of SXF I am one proud mum !!! Do your best.


The 2010 CrossFit Games Official Sponsors

For more information on how to sponsor the CrossFit Games, see the sponsorship page.

  • Under Armour
  • Rogue Fitness
  • Again Faster Equipment
  • MiR Pro Weighted Vest
  • Concept 2
  • Vibram Five Fingers
  • OMG*Omega3
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